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This article is about the Season 3 premiere. For the Season 2 Halloween special, see Tricked!.
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Episode Information

"Tripped!" (originally titled "Road Tripped") is the first episode of the third season, the one-hundred-second episode, the fourth full-length episode, and the third-season premiere of The Loud House.


During a road trip to their vacation destination, everything that can go wrong for the family does.


Act I

The family is counting all of the money they got in a water jug, and realize that they have enough to go on vacation. Lincoln explains to the viewers that he and his family have been saving up a lot of money as they can so they can go on a real vacation (evident by their different contributions). He also reveals that their vacation destination is the Weeping Willow Resort & Lodge, located at Lake Michigan.

To their excitement, the Loud Family finally goes on vacation.

After packing up all of their possessions, the family heads off. While driving, a cherry farmer drives up behind them, and Lynn tells her father not to let the farmer pass them up. However, the farmer ends up passing them anyway, and Lynn Sr., thinking he's showing off, decides to drive faster than him down a hill. Unfortunately, as Lisa predicted from the various conditions, they end up crashing the van into a ditch. Luckily, Lana fixes the van up in no time. As they continue onward, Leni complains that it's too hot, and the AC won't turn on. At the same time, Lori, eating low-cal bean chips, lets out an intense flatus, and the gas begins seeping throughout the van, prompting the family to roll down the windows. With the wind pushing against them, Lynn Sr. crashes the van into a line of port-a-potties. To make matters worse, the door falls off, and Lana doesn't have the proper equipment to put it back on. However, she decides to use Lucy's coffin as a backup door, and the family continues on with the trip.

The family decides that it's lunchtime, and begin eating egg salad sandwiches Leni had made. After eating them, the family suddenly gets nauseous, and Leni reveals that the sandwiches were weeks old, since she planned ahead. Realizing they ate spoiled food, the family quickly head to the nearest rest stop to vomit. After throwing up their lunches, the family continues on, but not before running into the cherry farmer, who just got a flat tire. The family decides to help him out, but Lynn Sr. unknowingly hits and releases the emergency brake, causing Vanzilla to roll backwards, and onto a car carrier.

"Well, there goes our vacation."

The cherry farmer says he needs help unloading his crates of cherries, because the spare tire is underneath all of them. After unloading all of the crates, Lana grabs the spare tire, and attaches it to the car. After thanking the family by repaying them with a crate of cherries, the cherry farmer heads off, and the family realizes too late that the van is on a car carrier, prompting them to chase after it. Lincoln, realizing that things are going downhill fast, tells the viewers "Well, there goes our vacation."

Act II

With their mode of transportation gone, the family is left to hang out at the rest stop. To make matters worse, they couldn't afford a bus trip, since Lynn Sr.'s wallet, and Rita's purse are still in Vanzilla. As luck would have it, a nearby café is holding an open mic contest, and the grand prize is cash. The family sings a song explaining their current situation, which receives overwhelming applause from the audience. Now having the funds to afford a bus ride, the family attempts to leave, but not before grabbing Luna, who's still entertaining the audience in the café. However, when doing so, their bus leaves, and another bus drives up after the driver has to use the restroom. Upon boarding the bus, the driver arrives back, and begins driving.

The family is confused that the bus is so empty, and the presence of a man who looks like a prisoner. Realizing they're on a prison bus, the family tells the driver to stop the bus so they can jump off. They do so, and the prisoner, having escaped thanks to Leni taking his handcuffs off, hides behind some bushes. The family attempts to hitch a ride from a passing car, but because they're a big family, no one would pick them up. Lana, needing to use the bathroom, does her business behind some bushes, and to her discovery, finds a run down crop duster. After repairing it, the family jumps in, while Rita pilots it. As they fly, the family discovers the car carrier Vanzilla is on, and proceed to chase after it. The car carrier driver, seeing the plane behind him, attempts to escape, since he thinks it's the police, since he's speeding on a road where the speed limit is enforced by aircraft. The driver attempts to evade them by driving through the field, and in the process, the van loses some luggage, and its top half. The family successfully stops him by dumping fertilizer in front of him. As the family attempts to get Vanzilla down, the prisoner arrives and steals the plane.

Finally arriving to Weeping Willow, the family attempts to check in, but the concierge tells them that because they didn't make the 8:00 deadline, the room that was reserved for them was given away. Lynn Sr. is confused since his watch says it's exactly 8:00, but the concierge tells them it's actually 8:35. It turns out that when the luggage from the van was flying off, Lynn Sr. attempted to get his suitcase full of puzzles, but in the process, damaged his watch. Much to the family's dismay, all the other rooms are full. Just when all looks lost, the cherry farmer arrives, and introduces himself as Jerry Kling, the Cherry King. He says that because the family fixed his tire, he made it to Weeping Willow before the 8:00 deadline, and successfully reserved the entire top floor, thanks to his celebrity status. As thanks for helping him out, Jerry decides to let the family rest in the rooms he reserved, much to the family's happiness.

