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The Loud Family in general:

La familia Loud
  • They're of mixed Dutch (Lynn) and Scottish (Rita) descent.[1]
    • However, they're frequently thought to be Irish-American and they have no idea why that'd be.
  • Dental problems run in the family; Lynn and Rita are relieved to find out that so far only Lori and Luan needed braces, but aren't optimistic about Lincoln's chances.
  • While the family have their friends, they're not awfully popular around Royal Woods due to their many kids and all the trouble they cause.
  • It has been becoming a unpleasant tradition for the older Loud children to have their first year in middle school be absolutely terrible. Lori and Luna were dumped by the people they thought were their friends for life, Luan was generally treated as unpopular and Lynn was flat-out bullied. The only one who got off relatively easy was Leni and even then she was still frequently used for her naivete by other students. They are all fearful for how bad Lincoln's first year will get to him...
  • So far they have been responsible for putting three all-you-can-eat restaurants out of business around town.
  • The family is seen as the terror of their insurance companies.

[1] You may rightfully think the family being part-Dutch is a bit of a self-serving fantasy, but I based it on facts as parts of Michigan are literally crawling with Americans of Dutch descent. (Not exactly the part the Loud family lives though)

Lynn Sr. and Rita

  • Rita's maiden name is Quaite.
  • Rita put her fiancee for an ultimatum: Get rid of his collection of ugly ties, or take on Rita's surname. He did away with his ties... only to start collecting them again soon after. It was only that the amount of paperwork required was more work than it was worth, or Rita would've taken action.
  • Lynn and Rita married when she was pregnant... of Leni.
    • Which is one of the reasons why Lynn Sr. has almost no contact with his family anymore. Their children have yet to meet their father's side other than Aunt Shirley.
  • Rita has her share of bad vibes in her family as well, having a sister named Vera who she doesn't get along with at all. Rita feels belittled by Vera being a active career woman while she feels stuck as a dental assistant.
  • Rita tried to pick up a habit of going to church every Sunday with her family. But for some reason it's hard for her brood to remain quiet and seated for 90 minutes.


  • Works three jobs. One for earning some extra money, and the other two to support her massive phone usage.
  • Sometimes contacts her friends through texts and calls for so long that she begins to forget what they looked like again.
  • Ties with Luna for cussing the most out of everyone in the family.
  • Does not intend to take on Bobby's surname should they marry.
  • Had a rebellious phase after her awkward phase. She learned her lesson when she was sent to juvie for a few days.


  • Is the only one who immediately understood the difference between your and you're, which both stupefies and annoys her sisters to this day.
  • She didn't really understood what it meant to be a babysitter at first. When she went on her first job, she literally sat on the children. Her first job was also her last for a while...
  • Is the odd one out of the family for liking pineapple on pizza.
  • Always grows her hair out so that it can be used to make wigs for sick people when she gets it cut.


  • Loathes video games like Guitar Hero for, in her words, 'making a mockery of making music'
    • Lincoln's convinced that's more because Luna is terrible at them.
  • Was originally meant to be named Luan by her parents, after Pop-Pop's wife, but as she was born at 2 AM under a full moon, her parents were inspired to name her Luna instead.
  • Cried the most when she was a baby out of any of the Loud children. Her parents believe she seemed to enjoy it.
  • Her paperclip earrings are not really earrings. Through a freak accident she accidentally pierced her ear, and she kept them because she liked the way they looked.
  • Was seriously nettled to learn that Luan had her first kiss before Luna did.
  • Ironically, can't really whistle.
  • Doesn't really see her being bi as something noteworthy; 'it's just the way she is'. Yet she also knows she should consider herself lucky to live in a family, and by extension in a town like Royal Woods, that's been very accepting since she came forward with it.
  • As mentioned earlier, her first year in middle school was awful all-around, at school and at home.


  • Currently works on a one-woman show, but has trouble making coherent skits that go beyond her usual routine of cracking random jokes.
  • Has a bundle of very offensive jokes for personal use and 'emergencies'.
  • She waits for the day that her braces come off; she can't eat toffees with her braces and she has built a massive craving for them over the past few years.
  • What the family considers the cruelest prank she ever did was convincing then seven-year old Lincoln that he was adopted. It was also the first prank she was grounded for.
    • Other contenders consisted of leaving a fake pregnancy test in Lori's room for their mother to find, and spreading the rumor online that Mick Swagger had died to devastate Luna.
  • Luan is prohibited from using itching powder, laxatives and Lisa's nuclear fueling rods by family decree.
  • Will reimburse anyone caught by her pranks that suffers damages or injury that Luan did not intend to cause.


