The following is a transcript for the episode "Tricked!".


Act 1

[Daytime. The Loud House is covered in Halloween decorations as the entrance of a corn maze sits next to it. Offscreen, a fridge door opens, and a scream is heard, as bats fly out of the house and towards the screen, darkening the picture. Zoom out to a close up of Lynn Sr. screaming in horror after seeing a fake severed head with fake blood in the fridge.]
Lynn Sr.: "I hate Halloween!"
[He exits right. A moment later, Lucy enters, walking towards the fridge and picking up the head.]
Lucy: [smiles] "I love Halloween."
Head: "Bleh".
[She exits]

[Dining Room. In counter-clockwise order, we see Luan fashioning a sign reading "HAUNTED CORN MAZE" in red-stained corn cobs, Leni hanging black curtains, Luna, Lincoln, Lana, Lola, and Lynn Jr. carving pumpkins, Lisa making fake blood in a bucket, Lily playing with pumpkin innards and Charles resting against a corn cob. We pan left as Lucy enters.]
Lucy: "Excellent fake blood, Lisa. Add some molasses for better consistency."
Lynn: "Hey, Luce! Check out our pumpkins! Whaddya think?"
[Each turns their jack-o-lanterns around, showing each gruesome carved face.]
Lucy: "Hmm..." [points to a spot on Lynn's pumpkin] "More blood here, "[motions around Lola's pumpkin] "few more gashes on this one," [flicks out a tooth on Lana's pumpkin] "knock out a tooth," [points to the scabs on Lincoln's pumpkin] "add some more mousse to those scabs," [pats Luna's pumpkin] "dampen the head wounds."
Luna: "Halloween's kinda crazy with a spooky little girl like you!"
Leni: "Totes! I'm so glad Mom finally let you do your haunted corn maze!"
Lucy: "As am I. I've been waiting my whole life to do this. Not to mention my past lives" [She walks off screen to Luan, who has just finished her sign.] "Fantastic sign work, Luan. Just the right mixture of corn and gore."
Luan: "Ah, shucks! It's just something I cob-bled up together from a kernel of an idea!" [dances a little, laughing] "Oh Yes! A triple!"
[Lucy and the others groan as a jack-o-lantern is thrown onto Luan's head.]
Luan: [through pumpkin] "I'd expect more support from my "pump-kin!" [laughs as the jack-o-lantern's grin grew wider.] "Get it?"
Lucy: [facepalms] "Sigh..." [turns to the others, as the screen zooms out to show Lincoln.] "Thanks for all your hard work, guys. This is gonna be the best Halloween ever. I'm so excited."
[her face shows a little change in the emotion.]
Lincoln: [to the audience] "Trust me." [points to Lucy] "She's excited."
[static is heard]
Clyde: [offscreen, through walkie-talkie] "Jack-o-Lincoln! Do you copy? "
[The static goes off again as Lincoln fishes out his walkie-talkie, turning away from Lucy.]
Lincoln: "Speaking of the best Halloween ever, Clyde and I have some pretty big plans, too." [He puts his walkie-talkie to his ear, to Clyde.] "I copy, McBride of Frankenstein. Meet you at the rendezvous point in fifteen. Over."
[A thump is heard off screen]
Lynn Sr.: [offscreen] "AAAAAH! I hate Halloween!"
Lucy: "Oh." [everyone looks at her] "Dad must have found the severed limbs I stored in his closet."

