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I work for the maintenance around the wiki, such as:

  • deleting files, pages, and spam
  • reverting vandalism
  • change protection of pages

I may also be a temp admin for coding fixes in the Wiki's CSS or JS. To make it clear, I'm not an expert coder, just only for tweaking codes. I know more of templates stuff.


S1E14A Less teeth
S1E06A Izzy on Lana&#039;s head

After Season 4

I plan on not watching TLH after season 4. After reflecting on the show, I felt it jumped the shark and decline in quality. It just kinda feel like I'm not having fun when watching the show because there's this competition of who has better characterisation and who has it worst. Honestly, though this is why seasons 1 and 2 were better. People are gonna be like "why don't you want characterisation in the show?" The fact is, I do want characterisation, but not as a ongoing competitive way or making bets. I've seen people nowadays are betting if characters perform good or bad. Can't people just appreciate that the sisters are getting spotlight and not as a race? Competition creates unhealthy habits, it's basically as if you're gambling if a character does well or bad. The show just didn't feel the same as it was before.

9/17 has genius ratings mmm hmmm yeah

Serenity music

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