Trent is a minor character in The Loud House. He is one of Lincoln's classmates. He first appeared in "Save the Date".


Trent first appears in "Save the Date", when Lincoln finds a sloppy joe in his pants at lunch, with a note from Ronnie Anne. He and the others mock Lincoln for supposedly being in love with Ronnie Anne.

In "Deal Me Out", he (along with Lance) was the reason Lincoln and Clyde went searching for a new interest.

In "Jeers for Fears", him, Chandler, and Richie go with Lincoln and Clyde to the House of Terrors.


Trent is a skinny, tall boy with short brown hair. He wears black glasses, with a square frame. He also wears a yellow t-shirt with green stripes, a purple short sleeved shirt, green pants, and black sneakers.


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  • He, Lance, and Penelope are the only classmates of Lincoln whose names are revealed so far.

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