Top 11 Lincoln Missions 😄 The Loud House FunniestFridayEver

Top 11 Lincoln Missions 😄 The Loud House FunniestFridayEver

Top 11 Lincoln Missions is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's Youtube channel. It was released on April 12, 2019.


Lincoln is The Loud House's resident Man with a Plan… but that doesn’t mean he always pulls of his plans perfectly! This video counts down Lincoln top 11 missions.

The video opens with Lincoln asking Luna for some 'Man with a Plan' music. ("Project Loud House")


11. Operation: Say Cheese: Lincoln deciding to take a family photo for their parents anniversary. ("Picture Perfect")

10. Operation: Potty Mouth: The siblings hearing Lily say a bad word, and try to correct it. ("Potty Mouth")

9. Operation: Voicemail Fail: Lincoln leaves a nasty message on Lori's voicemail and he has to break into her room and delete it. ("Get the Message")

8. Operation: Upvote: Lincoln wants to win the Fifth Grade Video Contest. ("Making the Case")

7. Operation: Friday Free-For-All: The siblings have had enough of Lori's babysitting and plot to take her down. ("No Guts, No Glori")

6. Operation: Sweet Spot: Lincoln finds the best seat in the van, and wants to score it for their family road trip. ("The Sweet Spot")

5. Operation: Get in the Yearbook: Lincoln and Clyde have to sneak into the yearbook. ("Out of the Picture")

4. Operation: The Green House: Lincoln has to make the house more eco-friendly. ("The Green House")

3. Operation: Sister Switcheroo: Lincoln has Lana take Lola's place in a beauty pageant. ("Toads and Tiaras")

2. Operation: Escape From Fenton: The kids have had enough of Fenton the Feel Better Fox and try to get rid of it. ("The Crying Dame")

1. Operation: License to Drive: Lincoln tries to help Leni get her driver's license. ("Driving Miss Hazy")

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