[Outside. Lincoln's head pops out of a pile of leaves as he looks right. A car passes by, as the camera pans with it, stopping at at a trashcan. Lincoln peaks from behind the trash can as he hears a birdcall to his right. Cut to Clyde, signalling Lincoln to come over to his bush. Lincoln dives in.]
Clyde: "Did anyone follow you?"
Lincoln: "Not a chance, I took evasive maneuvers."
[He looks to the camera as he pulls down a chart, showing a full sized candy bar and a bite sized bar.]
Lincoln: [to audience] "For years, there have been rumors of a neighborhood, where people hand out full sized candy bars, instead of tiny bite sized ones." [he rubs his hands together] "Clyde and I were determined to find this mythological place, so we did some research." [pulls down a map of the town.] "By studying satellite photos," [pulls down a line graph reading "Median Income Levels", a line going up with a green balloon with a dollar sign.] "analyzing median income levels, and tracking candy buyers through out Southeastern Michigan..." [close up of a gps/radar device showing the area, a red dot centered at the tip, then cut to Lincoln and Clyde in the bush.] "We found it!"
[Cut to the outside of a gated community, iron gates decored with autumn wreathes as a sign hang above them, reading "Huntington Manor."]
Lincoln: [offscreen] "Huntington Manor. Now we just one more obstacle: getting in."
[Both scratch their chins as suddenly, a taxi stops in front of the gate.]
Clyde: [off-screen] "Wait a minute! What have we here?"
[Two rich-looking boys named Alistair and Nigel, who look almost exactly like Lincoln and Clyde, are show coming out the front gate, carrying suitcases.]
Alistair: [greeting the guard] "Cheers, Wyatt. We're off to visit the homeland."
Wyatt: "Have a great trip, Master Alistair. [tipping his hat] You too, Master Nigel."
Nigel: "Ta. See you in a fortnight." [He and Alistair step into the cab.]
Lincoln: [speaks with a British accent] "I think we may have found our ticket in... [nudges Clyde] ...Master Nigel."
Clyde: "Cheers to that, Master Alistair."
[The boys duck back behind the bushes and start crawling away when they suddenly bump into Hawk and Hank, the two Hazeltucky Hockers from "The Loudest Yard". The bullies growl furiously as Lincoln and Clyde back away in fear.]
Hank: "Watch where you're going, doofuses!"
[Clyde suddenly has a nosebleed.]
Hawk: "Ugh! Blood! I think I'm gonna barf!" [groans]
Hank: "Aw, don't barf! That'll make me barf!" [they both groan]
Clyde: "Sorry, guys! I get nosebleeds when I'm scared." [stuffs some tissues up his nostrils]
Hawk: "Listen, we need some advice. What's the best place to trick-or-treat around here?"
Hank: "Yeah, where's the good candy?"
Clyde: [sweating] "Uh... [points towards Huntington Manor] Definitely not this neighborhood! No full-size candy bars here."
Lincoln: "You should try Franklin Avenue, over in Royal Woods. It's great for candy, plus there's an awesome haunted corn maze."
Hawk: "Franklin Avenue, eh? We'll check that out."
Hank: "Aw yeah, I can't wait!" [He and Hawk leave, laughing. Lincoln sighs with relief.]
Clyde: "Send them to your street? Nice save, buddy."
Lincoln: "You, too. We worked hard to find this neighborhood. Why should we share it?"
Clyde: "Exactly. Dr. Lopez says I need to look out for me more."
Lincoln: "She's worth every penny you're paying her."
[They run off]