They had a fun vacation, after all.

The next day, the family finally has fun at Weeping Willows with horseback rides, swimming in the lake, and relaxing. Rita tells Lynn Sr. that they should make this a family tradition. Meanwhile, the prisoner escapes on the crop duster, which runs out of fuel, and falls into a prison down below, where he gets locked up.


Jancey Yates has no lines in this episode.


 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) The Loud House/The Casagrandes music

  Happy Forest - Werner Tautz and The Heinz Kelssing Orchresta [When Lana and Lola are selling lemonade]

  Tandem Hoilday - Heinz Kelssing [Plays when Lincoln delivers newspapers]

  Tea at Tiffani's - Werner Tautz [Plays when Lincoln shows us the weeping willows]

  Tales from the Swamp (a) - Ron Goodwin [The Louds chasing after vanzilla]

Accidental release

Like "Future Tense", "Head Poet's Anxiety", and "The Mad Scientist", this episode was released onto Amazon's website before its intended release date. Like the former, the episode was released on the episode's original release date of May 4, 2018.


Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Road Tripped", "The Complete Third Season", and "Saison 3 intégrale" DVDs.


  • Although this episode premiered in 2018, it was made in 2017 according to the credits.
  • This is the first episode to have a title card including all the Loud family.
  • This episode premiered on Amazon Prime before it aired in the United States.
  • This is the first half-hour episode of the series where the Latin American Spanish dub cast is accredited (only Lynn Sr., Lana, Lynn and Lincoln's names were shown while the rest of the voices were enlisted in additional voices).
  • Kevin Sullivan had confirmed that during production, the title was changed. It was later revealed that the title was changed from "Road Tripped" to "Tripped!".
    • Since this is the case, the title sounds very similar to the previous full-length episode "Tricked!".
  • Like "11 Louds a Leapin'", this special was written by Sammie Crowley, Whitney Wetta, and Kevin Sullivan, and storyboarded by Jordan Rosato and Miguel Puga. Unlike that one, this one was directed by both Chris Savino and Kyle Marshall.
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pugavida @theloudhousecartoon Tripped GIFs!!! Here’s a couple of deleted scenes. Hope y’all enjoyed this episode because there’s more to come. #theloudhouse #storyboardartist #artistsoninstagram #notdannytrejo #animation #nickelodeon #art
JUNE 25, 2018 • Nickelodeon Animation[2]
  • One of the episode's storyboards by Miguel Puga reveals five deleted scenes.
    • The prisoner was originally supposed to lift his head when first introduced.
    • The wheel of the plane was originally shown when they were flying over the silo.
    • The car carrier driver was originally going to jump off a broken bridge.
    • After Lisa's briefcase flies towards the plane, there was a huge explosion.
    • Near the end, right after the crop duster with Lori on it "flatulated", the word "fin" (which is Latin for "end") appeared in the bottom right corner.
  • According to Rita, her father used to fly jets when he was in the military.
  • This episode reveals that Lisa is skilled at breakdancing.
  • This is the second time the Loud family's last name gets mispronounced. This time, it was pronounced as "Load".
  • This episode reveals that Lily can say Vanzilla's name, although she pronounces it "ban-zilly".
  • This episode reveals that Lynn Sr. always carries his cowbell with him, maybe more so than his wallet.
    • It's also revealed he cooks using Cherry King brand cherries.
  • On the title card, two of the objects flying off are a hi-hat and a kettlebell, which foreshadows the fact that the family loses those possessions in the episode.
  • The family's contributions to afford a vacation trip:
    • Lincoln - Deliver newspapers
    • Lori and Lynn Sr. - Run a taco food truck
    • Leni - Give off fashion advice
    • Luna - Play music
    • Luan - Run Funny Business, Inc.
    • Lynn - Shovel snow around the neighborhood
    • Lucy - Hold a funeral service for the kindergarten class' pet goldfish
    • Lana and Lola - Sell lemonade
    • Lisa and Lily - Breakdance (Lisa) to music (provided by Lily)
    • Rita - Work overtime at the dental office

Interesting flavors...

