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S1E01B Stay out of my bedroom! There's only one rule in this house: stay out of my bedroom!
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Why I hate Luna

From Veenster7's Profile page under the "Favorite Loud Characters" section (he said it best):

She is most commonly being thought of as one of the nicest sisters and it is for that very reason that she is one of, if not, the most overrated characters from the show (seriously, how many others actually have Luna towards the bottom of their favorites list?). But is she really as nice and kind-hearted as we think she is? In It's a Loud 4X House she brutally kicks Lincoln out of her room. In Attention Deficit she inadvertently told the others their secret. She apologized for doing so but never made it up to Lincoln in any shape or form. She also laughed at Lincoln in Sleuth or Consequences but that's not too big a deal since all but Lucy did. I also totally disagree with the popular opinion of Luna being alight in House Music because she apologized. You know, because kicking out your own father from something he's also passionate about is okay, and is justified just because you want to make your own life complete, not your families, just yours... Also, Lynn Sr. loved Mick just as much, and if she truly cared about that, she would have let them all stay, because remember what Mick said before that situation with the family; remember to have fun. So she knew beforehand. You would willingly do it on your own and would leave your siblings out if you never had that conversation with Mick... Then there's the scene from Garage Banned which blew up because Luna did something mean towards Lincoln. I personally liked the scene. It was quick, funny, and just overall not something that should keep you up at night. Some fans went as far to say things such as "I wanted to punch Luna after that." and others still bring it up from time to time. For someone that is 15 and isn't considered to be a chucklehead (Leni), I expect more from the "nicer" sister. Luna had a good role in For Bros About to Rock. I'm not saying that she is a mean sister, just that I'm not seeing what others tend to think of her as. My other issue with her is I honestly can't stand her British accent. I liked Tabby's accent since that was just how her voice was. In Luna's case she is trying to pull this British accent and I just find it cringy. So from the way the fandom treats her because she's apparently some kind of saint in most of their eyes compared to how I personally view her, Luna is without a doubt my least favorite sibling. I try not to let other fans have an impact on my view of a character, but sadly there are a few in the Luna fanbase that are so toxic that it affects her character for me.


And not to mention... in "A Pimple Plan", she contributes NOTHING in the episode other than to ridicule Luan's pimple and not even help conceal it when other siblings did that.



I work for the maintenance around the wiki, such as:

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I may also be a temp admin for coding fixes in the Wiki's CSS or JS. To make it clear, I'm not an expert coder, just only for tweaking codes. I know more of templates stuff.


S1E14A Less teeth
S1E06A Izzy on Lana&#039;s head

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