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Hello, <insert name here>. My name is AnimationFan15 (I am a huge fan of cartoons, and I was 15 when I joined the wiki community), but you just call me AnimationFan, AF15, or just Isaac.

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  • As you can tell by my username, I am a major fan of animation. I fell in love with it since I was little. Ever since then, animation has been a part of my life.
  • Even though I mostly monitor the wiki to make sure edits are acceptable, my primary job on here is adding the synopsis to an episode page. I am well known for this because I put a lot of time and effort in writing them and adding enough details.
  • Because animation is my biggest passion, I have a plethora of favorite cartoons. Some include SpongeBob SquarePants, The Loud House, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, and many more.
  • The very first cartoon I watched was Blue's Clues. Not only was it the first cartoon I saw, but the show inspired me to be an artist. As you can see on some blog posts, I drew some pictures so I can show off my amazing talent. Blue's Clues is special to me. I loved the show so much, I still remember everybody's name.
  • I am a huge fan of Nintendo, as I own a majority of thier game systems (most of which were passed down from my older brohter). My favorite franchises by Nintendo are Super Mario, Kirby, and Splatoon. My favorite Nintendo game of all time is Super Mario Galaxy (both 1 and 2), as I had a total blast with these games.
  • I posted my first ever fanfiction here on The Loud House Wiki. I tried to write my own fanfiction in the past, but I kept abandoning it because I would get bored of it. You can read it here.
  • My favorite movie companies are Pixar, Walt Disney Animation Studios, DreamWorks, Aardman, and Laika. My most favorite animated movie of all time is Pixar's WALL-E.
  • I am able to memorize all the capital cities in each of the 50 states in the US.
  • On October 4, 2016, I was promoted from rollback to admin (though I still have the rollback rights) due to my great contribution to this wiki.
  • On November 7, 2016, I was inspired by a certain user here to join DeviantArt. Here's my profile page .
  • One of my biggest pet peeves is people taking episodes too seriously. People who take episodes seriously are always whining about things they don't like, and it REALLY annoying. It's because of people taking episodes too seriously, that I can't even look at the comments of the episode page, like "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", "No Such Luck", and recently, "Cheater by the Dozen" (the latter, because of one line of dialogue [ONE LINE!] that created major uproar here). I fear that the more people complain about these episodes, I'll start to lose respect for them.
  • This may sound weird, but one my biggest pet peeves is when people spell episode titles wrong. Whenever I reference an episode, I like to spell it exactly the way it is.


Favorite cartoons

Guilty pleasure = something I like that the general hates


  • The Loud House
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • T.U.F.F. Puppy
  • Fanboy and Chum Chum (guilty pleasure)
  • ​Rocko's Modern Life
  • The Penguins of Madagascar

​Cartoon Network

  • Regular Show
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy
  • Steven Universe
  • Rick and Morty
  • Camp Lazlo
  • Adventure Time
  • Uncle Grandpa (guilty pleasure)
  • We Bare Bears
  • The Powerpuff Girls (both original and reboot, but mostly original)
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Chowder
  • The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
  • Codename: Kids Next Door


  • Phineas and Ferb
  • Gravity Falls
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil
  • Amphibia


  • The Simpsons
  • South Park
  • Happy Tree Friends
  • Camp Camp
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • Peepoodo & The Super F**k Friends

​Favorite Pixar films

  1. WALL-E
  2. Toy Story 2
  3. Coco
  4. Monsters, Inc.
  5. Toy Story
  6. Up
  7. Inside Out
  8. Cars 3
  9. Finding Nemo
  10. Ratatouille

How I got into The Loud House

I first heard of The Loud House in the form of an advertisement of YouTube, and clicked on it. I was instantly enamored in the style of animation and humor.

I have been into The Loud House since May, the month the series premiered.

