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"Tough Cookies" is the thirty-eighth episode of the fourth season, and the one-hundred-eighty-seventh episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln and Clyde start their own cookie-making business, but find that it's a lot more work than they realized.


At the elementary school, Clyde approaches Lincoln with a plate of cookies. After Lincoln takes a bite of one, he expresses how much they taste good. At that moment, Principal Huggins, complaining about the excessive use of floor wax, arrives and Clyde offers him a cookie to make him feel better. After he takes a bite, he loves the taste and asks if the boys could make some more for the school board meeting tonight, because Superintendent Chen has a sweet tooth, and they agree when he says he'll pay them.

The King of Cookies

Later that day, as Principal Huggins and Superintendent Chen walk down the hallway, Lincoln and Clyde arrive with their plate of cookies. Huggins offers Chen a cookie, and once she take a bite, she loves the taste so much, she asks the boys if they have their own cookie making business. After daydreaming of running a business called "CM Cookies", Lincoln and Clyde realize that they could become "the Cookie Kings of Royal Woods" and agree with Chen's decision and decide to start their business, while also shafting their history project.

The next day, Lincoln and Clyde go around town to gather orders. They receive orders from a man whose anniversary is coming up, Lynn and her soccer team, Lynn Sr., and the elders of Sunset Canyon. At the McBride house, Lincoln and Clyde get to work on their first dozen, which includes making the cookies, wrapping them and Lincoln providing a comic for each individual wrapper. Once they finish their first dozen, they realize, to their horror, that it took them four whole hours to make them. As the boys look over their list of orders, they suddenly get a call from Lisa (who was listening in from the boys' walkie-talkies), who tells them that all their orders will take them two days to complete. She suggests that they hire some other workers and find a bigger place to bake (where she's revealed to have countless security cams all over Clyde's house).

At the Loud House, Lincoln and Clyde get Zach, Stella, Rusty and Liam to help them out. However, their incompetence makes their progress a lot slower, as Clyde does Stella's work when she's too aggressive, Zach ends up taking a bite of the complete cookies, Liam bringing a cow to produce more butter, and the cow destroying their conveyor belt to mass-produce the cookies faster. This prompts the friends to leave, saying that they got to work on their history projects. This announcement makes Lincoln and Clyde realize to their horror that they forgot to do theirs, so they promptly get to work on making the cookies in such a rapid pace, and despite some injuries, they manage to complete every order.

Lincoln and Clyde proceed to go around town and drop off their orders. When they drop their order off to Lynn Sr., he congratulates them for at least trying to start a business, reminding them that starting one can be too much for two young people. At the school, Lincoln and Clyde apologize to their friends for the hassle they put them through and reveal that they used some of their leftover cookies for their own project: a replica of Stonehenge (even though they have bite marks from Zach).


Pop-Pop, Seymour and Bernie have no lines in this episode, but they can be seen picketing outside of the retirement home with the other seniors.

Smarty Pants Challenge

During a rerun of this and its sister episode on July 24, 2020, the viewers had the chance to answer trivia questions related to the episode with the Nickelodeon Screens Up app or on for a chance to see their name on screen.

  1. What flavor are Clyde's cookies?
    1. Chocolate Chip
    2. Green Tea
    3. Oatmeal Butterscotch
    4. Sugar
  2. What are Clyde and Lincoln wearing?
    1. Crowns
    2. Clown Shoes
    3. Clown Noses
    4. Cowboy Hats
  3. What falls on Lincoln and Clyde?
    1. Monkeys
    2. Money
    3. Gummies
    4. Honey
  4. What color are Lincoln and Clyde's hats?
    1. Yellow
    2. Brown
    3. Green
    4. Red
  5. What are the elderly people upset about?
    1. Bingo
    2. Bocce
    3. Pudding
    4. Gelatin
  6. Who calls Lincoln to give him advice?
    1. Lori
    2. Leni
    3. Lisa
    4. Mr. Grouse
  7. Who took bites out of all the cookies?
    1. Lincoln
    2. Clyde
    3. Stella
    4. Zach

The Winners

  3. Royal Hardcore 059
  4. Lucy Ninja 096

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Bienvenue chez les Loud: Saison 4: Partie 2" DVD.


  • This episode reveals that Clyde's signature blue and yellow striped shirt was suggested by Lincoln.
  • Clyde is revealed to have an aunt named Brenda in this episode.
  • Lisa is revealed to have tons of surveillance on Clyde's house, as the living room is completely filled with screens of every aspect of his house.
  • This was the final episode to air before Albert's voice actor, Fred Willard, passed away.
  • In this episode, Liam isn't voiced by Laura Torres in the Latin American dub. The reason is unknown.


  • Tough Cookies - The title of this episode is an expression used to describe a strong-willed person.
  • Domo (NHK) - One of the characters on Lincoln's comic strips resembles this Japanese broadcaster's mascot, a large brown monster with a mouth locked wide open.


  • When the senior citizens are having a riot, Seymour is missing his mustache. Then when Lincoln and Clyde came and gave them cookies, Seymour has his mustache.
  • After Lynn tries a cookie, the cookie she ate reappears on the plate Lincoln holds.
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, Clyde's line "We'll totally help!" was said in Lincoln's voice.


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