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"Uptown Funk" is the thirty-third episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


Adelaide and Carl have an adventure on Mr. Chang's route, but they must work together to save the day.


Adelaide asks Carl if he would like to have a tea party with her.

While playing with his toy trains on the apartment building entrance, Adelaide arrives with Froggy 2 and asks Carl if he would like to have a tea party with her. When Carl denies, Stanley arrives and says that he's off to drive the train. When Stanley brings up how Adelaide and a friend can ride in the conductor's cabin with him, Carl is eager to join into this opportunity. However, Adelaide declines the offer, saying that she's not interested. When Stanley leaves, Carl theorizes that if he can get Adelaide on her good side, she'll reconsider and join her father. When Adelaide prepares to go back in the building, Carl catches up to her and takes back his decline for her tea party.

Throughout the day, Adelaide has Carl partake in her activities, such as having a tea party, putting on makeup to kiss Froggy 2 in the hopes he'll turn into a prince (ending with Carl landing in a cactus garden), and being tied up while being "rescued" by Adelaide when they play superheroes. When Carl states that he's hungry, Adelaide uses this opportunity to "marry" Carl so they can make Froggy 2 their "baby." When Carl realizes that this is his chance to go onto the train, he has no other choice but to go along with it.

Later, Carl and Adelaide ride in the train while pushing a baby stroller with Froggy 2. While flaunting about her "marriage status" with Carl (with a candy ring), Adelaide says that Froggy 2 needs a diaper change, and Carl takes him away to do the task. Instead, Carl tosses Froggy 2 away in an attempt to distract Adelaide. As Froggy 2 hops around the cabin causing mayhem, Carl uses this opportunity to enter the conductor's cabin. This is witnessed by Adelaide, who eventually realizes that Carl used her all along. As Stanley shows Carl all the train's buttons, he hears a commotion outside and proceeds to check it out. Before he exits, he warns Carl to not touch the buttons, as well as his train awards.

While marveling at the buttons, Carl's conscience tries to bait him into pressing the buttons. Carl attempts to fight it, but one of the imaginary trains in his head convinces him to press a button on him instead. However, the "button" he pushed was on the display, and he accidentally pressed it. The train's AC turns on, freezing everyone on board. Carl presses another button in the hopes that it would turn off the AC, but instead, it turns on a music track that blares loudly. Pressing another button to alleviate his damage, Carl instead sends the train on the express path, where its erratic movements toss everyone onboard around the cabin. Realizing he messed up, Carl realizes that there's only one person who could help him now. Exiting the conductor's cabin, Carl lands in the pile of passengers and begs Adelaide to help him, but she refuses, having learned of his deception. After Carl apologizes, Adelaide decides to help and, using her train knowledge, successfully fixes all the problems, and the train arrives to its intended destination. After a brief scolding from Stanley, Carl, using his El Falcon action figure, thanks Adelaide for saving him and is willing to call her his friend. With their friendship amended, Carl states that he has an idea on how to make up for his bad behavior.

Superhero tea party.

Sometime later, Carl and Adelaide decide to have a superhero themed tea party, where they save Froggy 2 from a toy train.


Unnamed City Woman have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.
As the DVD was released too soon after the French dub of this episode aired, the DVD does not include this episode's French dub.


  • This is the first episode where Ronnie Anne is absent.
    • This is the only episode of Season 1 in which Ronnie Anne is absent.
  • This is the first Casagrandes episode in which only one main character makes an appearance.
  • This episode reveals Vito wears a toupee.
  • Adelaide reveals that she is a two-time winner of the Junior GLART Award. She also reveals that she "only help[s] friends", indicating that she doesn't help rivals or strangers.
  • This and its sister episode are the lowest viewed episodes of Season 1.


  • Uptown Funk - The title of this episode references the Mark Ronson song of the same name.
  • White gloves - Adelaide wearing white gloves while dressing up as a fairy princess might be a reference to how various old cartoon characters, like Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny, are frequently seen with white gloves.
  • Ring Pop - The candy ring that Adelaide wears resembles this brand of lollipops.
  • Supreme Court of the United States - Adelaide mentions this federal judiciary when riding the subway with Carl and Froggy 2.


  • In the Romanian dub, when Carl says, "This is not how I play El Falcon at all," he pronounces El Falcon's name as "El Flacon".

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