​My job here

  • Writing the episode synopsis (unless I give the job to someone else if I don't like the episode)
  • Adding episodes to staff pages
  • Adding in recently released title cards onto episode pages (unless someone beats me to it)

  1. Lincoln: Obviously, because he's the only boy in the house. I like Lincoln because he's the one you most sympathize with. When you look into Lincoln's point of view, you can almost imagine the struggle of having to live with 10 sisters. However, I noticed how people around the wiki (some of which are my friends) are oversensitive to Lincoln getting inconvenienced.


  1. Luan: My favorite sister of the bunch, and favorite character in the show overall. The main reason I like Luan the most is because she and I love jokes. Despite her jokes being pretty cheesy, I manage to find a chuckle in them. If there's one downside with Luan, it would have to be her role in the episode "April Fools Rules". That episode showed that Luan is a psychotic monster with no feelings of remorse whenever April Fools Day is around the corner.
    1. Favorite episode starring Luan: "No Laughing Matter" and "Fool Me Twice"
  2. One of my favorite episode of the series, and the one that made me fall in love with Lola.

    Lola: My favorite of the twins. Widely regarded as the worst sister, I beg to differ. Sure, she has had some episodes centered around her that display some of her worst moments ("Undie Pressure" and "Sound of Silence"), but there have actually been episodes that show that Lola does indeed have a heart, and that she's not a monster. "Undie Pressure" and "A Tattler's Tale" are the episodes that prove that Lola does have a soft side, and the latter episode is the sole reason why she's this high on my list, and that's why that episode will always be one my favorites. Whoever hates "A Tattler's Tale" is clearly blind at seeing Lola as a good person.
    1. Favorite episode starring Lola: "A Tattler's Tale"
  3. Lana: I find her to be really cute (even though she doesn't like being called that), because she's willing to take risks, despite her relatively young age. Originally, she was in the middle of my list, but due to episodes like "Toads and Tiaras" and "Frog Wild", I've began to find the appeal in Lana. However, one of her recent roles left a bad impression on me, because in that episode, Lana basically creates trouble for half her family, and get no punishments from it whatsoever.
    1. Favorite episode starring Lana: "Frog Wild"
  4. Lori: Who was once originally my least favorite sister is now the most developed character in the show. I didn't like Lori that much because I hated how she always used her age to as a means to get whatever she wanted. However, as the series began to progress, Lori began to improve as a character. Although Lori has many episodes where she's displayed in a bad light, her worst has got to be from "Save the Date", where she forced Lincoln into making amends with Ronnie Anne just because it was the only way she can win back Bobby's heart. They make it look like that Lori will put her relationship with Bobby over anything else, even her own family. Thankfully, her newer episodes are really shaping her into a more proper character.
    1. Favorite episode starring Lori: "Garage Banned" and "Selfie Improvement"
  5. Leni: No surprise that one of the two most popular sisters is this high on the list. I find Leni an interesting character because despite her sweet attitude, she's completely clueless at how she perceives certain things. Luckily, that's her best strength to me, because her being unable to understand certain things really helps her become one of the most charming characters in the show.
    1. Favorite episode starring Leni: "Everybody Loves Leni"
  6. Lisa: This is a character who has really divided the fandom. Some people appreciate that she's a smart-aleck who has some of the most interesting quips in the show, but others don't like how her smarts make her a killjoy, where she bluntly makes any situation lose its charm. As for me, I'm kind of in the middle with her because those two things I mentioned really sum things up for me. She's still growing on me; I'm just waiting for another episode to really solidify her best attributes.
    1. Favorite episode starring Lisa: "The Mad Scientist"
  7. Lynn: Ah, the character who hit a MAJOR slump in 2017 because of her role in quite possibly, the most infamous episode in the whole series. While that was a major roadblock for me to like her, she has greatly improved over time, and I'm starting to actually care for her. I think what makes Lynn fun t watch is her energy, since her constantly on the move makes it easier for me to pay attention to her. She may still have a few problems, but I'm really starting to see more good in her, and I hope the fandom does as well, because if they won't let go of that episode I mentioned, then they're stuck in the past.
    1. Favorite episode starring Lynn: "Lynner Takes All"
  8. Lucy: I will admit, she's not a bad character, so why is she this low on the list? Well, it's because I've started to find her humor a bit lackluster as of late. She definitely has some good episodes, but I've been struggling to get the most enjoyment I can out of her. Again, not a bad character, but I kinda wish she'd be utilized a little more.
    1. Favorite episode starring Lucy: "Fandom Pains"
  9. Lily: Quite possibly the only main character that exists for the show's sake. Because she's only 1 year old, she doesn't have that much of a personality other than ditching her diaper and liking ice cream. Maybe if the show can do more episodes exploring Lily, then maybe she'll be a better developed character.
    1. Favorite episode starring Lily: "Any Given Sundae"
  10. Luna: OVERRATED CHARACTER!! It amazes me that this character is very, very underused and she's regarded as the best character in the show. Believe me, I counted, there are only six episodes where she has center stage (seven if "L is for Love" counts, because that one's more about everyone), and she gets treated like she's the best thing to happen to the show. How she became this popular will remain a mystery to me. I wouldn't be surprised if it's because of the fandom's excessive habit of treating her (and Leni) as Lincoln's most angelic sisters (or hell, even as a side effect of the infamous Nicer Sister, Meaner Sister trope).
    1. Favorite episode starring Luna: "Really Loud Music"

