S1E15B Lincoln and Ronnie Anne on the podium

Lincoln & Ronnie Anne

I got into the series after watching Save the Date, which was the second full episode I watched, as the result of the Lincoln and Ronnie Anne duo. The Loud House is one of those rare series in which it's near impossible to pick a favorite character as so many of them are enjoyable. I'd say this series and ALVINNN!!! and The Chipmunks are really the only cartoons worth watching on Nick.

I joined this wiki strictly with maintenance in mind. I found more problems than I expected; I fixed some of them and documented many others. I initially was irritated by the lack of activity to fix these problems but that seems to have diminished a little with more active users in administrative roles.

Main contributions:
CTab & ETab - Suggestions for Wiki - Strengthened category structure - Candidates for deletion

Wiki Joined Status Position
Munkapedia September 2012 Active Admin & Bureaucrat
Community Central February 2013 Semi-active Editor
The Loud House August 2016 Semi-active Editor
Kickin' It September 2012 Inactive Former Admin (Maintenance)
Vampire Diaries Fanfiction - Inactive Former Admin (MediaWiki/Coding)
Animal Crossing - Inactive Former Admin & Bureaucrat
Wikis Briefly Edited
Green ~ iCarly ~ Victorious ~ Sam & Cat ~ Lost Girl ~ FarmVille ~ Wikia Developers ~ Warriors ~ Devil Maker
Tenkai Knights ~ EMW ~ Girl Meets World ~ SomeOrdinaryGamers ~ Night at the Museum ~ New Rock City
Salad Fingers ~ Ellie Goulding ~ Camp Half-Blood Role Playing ~ Forever Spellbound ~ Pretty Little Liars
Many more not listed.

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