[The sun changes from high up to setting. Lisa checks the distance on her protractor.]
Lisa: [squeals] "Seven minutes till sunset!" [gets into the rest of her kangaroo costume and hops into the hallway.] "Siblings, assemble! It's almost time for the annual ritual of deception versus confection; street name, trick or treating!"
[Enter the twins in their costumes. Lana is Abraham Lincoln and Lola is the Statue of Liberty.]
Lana: "Four score and seven pieces of candy ago."
Lola: "Give me your tired, your poor, your delicious treats yearning to be in my tummy!"
Lisa: "Hmm...patriotic, but unlikely to generate maximum candy confection."
Lola: "Oh, yeah?" [tears off her Lady Liberty costume while Lana tears off her Honest Abe one, both revealing new costumes.] "We're also a mermaid and a pirate."
Lana: "And salt and pepper shakers."
[They tear off the sea costumes and reveal the seasoning ones.]
Lola: "This way we can hit each house three times."
Lana: "That means three times the candy."
Lisa: "Yes. I am familiar with basic multiplication. Your strategy is cute, but mine is far superior."
Lana: "Going as a kangaroo." [scoffs] "I doubt it."
Lisa: "Kangaroo plus baby roo." [reveals Lily who is dressed as her joey and cooing.]
[The twins gasp over the amazingly adorable sight.]
Lisa: "Precisely. That aw factor will increase my candy revenue exponentially. And the best part is, she only has one tooth, so I don't have to share."
Lola: [breaks out of the cuteness trance] "Snap out of it, Lana." [breaks her twin's trance and goes up to Lincoln's door and knocks.] "Lincoln! Clyde! Get your butts out here!"
[The boys open the door and reveal to be dressed as British masters.]
Lola: "I thought you guys were going as Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack."
Lincoln: "Uh, we are. We're Ace and Jack undercover , trying to crack the cause of the missing crumpets."
Lisa: "Boy, you guys really don't want candy, do you?"
Lincoln: "Yeah, you're right. We probably won't get much this year."
[The two snicker slyly]
Lana: "Alright, let's get some candy. Has anyone seen Dad?"
[They hear someone whimpering off in the distance. Lola groans and barges into the bathroom.]
Lynn Sr.: [whimpering] "Everything's scary. I don't know why everything's scary."
[Lola opens the shower curtain and finds him in the bathtub.]
Lisa: "Let's go, Father! Chop chop! These candy bags won't fill themselves. Though, I am working on a prototype which will do exactly that."
Lynn Sr.: [nervous] "Uh, sorry, kids. I can't go. I think I have the flu. Or the plague. Or a Charley Horse."
Lola: [exasperated] "Ugh. We go through this every year!"
[The twins grab him as Lisa hops off.]
Lynn Sr.: [screams reluctantly] "I don't wanna! I don't wanna!" [gets dragged off]
Clyde: [to Lincoln] "Your Dad's doing better this year."
[They follow. Outside, the kids start chanting candy while Lynn Sr. is terrified of going out. Lincoln and Clyde fist bump and prepare to break away from the group.]
Lola: [suspicious] "Hey, where are you two going?"
Lincoln: "Nowhere. We, uh, just decided to go through the neighborhood counterclockwise this year."
[He and Clyde nervously grin]
Lisa: "Seems like an odd, pointless choice. Much like your costumes."
Lynn Sr.: "Have fun, boys." [sees something on his shirt and freaks out] "AH! Spider web!"
Lola: "It's a loose thread on your shirt." [plucks it off]
Lynn Sr.: "Well, I guess I can't trick-or-treat if my shirt's falling apart, right?"
Lola: [not buying it] "Nice try." [grabs and drags him as he yelps.]
[The boys run off in their direction. On the intersection of Franklin and Olive, kids are out trick-or-treating as Lincoln and Clyde arrive, but they hear Hank and Hawk laughing and hide in the bush.]
Hank: "Franklin Avenue. Ha! Score!"
[He and Hawk put on disturbing baby masks, laugh, and head down Lincoln's street. The boys pop out as soon as they leave.]
Clyde: [terrified] "Boy, those baby masks sure are creepy."
Lincoln: "Yeah. But little do they know where the real score is. Right, buddy?"
Clyde: "I can't wait to tell Dr. Lopez about this. But should I tell her in group, or wait for our one-on-one?"
Lincoln: "Definitely group. You might inspire someone."
[They head off to the manor.]