The worst episode I have ever seen, period.

I've made it no secret that "Making the Case" is my #1 least favorite episode of the whole show. Whenever someone were to ask me why I hate this episode even more than "Brawl in the Family" or "No Such Luck", I always give them a short answer as to why: the characters are way to mean to each other, and a moment that scares me sh*tless every time I think about it. However, I decided to go into full detail here as to why I will always have "Making the Case" as my #1 least favorite episode, and if anyone were to ask me why this is my least favorite episode, I'd just tell them to refer to this.

Also, like I always say, if you respect my opinion (and hopefully not bash me about it), I'll respect your opinion in return.

  1. The story: I've seen this type of story before: a character records another character doing something embarrassing, they make it public to gain popularity, the embarrassed one is obviously upset, and the one who recorded the video feels bad, and decides to make it up. Simple, right? Well, this episode follows that plot, but it happened in a way that just made everybody so rotten. Let's compare this episode to something that actually does this story RIGHT: the Futurama episode "Attack of the Killer App". In that episode, Fry was dared by Bender to get more followers on a Twitter like program than him. If Fry were to lose, he would have to high dive into a pool of alien goat vomit. Fry, on the verge of losing, discovers that Leela has a boil on her butt that sings opera, and decides to use that to win the bet. Of course, Leela is distraught that Fry humiliated her. The reason why I consider the Futurama episode better is because of a few reasons. First, Fry is actually given a proper reason as to why he did such a horrible act to a friend: he was going to lose a bet. For Lincoln, however, his reasons for wanting a trophy is just for the sake of wanting a trophy, like it's all for superficial reasons. Second, the audience is aware that the victim is being embarrassed. Leela is revealed to have seen the video and is laughed wherever she goes, whereas the Loud sisters are never seen discovering the video, and we're somehow just supposed to believe they saw it. Not to mention that at NO POINT in the episode that the sisters are being humiliated/mocked at wherever they go, so how I am I supposed to sympathize with them if we don't see them being humiliated? Third, the primary reaction is sadness instead of anger. To me, sadness allows the audience to feel bad for the victim, since their pity makes them more sympathetic. However, because the primary reaction is anger in "Making the Case", the sisters' attitudes serve no help in making me feel bad for them. Lastly, there's the resolution. In the Futurama episode, the embarrassing video with Leela has become yesterday's news, and that was enough to make Leela forgive Fry (even if Fry embarrassed himself to even things out), making the resolution feel good. But in here, the resolution feels phoned in, since Lincoln embarrassed himself, and earned back his sisters' trust in a relatively short span, making the ending feel rushed (and not genuine enough to make me forgive this episode's many problems). So yeah, this story has done so much wrong, it's baffling that an adult cartoon can tackle a simple topic like this better than a kid's cartoon.
  2. The characters: Oh, boy, where do I even begin with the characters? Let's start with Lincoln, he was relatable... for the first few seconds of the episode. Right from the start, he clearly said that his sisters have trophies for something, but he's the only sibling without one, so what's his plan to win a trophy? He enters a video contest, and any sort of relatability is thrown out the window, because now, Lincoln looks like he just wants the trophy just for the sake of having a trophy. The problem I have with this sudden change is that when you think about it, the sisters got their trophies for a good reason: they correlate to their main personality, like Lola with her pageant awards, Lisa winning a junior Nobel Peace Prize, and Lily's thumb-sucking awards. Lincoln on the other hand, is doing something that doesn't say anything about his character, which goes to show that Lincoln only wants the trophy for superficial reasons. It's also worth noting that Lincoln