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Hello, <insert name here>. My name is JKC14. Or you can me Joey. I joined this wiki back in October 2017. I am really a big fan of The Loud House. I started to enjoy that show when I was in 6th grade. I heard a commercial about it, but when the series started to premiere on its release date, I forgot to watch the first episode. So later in May 2016, I started to watch that show. I really love watching cartoons. Before I created an account, I was on this before. It was in Summer 2017 or something like that (and I'm not sure). The reason why I joined this wiki is because one time, when I was using Miiverse on my Wii U, I heard an announcement that it was going to be discontinued. So in October 2017, which was a month before Miiverse discontinued, I joined this wiki. On the 4th of October in 2017, I was struggling to join, so about 4 days later, I finally joined the wiki. I still happen to enjoy this wiki to this day.   


  1.  "Meteor Shower in Royal Woods on the night of Friday the 13th after the new episode, "Tricked!"": Leni and Luna treat Lincoln from when he was in his early childhood. 
  2. "Alternative ending to "Not a Loud"": Lincoln worries that he was going to tell his secret to the class even though his parents told him not to. 
  3. "Spending a Thursday night in The Loud House": Lincoln wants a few more minutes to hang with his sisters.
  4. Trustworthiness...: When Lincoln blacks out, he is mistaken by all 10 of his sisters for being dead.
  5. "The Santa Outfit Mystery Part 1/3": Lincoln and his sisters and and a minor character must find out who sent the Santa outfits.
  6. "The Santa Outfit Mystery Part 2/3": Lincoln and his sisters and and a minor character must find out who sent the Santa outfits. 
  7. "The Santa Outfit Mystery Part 3/3": Lincoln and his sisters and and a minor character must find out who sent the Santa outfits. 
  8. "2018 is the new fear Part 1/2": When Lincoln is lonely, he must call his crush to see if she did or did not break up with him. 
  9. "2018 is the new fear Part 2/2": When Lincoln is lonely, he must call his crush to see if she did or did not break up with him.  
  10. "Lily's Birth": The first ten Loud kids are excited about their new sister. 
  11. "Marathon Plan": When Lincoln gets excited for a run, Lynn helps him practice but then later abandons him so she can compete in the race too and when Lincoln realizes 10 people visiting town, they might have a thing for him.
  12. "Steam Streets": When Lola's pink ribbon goes missing, Lincoln and Clyde form an alliance to make the mystery Sherlock Holmes style. 

Upcoming Fanfictions: 

  • "Sleep like a crop": When Lincoln and Lily realize that they are bored, they go to a farm to get some crops in for a mysterious man they've never seen before.(COMING SOON...)
  • "The Wild Lunch": When Lincoln orders a new burger from The Burpin' Burger, he gets obsessed with it. Luckily, Leni becomes obsessed with it too. The other Loud kids challenge Lincoln and Leni to go 3 hours without the food they're addicted to or they're gonna have to face humilating consequences. (COMING SOON...)
  • "Beat The Mice": When Lana accidently causes a mice infestation in the house, she must get rid of all of the mice before anyone comes home, and before Lincoln and her twin, Lola find out and notice without calling the exterminator and using so much money.
  • "The Noticeable Rule": Lincoln and I go to Sunset Canyon Retirement Home to visit Pop-Pop and the next day, Pop-Pop (or Albert) just discovers that the strict nurse, Sue made a silly rule up and he intends to get to the bottom of it and see what she's hiding.


  • See You Hater
  • Bee Nose About it
  • The Sweat Spot
  • Punching Bag
  • All Fun and Games
  • Play It Ghoul
  • Babysit Back


  • Dance Trance
  • Radio Romance (former fanfiction)

FirstDrellSpectre (former user)

  • Lincoln's Birth
  • Lucy's Birth
  • Second Loud Brother


  • Wood You Did It?
  • March It Off


  • City Slickers(his version)
  • Selfie Improvement(his version)

11. Lisa: She's a true scientist to me. But I can't believe she wears a wig and dentures because of her past science experiments. However I can't believe that in "Garage Banned," she took out Lincoln's appendix. I can't believe that she had surgery once and she can see perfectly and why does she still need her glasses? Wish I could've seen "Friend of Faux?". It's kinda awesome that Lara Jill Miller voices her.

