S1E01B Stay out of my bedroom! There's only one rule in this house: stay out of my bedroom!
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Hello, I'm Expert at Terraria. Welcome to my profile page. I'm an active user that wants to help this wiki. :)

I first discovered this wiki and Fandom in November of 2016, when I wanted to know more about The Loud House. I didn't make my account until July 27, 2017 (at the time, it was named "Toadsfactorysarrows"), however, I made my account to join another wiki. On August 26, 2017, I decided to join this wiki, but when I did, I wasn't really interested in this wiki, so I left. Throughout August of 2018 however, I started to get interested in this wiki, but didn't officially re-join until September 28, 2018. I re-joined this wiki, because I wanted to edit articles; I like doing that. Since then, I do my best to clean up articles and make friends. Also, throughout my time being active here, I started to read people's fanfics here, and I liked a lot of them. That's why I started to write my own fanfics in December of 2018.

  1. "Ties That Bind" (Amazing)
  2. "Intern for the Worse" (Amazing)
  3. "Butterfly Effect" (Superb)
  4. "For Bros About to Rock" (Superb)
  5. "Funny Business" (Superb)
  6. "Insta-gran" (Superb)
  7. "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House (Superb)
  8. "11 Louds a Leapin'" (Superb)
  9. "The Green House" (Superb)
  10. "Raw Deal" (Superb)

  1. "Cover Girls" (Horrendous)
  2. "Room with a Feud" (Horrendous)
  3. "Making the Grade" (Horrendous)
  4. "Snow Bored" (Horrendous)
  5. "Yes Man" (Horrendous)
  6. "Cheater by the Dozen" (Bad)
  7. "Pets Peeved" (Bad)
  8. "The Whole Picture" (Bad)
  9. "Brawl in the Family" (Bad)
  10. "Kick the Bucket List" (Bad)

  1. Leni Loud (Amazing)
  2. Luna Loud (Amazing)
  3. Lynn Loud (Superb)
  4. Lori Loud (Superb)
  5. Lucy Loud (Superb)
  6. Lincoln Loud (Great)
  7. Lola Loud (Good)
  8. Lana Loud (Good)
  9. Lily Loud (Meh)
  10. Clyde McBride (Mediocre)
  11. Luan Loud (Bad)
  12. Lisa Loud (Bad)

Here are my current fanfics:
"Gym Class"

I have had eight profile pictures so far. Here are all of them:

Profile Picture 1 July 27, 2017-September 13, 2017

Profile Picture 2 September 13, 2017-November 11, 2017

Profile Picture 3 November 11, 2017-December 2, 2017; January 26, 2018-February 10, 2018

Profile Picture 4 December 2, 2017-January 6, 2018

Profile Picture 5 January 6, 2018-January 26, 2018

Profile Picture 6 February 10, 2018-May 13, 2018

Profile Picture 7 May 13, 2018-November 19, 2018

Profile Picture 8 November 19, 2018-present

Here's my ratings scale that I use when I review episode, shorts, etc:
Plain trash

I'll add you to my friends list, as long as I know you well, or if you ask. If I don't know you though, I'll likely not add you.

Friends List:

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