[A flock of bats transitions back to the Loud House where Lucy steps out and turns on the lights for her corn maze and carries in a bucket of fake blood.]
Lucy: [into a megaphone] "Okay, everyone, places."
[Rita steps out looking like a zombie, moaning and groaning.]
Rita: [chuckles] "How's that?"
Lucy: "Hmm...not quite there. I think we need to lose a limb." [takes out a chainsaw]
Rita: [panicking and flinching] "NO, LUCY, NO!"
[Lynn comes out looking like a masked serial killer.]
Lucy: "Here, Lynn. Don't forget your chainsaw."
[Lynn takes it and runs into the maze.]
Rita: [relieved] "Ah."
Lucy: [pulls her mom's shirt sleeve up to cover up her arm.] "A little homemade blood, and you're good to go." [rubs it on the armless sleeve.]
Rita: "You're a real pro, honey. I should have let you do this years ago."
Lucy: "That's okay, Mom. I'm just glad to finally get my chance. I'm so thrilled, I can barely contain myself."
[Once again, her face hardly shows any change.]
Rita: "I know, honey. I can see it all over your face." [goes into the maze]
[Enter Lori dressed as a vampiress.]
Lori: [Transylvanian accent] "I literally vant to suck your blood." [flips her hair and is stopped by Lucy.]
Lucy: "Hmm. Missing something." [megaphone] "Fangs, here!"
[Fangs flies in and perches on Lori's shoulder, making her scream.]
Lucy: "If you wanna make it more authentic, he could bite your neck."
Lori: [objectively, while Fangs smiles] "No! I mean, this is fine." [goes into the maze]
[Enter Luan as Dr. Frankenstein with Mr. Coconuts as her Frankenstein monster as Luan laughs evilly.]
Lucy: "Hang on, Luan. Your monster needs more stitches." [draws some on Mr. Coconuts]
Luan: "That's sew much better!" [laughs] "Get it?"
Lucy: "No puns in the maze."
[A disappointed Luan goes in. Enter Leni dressed as Marie Antoinette with her head missing. She trips over the stairs since she can't see where she's going.]
Lucy: "Looks great, Leni. But don't forget this." [takes out the head that was in the fridge earlier.]
Leni: [pops her head out, gasps from lack of air, and sees the head.] "Why do I have to look so pale?"
Lucy: "You've just been decapitated."
Leni: "Well, I'd still put on some blush."
[Geo rolls in and Lucy puts the head on his hamster ball. Leni takes a deep breath and hides her head as she and Geo go into the maze. Out come a pipe organ and Luna dressed like a skeleton.]
Luna: "Ready to rock, oh, mistress of the dark." [starts playing]
Lucy: "Drop down an octave and try it in D minor. That's the spookiest key."
[Luna plays it as such and Lucy busts out her megaphone.]
Lucy: "Okay, guys, the Loud Family haunted corn maze is officially open. Let's bring on the screams, people." [picks up her hood, scythe, and blood and creeps into the maze.]

[Huntington Manor's gate. Lincoln and Clyde come walking by in their disguises.]
Clyde: [British accent] "Fancy visiting a few flats and loading up on some proper sweets?" [Lincoln looks at him confused; normal voice.] "Didn't you read the British study guide I sent you?"
Lincoln: [takes out the guide] "Sorry. I only got through the first ten pages."
[They walk up to the gate and Wyatt notices them.]
Wyatt: [tips his hat] "Master Nigel. Master Alister. I thought you were in England." [opens the gate]
Lincoln: [British accent] "We got all the way over there, and then we realized we forgot to feed Nigel's fish."
Clyde: [British accent] "So, we flew back straight away, and Bob's your uncle. Well, ta ta."
Wyatt: [suspicious] "Not so fast, boys."
[Lincoln and Clyde stop and think they're busted.]
Wyatt: "Next time, call me and I can feed your fish." [hands Clyde a card]
Lincoln: [British accent]' "Thanks. Well, shredded wheat, old boy."
Clyde: [quietly in his normal voice] "It's cheerio."
[They run into the neighborhood and take off their master costumes and reveal their hero costumes.]
Lincoln: "We're done with the tricks. Now for the treats."
[They fist bump]