has been dumbed down in this episode. It was shown in the pilot episode "Left in the Dark" that Lincoln always puts a lot of thought into his actions. However, he's so oblivious to what he's doing, he's become unaware of what his actions will cause (the worst example being how he never heard Luan say that he shouldn't upload footage of other people without permission until after his sisters start disowning him). Next, there's Clyde. If you thought him being Lincoln's yes-man was repetitive enough, his behavior here is just awful. The only thing he ever does in this episode is go with whatever Lincoln wants to do, and to only aggravate Lincoln whenever he mentions his competition. Then there's his last scene in the episode, which is hands down his worst moment to date (yes, even more than his antagonism in "Save the Date"): when Lincoln needed Clyde the most, he straight up abandoned him, just because he didn't want to endure any of the sisters' wrath. Speaking of the sisters, they were the WORST part of the episode. Aside of Luan, the only relevance they got was when Lincoln embarrassed them, and their anger towards Lincoln is just so awful. In fact, their anger didn't make feel sorry for them, it made me hate them more. As for the other characters (the classmates), they too were just terrible, because they didn't care about who's getting humiliated, as long as it's humiliating, they're fine with it.
  3. The implications: From what I can remember, there were a couple parts from this episode that really rubbed me the wrong way, and those things are why I have such a deep hatred towards the episode. The first is obviously the beginning of the second act, where it is revealed that the sisters are aware of the embarrassing video. Of course, they are enraged that their own brother embarrassed them all for the sake of a popularity contest, but what really drives me away from them was when they started to ignore Lincoln, like Lucy telling him that she no longer has a brother, Lola telling him that she's permanently banning him from every one of her birthday parties, and Lisa swearing vengeance on him. While I do understand that they're angry, their actions make me believe that their problems would be fixed if Lincoln were to kill himself (because you know, if one person who constantly makes problems is gone, your lives will be better). Second, there's the fake-out at the end. Lincoln realized that the only way he could win back his sisters' trust is if he were to embarrass himself on the same level (or even worse) than his sisters, so they can be on even ground. However, despite doing that, when Lincoln gets home, his sisters are STILL angry at him, and then they reveal that it was a joke. Excuse me, but WHAT THE F*CK?! I get that they were pranking him, but that moment had to happen at THE WORST POSSIBLE TIME! Believe it or not, the scene give me the implication that the sisters' would forever disown Lincoln, no matter how hard he tries to forgive them. What's even worse is that a majority of the 5th grade students don't even know who Lincoln's sisters are, yet they all know who Lincoln is, which just makes Lincoln's humiliation even worse.
  4. The image: I want to keep this one short, because, like the implications, the "image" is one of the very reasons why I hate this episode with a burning passion. The image in question is when Lincoln gets home, and the first thing he sees are his sisters standing right there, completely enraged. The reason why I have such a deep fear of this image is because of how it looks. When you look at the sisters, you know that they're looking at Lincoln, but their eye placement makes them look like they're staring at you, the viewer(s), and that made me EXTREMELY uncomfortable. True story, it's because of this image, that I can't even look up The Loud House on Google without this image showing up. There were some people who claim that my deep fear of this image is dumb and immature, but I'm only going to say this once: it's a personal thing, mainly because I don't like being stared at. No matter what people think, I will always be scared of it. Not to mention, it's also disrespectful for you to change my mind on something personal. I don't criticize people if they like or dislike something, I just accept it without saying anything, and I think everyone should do the same.

