Grimka Butterfly

aka The Goddamn George Liquor Program

  • I live in Greece
  • I was born on December 23
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  • I am Female (Girls rock)

Greetings! It is I, Grimka Butterfly. And you probably remember me as a former Loud House hater, but that's old news now. Anyways, this is my page for The Loud House wiki.

Favorite characters

  • Leni Loud: This popular yet underrated character really amazes me. Except for being dumb, on the other hand, she is also very kind-hearted and has great creativity and imagination. Her episodes have lots of mysteries and well-written plots as well as character development. If only there was more screen time for her, that way she would have way more development. She also needs more attention.
  • Ronnie Anne Santiago: I've always liked this character in every aspect. Her feisty personality brings forward her strong instincts, which she usually displays when she's around Lincoln. One more thing interesting about her is when someone mentions that she and Lincoln are in love, both her and Lincoln deny it. What a nice running gag.
  • Luna Loud: Another sibling who is nice to Lincoln. Not only I like her personality-wise, but I also like her style. Luna Loud is a rocker girl who enjoys speaking in a British accent sometimes, and you know how much I love characters with British accents. One moment I enjoyed from this character is when she sent a love letter to Sam Sharp, which also happens to be one of my faves.

Despised Characters

Favorite Episodes

  • Crimes of Fashion: I really liked how the episode was written. In this episode, when Leni gets fired from a job, Lincoln and Clyde, as Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack respectively, take on the case and save her. This is also the episode to not feature any of Lincoln's sisters other than Leni. Great work, Karla!

Despised Episodes

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Lena Griffin's Appearance

Lena is a pale skinned young adult with purple hair similar to Leni's, but it is flipped at the end and has a white star marking on the right side of her hair, a black ole on her right cheek and orchid eyelids. Her usual attire consists of a pink trench coat with four dark gray buttons and belt, purple shirt, blue tie, dark gray pants and purple shoes with white soles. Her earrings are mismatched: her right earring is a light blue crescent moon and her left earring is a bright yellow star. Like Leni, she has three sets of eyelashes. Her hair also has mismatched strands; with the right side being shorter with two rounded tips and the left side being longer with two pointy tips.

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