[Candy transition back to the younger sisters trick-or-treating with their dad still shaking in fear. The twins go up to the first house with their patriotic costumes and knock as the door opens.]
Lola and Lana: "Trick or treat!"
Diem Doan: "Oh, aren't you two adorable." [gives them their candy]
[As the door closes, there's another knock with the twins now in their aquatic outfits.]
Lola and Lana: "Trick or treat!"
Diem Doan: [easily fooled] "So cute!" [gives them more candy]
[Another knock and the twins are in their condiment costumes.]
Lola and Lana: "Trick or treat!"
Diem Doan: [still believing] "Great costumes." [gives them more candy]
Lola and Lana: "Thank you!" [leave]
Lana: "And that is how it's done. One house, six pieces of candy."
[The twins high five and Lisa hops up to the door and knocks as it opens.]
Lisa: "Trick or treat!"
Diem Doan: "How sweet. A kangaroo." [prepares to give her her candy.]
Lisa: "And a baby roo."
[Lily pops out of Lisa's pouch and coos.]
Diem Doan: [overcome by the adorableness] "Aww!" [gives Lisa every piece in her bowl.]
Lisa: [hops away] "Thank you!" [contently to the twins] "Ha. One house, eighty-seven pieces of candy."
[The wind blows eerily behind Lynn Sr.]
Lynn Sr.: [screams] "A ghost just touched me!" [faints]
Lola: [shaking his face] "Daddy, wake up!"
Lisa: [pulls in a wagon] "Never fear, siblings. I have prepared for this eventuality."
[They drag Lynn Sr. on the wagon for the rest of the hunt.]

[Meanwhile, Lincoln and Clyde are walking down the street with their sacks loaded.]
Lincoln: "What a haul! Maybe we should take it to your house, because my sisters will pounce on it."
Clyde: "Well, if we take it to my house, my dads will lock it up and only let me have three ounces a week."
Lincoln: "Hmm. We need a Plan C."
[They bury it underground. Bat transition to the intersection of Franklin and Olive as they arrive.]
Lincoln: "Our hard work paid off, Clyde. Best Halloween ever."
[They high five and turn the corner and find, to their shock, that the jack-o-lanterns are smashed, toilet paper is in the trees, candy wrappers are all over the ground, and all of Franklin Avenue is a complete mess.]
Lincoln: [shocked] "Well...maybe not for everyone."
[End of Act 1]

Act 2

[The girls are closing up the maze.]
Lincoln: "Guys, what's going on? Why are the streets deserted, and why are you taking down your maze?"
Lucy: "Nobody showed up. All my work for nothing. Not a single scream. Sigh."
Clyde: "Nobody showed up? Why not?"
Lola: "Because two big stinkers came along and ruined everything!"
Lana: "Yeah! They TP'd all the trees and smashed all the Jack-O-Lanterns."
Lola: "And worst of all, they stole everybody's candy!"
Lisa: "And with the amount of candy I had, we're talking grand larceny."
[Lincoln and Clyde huddle up]
Clyde: "Two big stinkers? You don't think it was the guys we told to come here, do you?"
Lincoln: "No way, Clyde. There's plenty of big stinkers in our neighborhood."
Clyde: "True."
Lana: [anguished] "I'll never shake the sound of their big dumb laughs."
Clyde: "Wait. Didn't those guys have big dumb laughs?"
Lincoln: "Clyde, plenty of people have big dumb laughs."
Clyde: "True."
Lola: [vengeful] "And I'll never forget those creepy baby-faced masks!"
Clyde: "Wait. Didn't those guys-"
Lincoln: "Okay, Clyde, it was them."
Lisa: "Ugh. All Hallow's Eve, street name Halloween, is clearly ruined."
[The other sisters go back inside greatly upset of what happened. Lily crawls by sighing with despair.]
Lincoln: [riddled with guilt] "This is all our fault, Clyde! We led those stinkers right to my street!"
Lincoln and Clyde: "We ruined Halloween!"
Clyde: "Why didn't Dr. Lopez tell me the pitfalls of looking out for me?"
Lincoln: "We gotta fix this, Clyde."
Clyde: "I'm with you. But how?"
Lincoln: "Well, we can't unsmash the Jack-O-Lanterns, and it's too late to get people to come to the maze. But we can get everybody's candy back."
Clyde: [scared] "From those two big scary guys who could twist us into human pretzels and dip us in a sauce of their choosing?"
Lincoln: "What choice do we have?"
Clyde: "I guess you're right. I hope at least it's honey mustard."

