Top 9 Loud House Conspiracy Theories 🤔 The Loud House - Nick

Top 9 Loud House Conspiracy Theories 🤔 The Loud House - Nick

Top 9 Loud House Conspiracy Theories is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It was released on July 11th, 2019.

Official description

Journey with us through the door of imagination, along the corridor or speculation, and down the staircase of the unknown. We’ve reached... The Nickel-O-Zone! Today we'll explore the most baffling phenomena surrounding the Loud House. Comment below with your own unexplained questions, and they may be answered next time we return to the Nickel-O-Zone.


The video claims that the viewer is in the "Nickel-O-Zone"- a place where people speculate and make conspiracy theories. It then talks about nine questions the viewers have:

  • The first question is why Lincoln has white hair. The narrator points out that none of his sisters have white hair and he isn't adopted. He then speculates that maybe Lincoln is actually older than Mr. Grouse, but that there is no evidence.
  • The second question is where Lucy is and why she can sneak up on people so easily. The narrator wonders if she can teleport and then points out that some paranormal experts have wondered if Lucy is actually the ghost of Harriet since they look similar. However, the narrator also points out that the paranormal experts have thought they've seen Elvis on a piece of toast.
  • The third question is why Lana can eat trash and dog biscuits without getting sick. The narrator wonders if she has superhuman digestion or is a reptile, since she has two pet reptiles.
  • The fourth question is why Lisa is so smart and knowledgeable at age four. The narrator speculates that she is an alien.
  • The fifth question is what Lori talks to Bobby about.
  • The sixth question is where Luna got her musical talent. The narrator wonders if her instruments have superhuman abilities.
  • The seventh question is whether the pets are super-intelligent and/or evil, judging by the fact that they can understand English, work together, and make plans.
  • The eighth question is where Luan hides the pies she throws at people and how she can afford the ingredients for them. The narrator speculates that she is a billionaire.
  • The ninth question is whether the alternate dimensions seen in "One of the Boys" really exist.

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