Favorite Top 11 Character

11. Lincoln Loud (Cool Loud) Best Linc. Episodes: Jeers for Fears & King of the Cons
10. Lisa Loud (Fantastic Loud) Best Lisa Episodes: Geriantics & Friend or Faux
9. Lola Loud (Nicest & Fairest Loud) Best Lola Episodes: Sound of Silence & Read Aloud
8. Lori Loud (Magnificent Loud) Best Lori Episodes: No Guts, No Glori & Selfie Improvment
7. Lucy Loud (Excellent Loud) Best Lucy Episodes: Spell It Out & Head Poet's Anxiety
6. Lily Loud (Cutest Loud) Best Lily Episodes: Any Given Sundae & Changing the Baby
5. Lynn Loud Jr. (Spectacular Loud) Best Lynn Episodes: Middle Men & Net Gains
4. Lana Loud (Wonderful Loud) Best Lana Episodes: Frog Wild & Game Off
3. Luan Loud (Funniest Loud) Best: Luan episodes: Funny Business & Pimple Plan
2. Luna Loud (Awesome Loud) Best Luna Episodes: For Bros About to Rock & Racing Hearts
1. Leni Loud (Beautiful Loud) Best Leni Episodes: Driving Miss Hazy & Everybody Loves Leni

Favorite Top 10 Episodes

10. Overnight Success (Favorite part: Clyde plays bean bag ball with Lynn) 9/10
9. April Fools Rules (Favorite part: Ronnie Anne hits Luan with a pie) 8/10
8. No Guts, No Glori (Favorite part: Lori's army outfit (minus the whistle)) 9/10
7. Pulp Friction (Favorite part: 11 of Hearts) 9/10
6. Left in the Dark (Favorite part: Glow in the Dark Luan) 10/10
5. For Bros. About to Rock (Favorite part: Loud Crew cameos) 9/10
4. Pimple Plan (Favorite part: Unicorn Luan) 10/10
3. HomeSpun (Favorite part: Ice Skating, Western and Pioneer scenes) 9.5/10
2. Snow Bored (Favorite part: part: Luan snow trick) 9.5/10
1. Driving Miss Hazy (Most favorite part: Driving Suit Leni) 10/10 
Kyle TLH Style

Me as an OC Loud House Character

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