[The boys, now out of their costumes, are walking the streets.]
Lincoln: "First, we gotta find those guys. But it won't be easy. We don't even know where to start looking."
Clyde: [notices something] "How about that trail of candy wrappers?"
Lincoln: [sees said trail] "That should work."
[The boys follow the trail until a gust of wind blows the wrappers away.]
Lincoln: "No, our trail!"
Clyde: [shaking Lincoln vigorously] "What are we gonna do now?"
[Some familiar laughter goes off.]
Lincoln and Clyde: [gasp] "The big dumb laughs!"
[Hank and Hawk are eating candy and dragging their sacks down the path while tossing wrappers on the ground.]
Hank: "Pretty awesome booty, bro."
Hawk: "Thanks, bro. I've been doing squats."
Hank: "Not you, the candy."
Hawk: "Oh. Right."
[Lincoln and Clyde follow them to their hideout which is a treehouse.]
Clyde: "I don't know which is worse: the stealing or the littering?"
Lincoln: "We need a plan." [comes up with one] "I know! We train some squirrels to go in and attack them. While they're busy getting rabies, we grab the candy."
Clyde: "I like the wildlife approach, but I was thinking we get a beaver to chew down the tree."
Lincoln: "Or we hypnotize those guys so they fall asleep."
Clyde: "Or, building off of that, I put them to sleep by playing the lullabies my dads put on my phone." [takes out phone] "Of course, I'd have to put in earplugs so I don't fall asleep."
[While they're planning, some groaning is heard.]
Hawk: [queasy] "Ugh. I ate too much candy."
Hank: "Aw, you'd better not puke, 'cause that'll make me puke."
Hawk: "I think I'm just gonna pass out."
Hank: "Aw, dude, if you pass out, then I'll-"
[They thud and pass out]
Lincoln: "I think they just made a plan for us."
Clyde: [wearing earplugs] "WHAT?!"
Lincoln: [hushes him] "Shh!"
Clyde: [takes out plugs] "Sorry, I had my earplugs in."

[Lincoln and Clyde climb up into the treehouse quietly and see Hawk and Hank are still asleep. Clyde notices that the sack is tucked near them. Lincoln quietly steps on a floorboard that creaks and freezes. Luckily, it doesn't wake up the stinkers and they switch out the sack with a stick to rest Hank's head on. They try to get the sack out through the door, but it's not wide enough. They notice a window and try to push the bag through, but something starts breathing heavily around Clyde.]
Clyde: "Lincoln, stop breathing so hard. You're fogging up my glasses."
Lincoln: [under the sack] "Uh, Clyde, I'm down here."
[The boys notice that the stinkers are awake now and ready to pummel them. The scene cuts to a pretzel to leave out the pummeling happening off-screen and changes to Lincoln and Clyde now as human pretzels in a dumpster, groaning in pain.]
Clyde: "I guess the dipping sauce of their choosing was garbage."
Hawk: "All this butt kicking has worked up my appetite. Let's go finish off the candy."
Hank: "We'll see you doofuses next Halloween. And tell your neighbors no more dark chocolate. We're milk chocolate guys."
[They laugh and leave]
Lincoln: "Clyde, we can't let these guys ruin everybody's future Halloweens."
Clyde: "I know, but what are we gonna do? Next time, they might twist us into garlic knots. Or French crullers."
Lincoln: "Clyde, you're spiraling."
Clyde: "I know. I'd better do my deep breathing before I get a nosebleed." [pauses] "Inhale one..." [inhales] "...exhale two." [exhales]
Lincoln: [inspired] "Wait a minute. Nosebleed. Clyde, do you remember the first time we ran into them?"
[Flashback to that encounter]
Hank: "Watch where you're going, doofuses!"
[Clyde suddenly has a nosebleed.]
Hawk: "Ugh! Blood! I think I'm gonna barf!" [groans]
Hank: "Aw, don't barf! That'll make me barf!" [they both groan. End flashback.]
Clyde: "I see where you're going there. Blood! That's their one weakness!"
Lincoln: "Exactly. And I know where there's plenty of it."
Clyde: [picks up a dirty soda cup and holds it below his nostrils.] "Okay, I'll start thinking of Lori."
Lincoln: "No no, Clyde. Not you." [takes out his phone and calls Lucy on her personal phone.]
Lucy: [answers] "You rang?"
Lincoln: "Lucy, how would you like to have your haunted maze after all?"
[Lucy emerges from her coffin and gives off a slight smile.]

