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  • I live in New Zealand
  • I was born on June 5
  • My occupation is Student at polytechnic
  • I am male
S2E01 You are mistletoe-tally busted!

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S3E08A Holding Hearts

My favorite pages

My least favourite pages

  • The Green House - I do not like this episode because of the way Lincoln is treated by his sisters, classmates (with the exception of Clyde), and teacher Mrs. Johnson. In this episode, it seems that Lincoln’s sisters did not care about his social life or he did not explain it to them. But at least by the end of the episode, Lincoln did do his part making him not an outcast. But overall this is one of the worst of the show to date and the sisters in potato sacks was the most disgusting sight to look at which why I hate this this episode the most.
  • Making the Case - I dislike this because the sisters won’t forgive Lincoln even after he says that he is sorry for uploading the video of them and also after he promised to delete the video. This is the worst episode in the series after the first episode mentioned above.
  • No Such Luck - I would’ve like this episode had Clyde been in this episode. I also assumed that episode is non-canonical due to the Lynn. Sr and Rita’s statement in Ties That Bind.
  • Brawl in the Family - It really sucked that the parents do nothing in this episode in order to stop the fighting between Lori and Leni, and it was odd the Lincoln was the only person not to know about the sister protocol.
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