  • Her short length is something she doesn't like to talk about. Yet, she denies it actually bothers her.
  • She once got injured during a soccer match and was given a yellow card because she refused treatment.
  • Is a relatively poor swimmer.
  • She has a talent for learning foreign languages but, to Lisa's frustration especially, she doesn't make any use of it.


  • Got his love for Ace Savvy passed down from Lori, who used to read the comics.
  • Has serious plans to do a 24-hour gaming livestream for charity.


  • She's responsible for summoning the ghost that possessed Luan's other ventroliquist doll.
  • She tried to summon their grandmother once as well for Pop-Pop's birthday. The Louds agreed that whatever eldritch terrorized the house for a week afterwards was not their grandma.
  • Likes garlic bread, and treats it as her biggest guilty pleasure.

Lana and Lola

  • Lana loves dirt, but she'll faint upon seeing blood.
  • While Lola has dyslexia, does Lana coincedentally seem to have dyscalculia.
  • Lola doesn't hate spiders because she knows that spiders eat bugs, which she does hate.
  • Lola's pageant prizes gives her the third highest income in the house, behind her parents.
    • Which is offset slightly by the irregularity and varying amounts of her pageant earnings.
  • At one year old, Lola was cast for a local advertisement campaign. Looking back on it years later and realizing her potential, she began taking up pageants.


  • The first time she played make-believe with Lola and Lana, she proceeded to point out all the inaccuracies in their play. It was also the last time they invited Lisa to play with them.
  • Her parents feared there was something very wrong with her because she didn't speak a single word until the age of 3. As it turned out however, Lisa didn't speak not because she couldn't, quite the opposite, her vocabulary was better than most of her siblings at that point, but she was too occupied doing her researches and experiments to bother saying a word.

*One of her experiments went horribly wrong and caused the whole of Royal Woods to age much slower, hence why there have been three April Fools episodes while the cast hasn't aged at all.


  • After the twins and Lisa, her parents were relieved to finally have a single child that was 'just' a child again.
  • Her biggest wish at the moment is to get into Lincoln's room. He has plenty of fun stuff and small, tasty-looking things.

The Loud Family's pets

  • Cliff is the only gift Aunt Ruth ever gave them that the Louds have been genuinely happy with.
  • Charles is Lincoln's,Lynn's and Luan's favourite pet; Cliff is Lori and Leni's; Walt is Luna's favourite, and by extension the only one who doesn't mind Walt's screeching fits; Lola, Lily and Lisa dote on Geo, though the latter because it's a perfect test subject, and Lana loves all of them equally.
    • Whether the pets feel exactly the same way though?


  • After he and Lincoln Tried to discover the latter's birth story, Clyde grew a wish to discover his own birth story and find out who his biological parents are. But he's afraid that it'll lead to disappointment.

Ronnie Anne

  • To be added


  • Thinks he's Lori's first boyfriend; he isn't.
  • Has a mild form of autism characterized by his slightly dim attitude and gentle demeanor.


  • His full name is Benjamin 'Benny' Graham.
  • Jonathan 'Joey' is his older brother.
  • Half-Jewish; Had his bar-mitzvah because his mother and grandmother insisted on it but doesn't put as much value in it as they'd want him to.
  • Lincoln's been warming up to him, seeing Benny as a surrogate brother the same way Bobby was when he still lived in town.
  • Has heard the horror stories of Luan on April Fools' day.


  • Comes from the affluent part of Royal Woods.
  • Sam's parents have been going through a nasty divorce.
    • She got the blue streak in her hair by guilt-tripping her father, saying she'd rather live with her mother because she'd 'totally let her get it'.
  • Loves tending to her little herb garden.
  • Where Luna has almost no interest in the LGBT scene and activism, is Sam much more involved in it.


  • Of mixed Greek/Irish descent.
    • Sully is actually a nickname derived from his surname Sullivan. His real name is Yannis, but is embarrassed out of his wits by it. Mazzy and especially Sam are never letting him live it down.
  • He and Mazzy, who have been friends since childhood, were the founding members of their band, naming it Valor. Sam joined shortly after and Luna was let in recently.
  • Despite being able to call each other friends with a straight face, Sam and Sully are not particularly close to each other. It's mainly their shared friendship with Mazzy and their band that makes them associate with each other. They can have pretty severe arguments but will, if a little reluctantly at times, have each other's back.

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