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This article is about the episode of The Casagrandes. For the episode of The Loud House, see Attention Deficit.
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"Undivided Attention" is the seventeenth episode of the second season, and the fifty-fifth episode of The Casagrandes.


Carlota can't seem to pay attention to anything but her phone, so Carlos sets her up with a math tutor.


Carlota has become obsessed with a mobile game on her phone called Fashion Safari. Carlos tells Carlota that her obsession with the game is starting to become a nuisance to her family; she neglects to close the door for Frida, who's carrying groceries, causing the street cats to attack her, she knocks down a card tower Bobby and CJ finished building, and forgets to change Carlitos' diaper. When Carlota claims that she doesn't remember any of that stuff, she runs into the table, where Carlos discovers that she hasn't completed (let alone started) her practice tests for her upcoming finals. Not wanting Carlota's grades to slip over some game, he decides to have one of his students tutor her, and when he declares "it's a date", Carlota mishears him and think she's going on a date.

When Carlota tells Ronnie Anne that Carlos set her up on a "date", she says that it has to occur during the game's semi-finals, where the grand prize is a $500 shopping spree. Hearing this, Carl decides to play along with the intention to beat her. At that moment, Carlota is informed that it's time for her to meet her tutor at the library. At the library, Carlota meets her tutor, Charles Little Bull. When Charles decides to start his lesson, Carlota discovers the semi-finals starting and attempts to play. However, she causes such a ruckus so loud, and Charles unable to catch her, causes the librarian, Mavis, to kick them out.

Later, when Carlos asks Carlota how her tutoring went, Carlota says it went great. Carlos, knowing that Charles likes a challenge, tells Carlota that Charles will be meeting her tomorrow at 6PM. Alarmed by this news, Carlota relays it to Ronnie Anne, where she also states that the meet-up is at 6:00, while the finals are at 7:00. After seeing Sergio scratch his back with her toothbrush, Carlota comes up with the idea to be as annoying as possible in front of Charles so that he'll leave, and asks for Sergio's help. At 6PM, Carlota and Charles meet up at Amores Pizza to study. Carlota proceeds with her plan of being a complete annoyance to Charles with Sergio's help, like loudly calling for the waiter, ordering everything on the menu, putting her feet on the table, etc. Charles tries to maintain his composure, but after Carlota deliberately destroys his calculator, Charles declares that he has had enough and decides to quit being Carlota's tutor, much to Carlota's joy, as she can get back to her game.

At the Casagrande apartment, as Carlota and Carl frantically play to stay on the leaderboard, Carlos barges in and tells Carlota that Charles just texted him in tears. When Carlota reveals that she made it to the top of the leaderboard in the game finals, Carlos tells her that he hired Charles to help her out with her school finals. This causes Carlota to realize that everything Charles told her was school related and, to her horrifying discovery, that her semester finals are tomorrow. Carlota admits that she was distracted playing her game, and says that she plans to fix it. At the library, as Charles restocks the bookshelves, Carlota arrives and apologizes for her behavior, admitting that she believed that her father set her up on a date, and because she let a game distract her. Hearing her phone ring, Carlota discovers it's the game, and decides to delete it from her phone so she won't be distracted anymore. Now knowing that everything was just a misunderstanding, Charles agrees to help tutor her.

The next day, Carlota arrives homes and tells Carlos that she passed her finals with flying colors. As Carlos hugs her daughter in congratulation, Carl arrives, wearing new clothes, and says that he won the game's finals, stating that he won a scarf that cost $200. At that moment, Sergio arrives, after having taken a shower, and proceeds to use the scarf as his towel, much to everyone's disgust.


Carlitos and Unnamed City Woman have no lines in the episode.


  • Plot of the episode is similar to "Study Muffin", because both episode focus on a student (Lincoln/Carlota) being too much distracted to get good grades (Ms. DiMartino/video game) and getting a tutor (Hugh/Charles), but love-related obstacles (Lincoln's sisters/Carlota's misinterpretation) makes the tutoring harder.
  • The title of this episode has two meanings:
    • It's an expression meaning to give something complete attention.
    • The fact that a math tutor is involved, as the title has the word "undivided" (a reference to division).
  • Prior to this episode's airing, the character of Charles Little Bull was promoted as being one of the first Lakota figures to premiere in a major animated program. His voice actor, Robbie Daymond, is also a Native American.[1]
  • When Carlota brings up the Fashion Safari leaderboards, Leni Loud can be seen in third place behind Carl and Carlota.
  • Cartoon physics: In the flashback of Carlota knocking down Bobby and CJ's card tower, she walks over it, even though her weight would cause it to fall over.


  • Pokémon Go - The game Carlota plays, Fashion Safari, has a similar gameplay to this augmented reality mobile game.



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