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Not to be confused with Away Game.
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"Trend Game" is the eighteenth episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


When Ronnie Anne realizes that she's not up to date on all of the latest trends, she seeks help from Carlota.


At Chavez Academy, Ronnie Anne discovers Sid, Casey, Sameer and Nikki are discussing about the latest trends that have been happening. Ronnie Anne tries to join in on the discussion about the trends she heard of, but her friends tell her that what she's seen is already outdated. Back at home, Ronnie Anne discovers that her family too is on the trends, and they give her some ideas on which one she should get into. At that moment, Carlota arrives and Ronnie Anne discovers that she's up to speed on everything, so she asks for her advice, and Carlota gladly accepts.

Carlota tells Ronnie Anne about the latest trends.

Throughout the whole day, Carlota takes Ronnie Anne around the city while partaking in many activities, like wearing churros as bracelets, doing a 5K marathon wearing pool floaties, buying new shoes at the hair salon and riding in a subway train that has pop-up parties. The next day, Ronnie Anne recounts her adventure to her friends, and are impressed at the amount of activities she did. They ask if they can hang out on the weekend, but Ronnie Anne excuses herself.

The next day, Ronnie Anne wakes up and discovers Sid, Casey, Sameer and Nikki are present. They state that they want to hang out with her because of all the things she did two days ago. Ronnie Anne attempts to ask Carlota for some help, but she's too busy at the moment. This forces Ronnie Anne to improvise the whole day, such as squatting to walk and eating ice cream with syrup and sardines. When Ronnie Anne attempts to get help from Carlota again, she gets a notification that there's a party being held in an abandoned subway tunnel. Ronnie Anne tells this news to her friends and they immediately start heading there.

Ronnie Anne realizes that her friends just want to spend time with her.

As the five friends arrive to the intended subway tunnel, Carlota gets a text from Ronnie Anne thanking her for the reminder. Carlota, however, reveals that didn't mean to say "abandoned subway tunnel", but instead "band in South Bay Tower". As the five walk through the tunnel, they discover something in the distance. Shining their phone lights, they discover a giant pack of rats approaching and quickly attempt to escape. However, the five are too slow to escape in time and get swallowed up by the pack of rats, who fling them out of the tunnel. Ronnie Anne apologizes, saying that Carlota is the reason why she's up to speed on the trends, but her friends state that all they wanted was to spend time with her, no matter if she was up to speed.

The next day, Ronnie Anne and her friends discover that many of the students at school are squat walking, making them comment that Ronnie Anne really did start something new.


Carlitos, Vito and Unnamed City Woman have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.


  • The premise of the episode is similar to the Loud House episode "City Slickers", as both episodes involve Ronnie Anne lying to her friends to hide a secret (in "City Slickers", she didn't want them to know that she is not a city girl, while in "Trend Game", she didn't want them to know that Carlota was the trendsetter, not her).
  • Trends in the episode can be seen in the title card:
    • Ronnie Anne's pool floaty and new shoes,
    • Sid with a sardine sundae,
    • Casey squatting,
    • Nikki eating a slice of pepperoni pizza,
    • Sameer losing his shoe to a rat.


  • Trend Game - The title is a play on "endgame", a phrase that means the final stage of a game.


  • When Sid says "Ha", the "Carl Fund" text is blue when before it was green.


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