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  • I live in E
  • I was born on June 5
  • My occupation is making sbfw fanon episodes
  • I am a random boi
S1E01B Stay out of my bedroom! There's only one rule in this house: stay out of my bedroom!
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Hi, I'm RedDragon2515, and welcome to my profile!

I'm a most fan of The Loud House!

My favorite episodes is Making the Case, No Laughing Matter, No Place Like Homeschool, The Spies Who Loved Me, Party Down, ARGGH! You for Real?, Fandom Pains and Really Loud Music.

Top 11 favorite characters

  1. Lincoln: He knows what to do in a big family, and he on TV gives best to us. He is my favorite character because he gives best advices.
  2. Lynn: She loves sports, and me also love sports. So i putted Lynn on 2nd place.
  3. Lana: Loves mud, animals, loves to fix, etc. But Lana had boys' intereses, so she is 3rd.
  4. Luan: She is like a villain on 1 April, but I love some Luan's jokes. So, Luan is 4th.
  5. Lucy: Loves spooky things, but at some points, spooky things are interesing.
  6. Lori: Only loves to text on the phone, but at some points, she had very interesing things.
  7. Lola: Princess, who is mean rarely. She only loves princess things. But i put her as 7th.
  8. Leni: Had very similar mind to SpongeBob and Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants, but she is OK, and very funny. So, Leni is 8th.
  9. Luna: A character who had intereses for rock. It's OK, but in my opinion, Luna is 9th.
  10. Lisa: Nice mind, and she loves astronomy. I putted Lisa as 10th.
  11. Lily: Funny baby, but in my opinion, Lily is 11th.



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Top 10 Season Episodes

Season 1

  1. Making the Case
  2. Get the Message
  3. Linc or Swim
  4. April Fools Rules
  5. Funny Business
  6. Dance, Dance Resolution
  7. Left in the Dark
  8. For Bros About to Rock
  9. Hand-Me-Downer
  10. A Tale of Two Tables

Season 2

  1. Fool's Paradise
  2. ARGGH! You for Real?
  3. Snow Way Out
  4. Room with a Feud
  5. Yes Man
  6. Brawl in the Family
  7. Party Down
  8. Potty Mouth
  9. Shell Shock
  10. Frog Wild

Season 3

  1. Really Loud Music
  2. A Fridge Too Far
  3. Fool Me Twice
  4. Tripped!
  5. White Hare
  6. The Spies Who Loved Me
  7. Fandom Pains
  8. Teachers'Union
  9. House of Lies
  10. Cooked!

Season 4

  1. Store Wars with the Casagrandes
  2. Washed Up
  3. Face the Music with the Casagrandes
  4. Leader of the Rack
  5. Any Given Sundae
  6. Friended! with the Casagrandes
  7. A Grave Mistake
  8. No Show with the Casagrandes
  9. Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes
  10. Present Tense



S2E17A Linc and Clyde going home
S1E09A You bet
S2E18B Insects on a plate
The Loud House Lisa Nickelodeon
S1E05B Luan laughing at her joke
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S1E01B Clyde still bleeding
The Loud House Luan Nickelodeon
S1E02A Lincoln finds the peanut butter
S1E03A That's your plan?
S2E01 Lori kisses Clyde
The Loud House Leni Nickelodeon
The Loud House Lori Nickelodeon
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S1E06A Izzy on Lana's head
S1E22A Clyde McBride and Haiku Slow-Dancing
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S1E18A Siblings scared of Luan
S03E17 Louds headbanging
S1E15B So, how about that math test?
The Loud House Lynn Nickelodeon
S1E01A Luan is glowing
S1E01B Lincoln rants; Luna rocks out
S1E08B Lily being adorable
S2E20A Lincoln holding a SMOOCH poster
S2E26A The ramp collapsing
S1E24B Lisa clearing the sidewalk
S2E26B Loud kids shivering
S2E07A Lola on look out
S1E25A after the movie
The Loud House Lily Nickelodeon
S1E07B Linc discomfort with leggings
S3E02A Rabbit sisters
S4E06A Desert island
The Loud House Lana Nickelodeon
S2E04B Lucy and Rocky blush
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