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Trashy is a minor character in The Loud House. He is a monster made of garbage, who appeared in the episode "Chore and Peace", where he was created when the Loud's trash fused with Lisa's chemicals.

In "Dream a Lily Dream", it is revealed that Lily was afraid of him, Flip, and the tentacle monster up until the events of the episode, and would have nightmares about them. It ended when Leni, Lynn, Lincoln, Lola, Lisa, and Lily made an invention and went inside Lily's dreams and fought him in the dream.


Trashy before his growth.

Trashy is a big, sentient monster composed entirely of all the accumulated garbage of the Loud family. He is dark green with yellow eyes and black pupils, and has a big mouth. He has two arms but no legs, and attached to his body he has some of Lily's feeding bottles, and a flower pot.

Before becoming bigger and stronger, Trashy was smaller, with prominent buck teeth.


  • He is capable of emotions, like when he was worried about Lily being lost, or equally terrified of a raccoon in the house.
  • In the promotional video "Lisa Loud's Invention Interactive Guide", Lana adopts him.
  • He does not appear to know Lily's name, as when the siblings said, "No Lily", he said, "No baby".

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