  • The various flavors of fudge at Weeping Willow:
    • Invisible
    • Blue
    • IDK
    • Spots
    • Taco
    • Earth
    • Soap
    • Swiss
    • Fish
    • Vanilla
    • Black Lodge
  • Innuendo:
    • When Lynn Sr. accidentally knocks over a line of chemical toilets, he asks his family if they're okay, and a man who was in one of the toilets cries out "I've been better!", which implies that the man is now covered with the toilet's bio-hazardous material.
    • The tattoo of the prisoner Lana colored over was a naked lady, as the areas over which she drew covered her intimate parts.
    • Lori's chronic flatulence problem is referred to as "crop dusting", which is an informal term for gradually passing gas in a confined space. On top of that, the duster's canister is used to stop the trucker by gassing the windshield, which was painted by Lana with a portrait of her struggling to not flatulate (that also serves as the episode's final joke, as a remnant of the gas escapes from the tank).
  • According to the promotional video "Firsts with Baby Lily", this is the first time Lily has ever been on a plane.


  • Road Tripped - The original title of this episode is a pun of "road trip".
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pugavida Season 3 sneak peek! Sure why not. I tried doing my best Porco Rosso here #theloudhouse #ritaloud #nickelodeon #storyboard
DECEMBER 14, 2017 • Nickelodeon Animation[3]
  • Vacation - Luna's line, "Vacation, all I ever wanted", references the 1982 song by The Go-Go's.
  • McDonald's - When the family first heads off, there's a restaurant sign that has a logo that looks like the McDonald's logo, but upside down. It happened from "No Such Luck".

Guess it's true that Studio Ghibli can be very inspirational.

  • George Thorogood and the Destroyers - "Road Trippin' Blues" has a similar resemblance and sound to this group's 1982 song "Bad to the Bone."
  • Porco Rosso - The scene where Rita tries to control the plane is based on one the most famous scenes from this 1992 animated film by Studio Ghibli. This was confirmed by Miguel Puga, as he had used that scene for inspiration.

Leni seems to be taking horseback lessons from Dudley Do-Right.

  • Rocky and Bullwinkle - Leni was seen riding her horse backwards, which is similar to Dudley Do-Right, who often rides his horse backwards.
  • Microsoft Windows - Four of the buttons in the crop duster are colored after this computer company's logo.
  • Parable of the Good Samaritan - When discussing how someone is bound to give them a ride to Weeping Willows, Lynn Sr. mentions the Good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan was a story told by Jesus where a Samaritan helped a Jewish traveler despite the two generally despising each other.
  • Peanuts - Leni's fashion booth is designed exactly like Lucy's psychiatry booth.
  • Twin Peaks - One of the flavors of fudge shown at the Weeping Willow is "Black Lodge", referencing an alternate-dimension locale in this supernatural mystery series.
  • Cherry 2000 - The license plate number on Jerry Kling's truck is CHRY2K.
  • Back to the Future - The time the Loud arrives at the resort is 8:35, when they thought it was 8 o'clock, the same time that Marty McFly at the beginning of the movie came to Dr. Brown's lab, when he also thought it was 8 hours.


  • During the flashbacks in the beginning, Luna is playing the acoustic guitar, but the sound of an electric guitar is heard from it.
  • When the patient sprays Rita with the water jet, Rita's lipstick gets washed off, but when she explains that she has been working overtime, her lipstick reappears back on her face.
  • Before the cherry farmer drives his truck past Vanzilla, the cherries are missing from the crates in one shot.
  • When Leni is complaining that it's too hot, she only has two pairs of eyelashes.
  • In the Latin American dub, when Lori says "Ah.", it gets silent.
  • When the family got sick after eating the spoiled egg salad sandwiches, Leni, Lily, Lynn Sr., and Rita didn't get nauseous until they got to the gas stop.
  • When the family is running after the car carrier that took Vanzilla, Lori and Lynn are missing.
  • Throughout the episode, the oars in the luggage on Vanzilla disappear, reappear, and change lengths.
    • After Vanzilla is taken away by the car carrier, the oars disappear completely.
  • When the family is on the prison bus, their positions don't match how they were positioned when they're seen through the rear view mirror.
    • In addition, the prisoner, who was in the back seat, was not visible through the mirror.
  • When Lana is about to draw on the prisoner's tattoo, one of her pigtails disappeared for a moment.
  • Lynn Sr. didn't say "Ding dang darn it!" in the flashback of his watch breaking.
  • When Rita is flying the plane, she is sitting with Lynn Sr, Luna, Lucy and Lisa in same room, but in one scene she's sitting alone.
  • In the song, they mention that "the dog ran off", but Charles didn't accompany them. Similarly, while the McBrides was babysitting Charles, Cliff, Walt, and Geo, and Lana took Hops, Izzy, Bitey, and El Diablo with her, it is still unknown where Gary and Fangs were during the trip.
    • Also during the song Lily is seen playing with Lynn's cowbell but at one point she's seen playing a guitar.

Rita with her family Rita, where is your family?



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