10. Lola: Even though that she was named after one of Savino's two pet dogs, she is so dreamy, but can be angry at some times. It's kinda cool that Grey Griffin voices her. However for Lola, I just like her dress and her high heels and tiara and also her pink ribbon that she dances and twirls around with. And I like the fact that she calls her brother, "Linky."

9. Lucy: Even though she's a goth, and her eyes are hidden, she likes to write poems. It's sorta cool that Jessica DiCicco voices her.

8. Lana: She is a tomboy, but only wore a dress in "Toads and Tiaras." It's awesome that Grey Griffin voices her, too. However for Lana, She's also a mechanic and a plumber. She can be very awesome at sometimes, even though, she was born before her twin, Lola.

7. Lynn: What I like about her, that she is a sports person. It's kinda awesome that Jessica DiCicco voices her, too. However for Lynn, in "Lynner Takes All," she keeps winning all the time.

6. Lori: Everybody knows she's eldest of all Loud kids. She had fun taking care of her brother when he was a baby. SO CUTE!! She can be angry at some times. It's so awesome that Catherine Taber voices her. It's sorta awesome Lori's signature word is, "literally."

5. Luna: Although she is a rocker, she mostly enjoys playing her guitar plugged into her amps by turning the volume all the way up. Wow, that's REALLY LOUD!!! It's kinda awesome that Nika Futterman voices her. It's sorta cool that she practices guitar with Chunk.

4. Leni: Although, fashion is her passion, (and hey, that rhymed! Hehehe.) she can be stupid at most of the time, she can enjoy hanging out with her brother, she's so CUTE!! It's cool that Liliana Mumy voices her. And even though, Mumy's dad, Bill Mumy voiced Timothy McCole in "A Fridge Too Far." She can be so fashionable.

3. Luan: Although she's a stand-up chameleon, er, comedian (Stand-up chameleon? Get it? Haha!) she likes to set up pranks and tell jokes all day. It's kinda awesome that Cristina Pucelli voices her. But in Head Poets' Anxiety, when she was young, she had two ponytails. (Awww, how cute!)

2. Lily: Even though she's the youngest member of the family, she's SO CUTE!! Does anyone ever forget to say, "Awwww."? She's such a cute baby... It's kinda awesome that Grey Griffin also voices her.

1. Lincoln: My favorite character! Even though he's at the age of eleven. He has white hair and loves having ten sisters. And he really likes to narrate. Even though Clyde is his best friend, Lincoln enjoys hanging out with Clyde. And even though, they have other friends in their friend group. Rusty, Zach, Liam, and Girl Jordan. It's kinda super awesome that Tex Hammond voices him.

Top 3 Most Favorites

Season 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Sound of Silence
No Guts, No Glori
Space Invader
Pets Peeved
Brawl in the Family
Out of the Picture
A Fridge Too Far
Selfie Improvement
Teachers&#039; Union

Top 3 Least Favorites

Season 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Sleuth or Consequences
Undie Pressure
The Loudest Mission Relative Chaos
Baby Steps
Lynner Takes All
Roadie to Nowhere
White Hare

Some of these I did remember, and some of these I didn't remember and I couldn't remember any of them in the correct order.

Lincoln FanBox

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Picture for Lincoln X Ronnie Anne userbox
S1E09A You bet
S3E06A Team huddle
S1E06A Izzy on Lana&#039;s head
S1E03A That&#039;s your plan?
S3E07A Why is he literally so dreamy
S1E08B Lily being adorable
S3E02B Siblings with sweaters
S1E12B Leni likes Lincoln&#039;s white hair
S1E07B Lucy appears in chimney
S1E01A Luan is glowing
S1E01B Lincoln rants; Luna rocks out
S1E06A Luna ready to shred
S1E05B Luan laughing at her joke
S1E14A Less teeth
S2E03B Lana tells Lincoln to barf in a bucket
S1E14A Donnie starts the pageant
S2E12B Lynn Sr. kissing Rita
S2E04B Lucy and Rocky blush
Lola and Winston together
S3E08A Under the Parachute
S1E22A Clyde McBride and Haiku Slow-Dancing
S4E17B Luna kissing Sam
S1E04B Beans, beans, the musical fruit
S3E07B Rita and squirrel eating ice cream
S1E08B Leni crying like a baby

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