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This article is about the episode of The Casagrandes. For the episode of The Loud House, see Sleuth or Consequences.
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"Tooth or Consequences" is the thirty-fourth episode of the second season, and the seventy-second episode of The Casagrandes.


When Adelaide loses a tooth, Carl and Bobby teach her about El Raton, the Latin American "tooth fairy."


Carl and Adelaide are playing on the apartment rooftop. When the two try to catch Froggy 2 after he steals their bag of cookies, the two end up hitting each other hard enough for Adelaide's wiggly tooth to finally come out. This makes Carl tell her the story of El Raton, the Mexican/Latin American rendition of the Tooth Fairy, who is a mouse that travels from country to country to exchange teeth for money. When night comes, Adelaide and Froggy 2 attempt to make El Raton's visit to her apartment worthwhile, so they offer a few cheese-based snacks to give while she places her tooth under her pillow, and immediately falls asleep.

The next day, Adelaide angrily barges into the Casagrande apartment to tell Carl that El Raton didn't come and accuses him of fabricating the story. Carl tells her that El Raton is never a no-show, and asks Bobby if he saw any mice the day before. Bobby attempts to flee, but after being stopped by Carl, Bobby reveals that he might have drove El Raton away, saying that he saw a mouse stealing chicharrones, and chased it out of the store, telling it to never come back. Realizing he drove away their tooth fairy, the three attempt to find a way to get El Raton to come back to Great Lakes City.

Bobby first suggests dressing up like a big block of cheese (since mice love cheese), but is attacked by Vito and his dogs after the former says that he had a dream where he was eaten by a big block of cheese. Carl suggests lowering the tooth into the sewer to attract El Raton, but they end up catching an crocodile, who initially uses the tooth top fill in an empty spot in his upper jaw (which Adelaide takes back). Adelaide suggests that, like the story of Cinderella, they have a bunch of mice try on a plastic doll shoe where, if the shoe fits, they would be be able to identify El Raton. Baiting the mice by giving them a 30 second shopping spree, the three attempt to see if any mice can fit the plastic shoe, but none of the mice fit, and by the end, the mercado is completely empty. Adelaide, eventually runs away crying, believing that El Raton will never come, and Carl and Bobby, not wanting to see Adelaide sad, decide to take matters into their own hands.

Carl reveals that he bought a mouse from Pete's pet shop who is supposedly the smartest mouse there is. In an attempt to get Smart Mouse to fit the role of El Raton, Carl and Bobby train him to be a good climber and be sneaky enough to take teeth without waking the one who's sleeping. Once they're done training him, Carl tells Smart Mouse, now wearing El Raton's clothes, to put the cash under Adelaide's pillow. The next day, Adelaide once again barges angrily into the Casagrande apartment to tell Bobby and Carl that El Raton still failed to show up. When the two question what could've happened, Bobby gets a text from Smart Mouse revealing that he used the money to buy himself a flight to Switzerland to go on a cheese tour. While Carl is mad that Smart Mouse played them, Bobby, knowing that he's responsible for El Raton's disappearance (and that he'll crush the hopes and dreams of all the other kids who have lost teeth), decides that there's only one thing left to do.

Bobby's plan is that he he'll take on the role of El Raton himself. After climbing up to Adelaide's room, he is suddenly attacked by Adelaide's array of pets. While trying to gets the animals off, Bobby discovers the real El Raton arrive, and in his shock, falls out the window and lands in a trash can.

The next day, Carl and Adelaide wake Bobby up to tell him that El Raton finally arrived and has given Adelaide and all the other kids who have lost teeth bags of money. Adelaide also reveals that El Raton gave her an apology note, saying that the reason why he was so late was because he was attending a family reunion in Chile. As Bobby smiles, knowing that he wasn't responsible for driving El Raton away, he suddenly loses a tooth, making him remark that El Raton will be coming back tonight.



  • According to Hector, he gets really grumpy if he doesn't get eight hours of napping.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Froggy 2 talks like a human by responding to Adelaide's question of knowing El Raton with a "Yep."
  • El Raton is actually a real figure in Spanish and Hispanic American cultures, but he is only known as "El Raton" in a few South American countries. Elsewhere, he is either named "Ratoncito Pérez" or "El Ratón de los Dientes".



CS2E18b Adelaide's teeth error part 1- Normal.png

How did her tooth grow back so fast?

  • When Adelaide is asleep before Bobby enters her room, she only has one bucktooth. However, after the animals fight Bobby, Adelaide has both of her buckteeth.

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