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The Unnamed Woman is an unnamed minor character in The Loud House, who first appeared in "Come Sale Away".


She first appears in "Come Sale Away". While the kids were all having a contest to see who can get Lily's blanket back first when they thought they accidentally sold it, Luna and Lola ask her if she bought it, and she claims that she didn't, and instead purchased a vacuum cleaner that was broken, and covered her in dust. She then demands a refund, while Luna and Lola blame each other for selling it to her.

She later reappears in "Funny Business" at a birthday party with the Bratty Kid's mom, where she is thoroughly entertained by Lincoln's pratfalls. She tries to be cool by saying "LOL", which she learned the meaning of, much to the other moms' annoyance. When Lincoln's act fails at Maggie's party, she decides not to book Funny Business, Inc. until she sees him and Luan perform pantomime together, thus reconsidering her decision along with the other guests' parents.

She makes a cameo in "The Old and the Restless" as one of the spectators coming out of the ballpark when Albert gets thrown out.

She also makes a cameo in "Kick the Bucket List", where she waits in line to get a ticket for Dairyland.

She reappears again in "L is for Love" at Banger's & Mosh, where she, along with the other restaurant patrons, thinks Lynn Sr. is going to buy dinner for everyone in the restaurant and is disappointed when finding out he just meant his family.

She cameos in "ARGGH! You for Real?", where she watches the live events at the cemetery house.

She cameos in "Health Kicked" outside the Royal Woods Arena.

In "Legends", she, along with the rest of the airport attendants, applaud Lincoln and Lynn Sr. for their performance on Legends of the Hidden Temple, despite their loss.

In "Snow Way Out", she came to Bobbie Fletcher's contest at Burpin' Burger, and left when the weather was getting bad.


She is an overweight woman, with fair skin, and dark red hair. She wears a blue-gray sweater over a white blouse, brown khakis, and dark gray slip-on shoes.

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