Overall, this episode is just incredibly broken in so many ways, that I never expected to get so angry myself (in fact, it's because of this episode, that I now have PTSD when it comes to just thinking about this episode). I get what the episode was trying to say, you shouldn't embarrass people (most notably the people you're closely related to) for the sake of being popular, but the execution was so bad, everything I hate about this episode completely overshadows the message and any good it had. If you like this episode, good for you. I'm glad that you can tolerate something like this, while I'm someone who gets mentally traumatized by it. If you haven't already guessed, I have absolutely ZERO intentions of watching this episode again, and I never want to see it anymore. More than anything, I'd gladly take "Brawl in the Family" over this episode, because, even if the hatred towards this episode is worse than any other episode, I can actually point to a few things that made me laugh, like the couch bagel, the "eating dinner twice" scene, Lisa's threat level chart, and the sisters bickering with each other.

Final score: 0/10!
Avoid at all costs!

This is easier to sit through than most of the S1 episodes I dislike.

Take note of those quotation marks.

Everyone in the fandom has made it official. "Brawl in the Family" is regarded as the worst episode in the entire show. While I am one of those people who doesn't like this episode as well, I still think there was some good in it that prevents me from calling the episode an irredeemable mess as much as "Making the Case", "The Green House", "Sleuth or Consequences" and "Sound of Silence". So, what do I think are the saving graces to this episode?

  1. I know this might trigger some people, but one thing I admittedly did get a kick out of from this episode was the sisters bickering with each other. Sure, all of their arguments sound petty, but the way their fighting just starts up instantaneously did make me laugh, like Leni questioning if Lori holding her dress was a brand new mirror that was installed or Lucy bemoaning to Lynn how she's doing so much work while the latter just slacks off.
  2. Kind of like the first reason, one of the things I did like from this episode was some of the dialogue that was exchanged. If I ever thought of some of the funniest lines from the show, I would point to these two quotes from this episode that made me laugh the hardest:
    1. Lisa: [in response to Lana eating her threat level chart] "How would you like to eat that hat?!"
    2. Lola: [to Lana] "Oh, I snore do I? HOW CAN YOU HEAR ME OVER ALL YOUR SLEEP-FARTING?!"
  3. This episode might have revealed what Dr. Lopez look like. Throughout the entire series, Dr. Lopez has never appeared onscreen before, and the only information we have about this unseen character is that Clyde refers to her with female pronouns. In one scene, Lincoln is at Clyde's house to explain the problems of this sister fight protocol he has never heard of before. Clyde, being the kind of guy he is, dresses up like a therapist while talking to Lincoln, explaining "When I take my problems to Dr. Lopez, this is how she helps me." and this outfit that Clyde wears might be the very same outfit that Dr. Lopez wears.
  4. I thought the message of this episode was crystal clear. The more I thought about this episode, I eventually realized that the main message this episode was aiming for was the topic of trust. Throughout the entire episode, Lincoln keeps getting hounded by his sisters, mainly to tell him to stay out of the argument and let them take care of it themselves. However, Lincoln, refusing to believe that his sisters can solve the issue, attempts to fix things himself, but only succeeds in making things worse, and when he realized that he couldn't fix things any more, he decided to leave the house for the day. When he gets home the next day, he discovers that everything is now resolved, and it was thanks to him leaving, since he wasn't there to interfere. This scene rubbed a lot of people the wrong way by stating that it made Lincoln look like he just causes problems by his mere presence, and if was gone, nothing bad would happen. For me, however, I saw the scene as Lincoln learning that not everything can be resolved by him/just like that, and at the same time, appreciate and accept the fact that the sister fight protocol, a system he has never heard of and makes no sense whatsoever, just works.

