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      == List Of My Favorite Couples (Canon and not) == 

S2E04B Lucy and Rocky blush
S2E03A Howard and Harold look at each other
S1E22A Clyde McBride and Haiku Slow-Dancing
S2E12B Lynn and Francisco
S2E12B Leni and Chaz
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         == List of Not Favorite Couples but than i like and support very quietly == 

S1E09A Clyde and Lynn kicking the hackysack
S3E24B Sam and Luna hugging
S3E21 Lori and Bobby kiss
S2E12B Lincoln giving a love note
S2E12B Lana and Skippy
S2E12B Lynn Sr. kissing Rita

      == List of Couples who are "meh" but ok.

  == My favorite episodes in the Season 1 ==

- Driving Miss Hazy

- In Tents Debat

- Undie Pressure

- Changing the Baby

- Overnight Success

-Toads and Tiaras

-Two boys and a Baby 

- Deficit Attention

- A Novel Idea

- Raw Deal

- Una fiera da ricordare

- One of the boys

- A Tattler's Tale

- Funny Business

- One Flu overThe Loud House 

- Study Muffin

                 "> == episodi preferiti nella stagione 2 == </p>

- 11 Louds a Leapin '

- The Old and the Restless

- Baby Steps

- Suite and Sour

- Back in Black

- Lock'N Loud 

- The Patching Things Up

- Out Of The Picture

- Spell it Out

- "L is for Love"

- "Party Down"

- Shell Shock

- Friend or Faux

- Tricked!

- Snow Way Out

- Snow Way Down

                 "> == Episodi preferiti nella stagione 3 ==

- "Roadie To Nowhere"

- " White Hare"

- "Fandom Pains"

- "Head Poet's Anxiety "

- "Deal Me Out"

- "Pasture Bedtime"

- "Missed connection"

- "Be Stella My Heart"

- "Game Boys"

- "Jeers for Fears"

- "Tea Tale Heart"

- "Music Really Loud"

- "Home of the Fave"

- "Racing Hearts"

- "Stage Plight"

               "> == Episodi preferiti nella stagione 4 ==

- Friended! With The casagrande

- No Show with the Casagrandes

- Can't Hardly Wait

- Love Birds

- Rocket Men

- Tails of Woe

- Last Loud on Earth

- Game Off

- Brave The Last Dance

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