[Near the stinkers' treehouse, Lincoln and Clyde are in their Alister and Nigel disguises again with bags full of leaves while Clyde is shaking in terror.]
Lincoln: "You okay, buddy?"
Clyde: "To be honest, I'm scared out of my mind. But as a great man once said, 'We shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end.'"
[Lincoln just stares blankly with no idea who he meant.]
Clyde: "Winston Churchill. It was in the study guide."
Lincoln: "Sorry. If we survive this, I'll read the rest of it."
[They get their sacks ready]
Lincoln: [sighs] "Well, here we go."
[They get into character and proceed.]
Clyde: [British accent] "I say, Alister, old chap, we certainly had a smashing success with the sweets tonight."
Lincoln: [British accent] "Indeed. And what a selection. All milk chocolate."
[Hearing that catches Hank and Hawk's attention.]
Hawk: "Bro, did you hear that? More candy!"
Hank: "Aw, there's no way I can eat more candy."
[They start laughing]
Hawk: "Good one."
Hank: "Aw, I know."
[They see the boys]
Hawk: "Let's get 'em!"
[They leap out of the treehouse and give chase to Clincoln McCloud. The boys climb over a log, but the stinkers plow right through it. The boys hop over stones on a lake, but the stinkers charge on top of the water. The boys cross another log acting as a bridge, and when the stinkers try, their combined weight breaks the bridge, making them fall, scream, and climb up with their bare hands. Soon, they arrive back into town.]
Hawk: [stops in pain] "Ugh, stomach cramps!"
Hank: "Aw, man! If you get a cramp, I'll get a cramp."
Clyde: [looking back] "I think we're losing them!" [realizes] "Oh, wait. We don't wanna lose them!"
Lincoln: "Let's just jog in place."
[They do so]
Hawk: "I'm okay!"
Lincoln: "Go!"
[The chase resumes all the way to the corn maze with the stinkers getting ready to pummel the boys again as they rush in.]
Hank: "They're ours now."
[Lincoln and Clyde duck into a few corn plants and lose them.]
Clyde: "It worked! We got them in here."
Lincoln: "As Winston Churchill once said, 'Never, never, never give up.'" [Clyde looks at him all ecstatically.] "I felt bad, so while we were jogging in place, I glanced at the study guide."
[The stinkers are still looking.]
Hawk: [a little scared] "It's really dark in here."
Hank: "Man up, bro! I want that candy." [notices the lights turning off] "What's that?"

[Luna is playing on her organ.]

"When darkness falls on the house of Loud
Around every turn, new terror abounds
You don't want to lose your head! Ha ha ha!"

You can run, but you can't hide
They know that you taste better alive
I don't think that they've been fed
In a long, long time

Every corner, every floor
Watch out, they ain't herbivores
Ghastly ghouls out for blood
Sorry, bud
You got tricked
You got tricked

You got punked and pranked with a spooky twist
Before you wet your pants, better get out quick

Tricked, tricked, tricked
You got...tricked

Beware of fangs and bloody fur
A Loud House chainsaw massacre
There's no chance that you'll get out

Ghosts writing your eulogy
Heads are rolling literally
So, who needs their mommy now?