Those are the reasons that prevents me from calling "Brawl in the Family" an absolute train wreck. Sure, these reasons may make me save the episode at bits, but I still find the episode incredibly flawed, such as Lori and Leni's fighting to be extremely petty, Lincoln getting tormented for no reason, the unfortunate implications surrounding the fact that Lincoln is completely clueless about this sister fight protocol (even though Lily and Bobby of all people know about it), the parents being completely useless here, the list goes on. However, because I can point to some things I did like about this episode, it ends up becoming my biggest guilty pleasure (at least in terms of bad episodes), as this episode feels like a godsend compared to the slew of Season 1 episode I dislike (in fact, my top 10 least favorite episodes of the show is completely comprised of episodes from Season 1). So what would my overall rating be?

Final score: 3/10
Bad story and bad characterization, but doesn't go into truly awful territory.

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This gallery contains pictures I've made specifically for the wiki when celebrating a certain holiday.

My fanfictions

  1. "Certificate of Excellence" - When Lincoln wins a ribbon and a certificate for helping out in the community, Mom and Dad shower him in love, making the other sisters jealous. So, they attempt to get even by doing good deeds themselves, but with disastrous results.
  2. "Pranking Pariah" - When Luan pulls off a life threatening prank that results in breaking Lincoln's arm, the Loud sisters, who are infuriated at Luan for nearly killing Lincoln, distance themselves from Luan. Realizing the error of her ways, Luan will do whatever it takes to win back everyone's trust, especially Lincoln, who is hospital bound.
  3. "Whitewashed" - When Lincoln insults his sisters for damaging a life-long project, the sisters, who are shocked, but also angry with their brother for using such language, harshly wash his mouth with a bar of soap and warn him to never use language like that again. Angered over the ordeal, Lincoln vows to remain silent around his sisters.
  4. "Hearts of Gold" (my most well-received story) - When Lincoln and Leni spend a whole day at the mall together, Lori, Lola, and Lana feel jealous because of their very close bond. So the three girls split the two up so they can spend some time with them. Lori and Lola spend time with Leni, while Lana spends time with Lincoln.
  5. "Stop and Smell the Roses" - When Lola falls in love with a beautiful garden at one of the public parks, she begins to daydream what the Loud family would be like if they were perfect like her.
  6. "Dance Trance" (my personal favorite) - When Lola learns that her next pageant will be in the form of a dance contest, Lola practices all day and night to be the best dancer in the contest, with Lincoln as her only supporter.
  7. "Bun-Bun Bonanza" - When Lincoln has a dream that involves him and Bun-Bun going on a grand adventure, Lincoln begins to give his stuffed rabbit even more love. Most of the sisters, annoyed at Lincoln for loving his stuffed rabbit too much, hide it from him to see if he can go one day without cuddling it. As a result, Lincoln falls into a state of melancholy.
  8. "On a Roll" - When Lincoln gets invited to a private birthday party at the local roller rink, the sisters feel jealous that Lincoln is going to have a lot of fun, while they don't. Because of this, they decide to crash the party to have some fun.
  9. "Shut the Duck Up" - When Lana rescues a baby duck she found trapped in one of her mud puddles, she decides to raise it herself. However, the baby duck continuously irritates the other siblings.
  10. "Loudcasts" - When Lincoln gets into a fight at school out of stress due to his sisters constantly needing his help, all of Royal Woods begin to turn their backs on the Loud sisters, because they alone are responsible for Lincoln getting into the fight in the first place.
  11. "Pony Up" - When Lincoln buys a vinyl pony figurine at the mall, he becomes attached to it, as he constantly sees himself escaping reality and going on adventures with the toy by imagining it's a real thing. When the sisters see Lincoln so happy with the vinyl toy, they fail to see the logic in him loving something that's recommended for females.
  12. "Eternal Madness of the Loud Mind" - In order to get a better understanding of her brother, Lisa (and the other sisters) decide to venture into Lincoln's mind, and uncover something they never knew.

A gallery showcasing all my past avatars (at least ones I remember).

  • Note: I'm only showcasing avatars that are Loud House related, just to save space.


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