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20 Favorite characters

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Top 12 Loud House Favorite Episodes

  • 12. No Show (Favorite part: Adios Ana, Adios) 10/10
  • 11. Pimple Plan (Favorite part: Unicorn Luan) 10/10
  • 10. Boss Maybe (Favorite part: Firefighter Leni Loud) 10/10
  • 9. April Fools Rules (Favorite part: Ronnie Anne hits Luan with a pie) 8/10
  • 8. No Guts, No Glori (Favorite part: Lori's army outfit (minus the whistle)) 9/10
  • 7. Pulp Friction (Favorite part: 11 of Hearts) 9/10
  • 6. Left in the Dark (Favorite part: Glow in the Dark Luan) 10/10
  • 5. For Bros. About to Rock (Favorite part: Loud Crew cameos) 9/10
  • 4. Pimple Plan (Favorite part: Unicorn Luan) 10/10
  • 3. HomeSpun (Favorite part: Ice Skating, Western and Pioneer scenes) 9.5/10
  • 2. Snow Bored (Favorite part: part: Luan snow trick) 9.5/10
  • 1. Driving Miss Hazy (Most favorite part: Driving Suit Leni) 10/10 

Top 6 Casagrandes Favorite Episodes

  • 6. Uptown Funk
  • 5. Fails from the Crypt
  • 4. Vacation Daze
  • 3. V.I.P.eeved
  • 2. Miss Step
  • 1. Trend Game