Spilling guts on the floor
Clean up on aisle four
Why you running off so soon?
Sorry dude
You got tricked
You got tricked

You got punked and pranked with a spooky twist
Before you wet your pants, better get out quick

Tricked, tricked, tricked
You got...tricked

[During the montage, the Loud Sisters scare the stinkers with everything they throw at them. Luan brings Mr. Coconuts to life, Lisa and Lily act rabid, Lori acts like she's been feasting on Rita, Lynn turns on her chainsaw, Lola appears like a corpse, Lana acts as her ghost, Leni walks around blindly under her dress with Geo rolling in his ball with the fake head still on, and everything else in the maze terrifies them to the point where the sounds of their screams catches the attention of the other kids on the block, and they run into Lucy who is blocking the exit.]

Lucy: "The crimes you have committed this night shan't go unpunished. You reap what you sow."
[She slashes a rope with her scythe, dumping a bucket of fake blood on them, making them scream.]
Hank: "Blood!"
Hawk: "I'm gonna puke!"
Hank: "If you're gonna puke, I'm gonna puke!"
[As they run out screaming, Lucy gives a small smile of satisfaction.]
Hank: [nauseous] "We're not...coming back here...again..."
[He and Hawk run off.]
Luna: [finishing her song] "♫You got...tricked.♫"
[Everyone cheers for a successful maze scare.]
Lana: "That was awesome!"
Leni: "That was so awesome!"
Lincoln: "Thanks, guys. I think we taught those two big stinkers a lesson."
Lucy: "No, thank you for bringing them here. You totally made my Halloween. I've never been happier."
[Once again, little to no change of emotion on her; Clyde examines it.]
Lincoln: "Trust me, she's happy. Hopefully, next year, your maze will have more than two customers."
Rita: [notices something] "Looks like we won't have to wait till next year."
[Every kid in the neighborhood showed up.]
Lucy: [on megaphone] "Places, everyone."
[The girls go back in the maze.]
Lincoln: "I guess we did save Halloween, Clyde. But too bad nobody got any candy."
Clyde: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
Lincoln: "Let's go get our shovels!"

[Lincoln and Clyde are giving out the full-size bars they got to the kids who had their candy stolen.]
Ballerina girl: "Trick or treat!"
[Lincoln gives her one]
Clyde: "Here you go."
Harry Potter boy: "Trick or treat!"
Lincoln: [gives him one] "And here you go."
Robot kid: [in a faux metallic voice] "TRICK OR TREAT."
[Lincoln gives him one and the younger sisters are next.]
Lola, Lana and Lisa: "Trick or treat!"
[Lincoln gives each of them one.]
Lola: "Ooh!"
Lana: "Full-size candy bars? No way!"
Lisa: "Wow. Where did you acquire these magnificent specimens?"
Lincoln: "It's a long story. Let's just say next Halloween, we have a great place to take you guys trick-or-treating."
Clyde: "You'll just need a British accent."
[The sisters run off and a boy as a mummy comes up next.]
Mummy boy: "Trick or treat!"
[Lincoln gives him one. Lola and Lana come back in their salt and pepper shaker costumes.]
Lola and Lana: "Trick or treat!"
Lincoln: [too smart for the trick] "Nice try."
[The twins walk away foiled. A girl dressed as a hot dog is the last one.]
Hot dog girl: "Trick or treat!"
[Lincoln gives her one]
Clyde: "That's everybody."
Lincoln: "Great. And the rest of the candy bars are all ours."
Clyde: "Well..." [reaches in and pulls out a single fun size bar.] "...there's actually just this one."
Lincoln: "Eh, that's all right. Giving them out was just as fun as getting them. Splitsies?"
Clyde: "Sure."
[They split the bar and take their halves.]
Clyde: "Thanks, Jack-O-Lincoln. Happy Halloween."
Lincoln: "Happy Halloween, McBride of Frankenstein."
[Lynn Sr. finally comes to and wakes up.]
Lynn Sr.: [relieved] "Oh, thank goodness it's over." [hears a thump and screams] "What was that?" [sees the Marie head, still rolled by Geo underneath, hitting the wagon and screams one last time.] "I HATE HALLOWEEN!!!"
[The end credits are in orange with the background at night as a spooky version of the theme song plays.]

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