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"Training Day" is the twenty-fourth episode (twenty-fifth in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-twenty-third episode of The Loud House.


Lana gets more than she bargained for when she takes on Stella's untrainable new bunny.


At the Loud House, as Lincoln, Clyde and Liam watch the clouds, Stella arrives and show her friends her new pet rabbit, Jazzy. Although moved by his cute appearance, Jazzy is revealed to be incredibly savage, as he viciously fights around in his cage, and wets himself all over Clyde. Stella explains that her parents have given her the weekend to train Jazzy into being obedient, or else he'll be taken to her aunt and uncle's house. As Stella ponders how to train Jazzy, Lana arrives with the house pets, and gets them to behave while they eat lunch together. Amazed by Lana's ability to train pets, Stella asks Lana if she can train Jazzy for her, and Lana accepts, ready for a challenge.

In the garage, Lana and the other pets attempt to train Jazzy, but the rabbit's aggressive behavior proves to be too much for Lana to handle, as he easily overpowers her in any situation, whether it's keeping him still or being fed. When the day ends, Lana puts Jazzy into his cage (sitting atop a stool), and goes to sleep. However, the second she falls asleep, Jazzy knocks his cage off the stool. The next day, Lana wakes and discovers that Jazzy has escaped his cage, and has caused massive destruction in the living room. As the Loud family examines the damage, like Lincoln's half-eaten David Steele comic, Lisa's destroyed fecal studies, Mr. Coconuts missing an arm and a leg, and Lynn missing her ponytail, Lynn Sr. tells Lana that Jazzy can't stay in the Loud House anymore. When Rita suggests that Jazzy can be trained in the basement, Lucy arrives and says that Jazzy had peed all over their family photo albums, making Rita take back what she said and orders Lana to train Jazzy somewhere else.

At the park, Lana attempts to train Jazzy again. As Lana questions why Jazzy is difficult to train, a bee arrives holding a chunk of pollen, and suddenly gets an idea: treat Jazzy to a certain kind of treat. After the pets bring in an array of flowers, Lana brings Jazzy out of his cage, and begins to observe the flowers. Suddenly, Jazzy uses this opportunity to bite off his leash and run off. Lana quickly tells her pets to find Jazzy, but they couldn't find him in the park. After running into Lola having a picnic, Lola lets her twin use her jeep to find Jazzy. As the drive around, they spot Flip's store a complete wreck. Flip says that a rabbit came in and destroyed the place. Looking at other locations like Burpin' Burger and Sunset Canyon, which too have been ravaged with destruction, Lana is unable to find Jazzy anywhere and arrives back home depressed. When Rita arrives and sees Lana sad, Lana asks if she can be driven to Stella's to deliver the bad news that she lost Jazzy. Just when Rita agrees, Leni, all battered up, arrives home, saying that Reininger's closed early due to a rampant rabbit. Thinking she's referring to Jazzy, Lana requests to be driven to the mall.

Arriving to the mall, Lana enters the building and sees the rabbit destroying Reininger's. At that moment, a pet store employee arrives and captures the rabbit. Lana demands that Jazzy be let free, but the employee reveals the rabbit's name is actually Snazzy. Seeing how Snazzy looks exactly like Jazzy, Lana realizes that Jazzy and Snazzy are twins, and their bad behaviors are the result of them being split up, as Jazzy was sold to Stella a couple days ago. After buying Snazzy from the employee, Lana commands the rabbit to seek out Jazzy, and he immediately finds him hiding in a bush at the park. With the two rabbits reunited, they quickly embrace each other, and are finally under control.

At the Loud House, as Lincoln, Lana, Clyde, Liam and Stella watch Jazzy and Snazzy play together, Stella thanks Lana for her help, and admits she's surprised at how she got Jazzy to behave, to which Lana claims is "a twin thing".


Grant, Seymour and Bernie have no lines in this episode.


  • This is the first episode where the title appears on the right side of the title card.
  • This episode reveals that:
    • Stella's parents are named Ken and Judy.
    • The Loud twins communicate with each other using a secret "twin language" not even Lisa can figure out, and can figure out what the other is doing just by smell. This language was presumably invented after There Will Be Chaos, since in that comic, Lola attempts to invent a secret language.
    • Lola frequently has sleepwalking rampages, according to Lynn Sr.
    • Lynn's ponytail is held up by a black hairband.
    • Lincoln collects comics of David Steele.
  • Aside from fur color, the one distinguishing feature Jazzy and Snazzy have are the dark patches on their legs; Jazzy's is on his left leg, and Snazzy's is on his right leg.
  • Innuendo: Clyde notices Jazzy turning around, only for the rabbit to urinate on him.
  • Cartoon physics: No single rabbit is capable of such destructions like Jazzy and Snazzy.
  • Cartoon biology: Seven-year-old Lola has a pimple on her cheek; this usually doesn't occur until puberty.


  • Training Day - The title of this episode is likely a reference to the 2001 crime thriller film of the same name.
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Jazzy and Snazzy are very destructive and brutal cute bunnies like the Rabbit of Caerbannog.


  • When Lana finds Snazzy in the mall, Snazzy's spot is on his left leg. But in later scenes, the spot is on his right leg.
  • Lucy's voice, in this episode, is deeper than normal.


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