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Hello, <insert name here>. My name is SpongeGuy12. I love the Loud House and I want to be involved and chat with y'all and snark on some episodes and maybe make some references.

Top 5 Most Favorites

Season 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place
Project Loud House
For Bros About to Rock
A Tattler&#039;s Tale
Toads and Tiaras
Suite and Sour
Lock &#039;N&#039; Loud
Fool&#039;s Paradise
Job Insecurity
Head Poet&#039;s Anxiety
Shop Girl
Roadie to Nowhere
A Fridge Too Far

Top 5 Least Favorites

Season 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place '5th Place
The Green House
Two Boys and a Baby
Sound of Silence
One of the Boys
In Tents Debate
Brawl in the Family
No Such Luck
Kick the Bucket List
Cheater by the Dozen
Garage Banned
Ruthless People
Pipe Dreams
Fool Me Twice
Rita Her Rights

  1. Lana: The reason why Lana's my favorite is because she's so adorable ironically and pretty nice for the most part. The only reason why she often gangs up against Lincoln along with the other sisters is because she's too childlike and naive to know any better. I also like her sense of adventure and gross out humor done right. Its' those reasons that make her a really interesting character.
    1. Favorite episode starring Lana: "Toads and Tiaras"
    2. Least favorite episode starring Lana: "Snow Way Out" (I still think its' a good episode)
  2. Lola: Another character that's gone from the Scrappy to a fan favorite. Even if she was really bad in "Sound of Silence", she's improved in episodes like "Undie Pressure", "Out of the Picture" and "A Tattler's Tale" which show Lola does have a soft side, and those episodes along with her evilness in her focus episodes as well as the second season are why she's this high on my list, and that's why that episode will always be one of my favorites.
    1. Favorite episode starring Lola: "A Tattler's Tale"
    2. Least favorite episode starring Lola: "Sound of Silence"
  3. Leni: Leni is a really funny and caring character. I like how the writers portray both as a funny idiot and a heartwarming caring sister. She reminds me of Ed from Ed, Edd, n Eddy with the kindhearted simpleton traits. I think she only reason why she gangs up against Lincoln along with his sisters is because she's an idiot.
    1. Favorite episode starring Leni: "Driving Miss Hazy"
    2. Least favorite episode starring Leni: "Change of Heart" (It's still an okay episode)
  4. Lincoln: I like Lincoln because he's the one you most sympathize with. When you look into Lincoln's point of view, you can almost imagine the struggle of having to live with 10 sisters. I also like how despite having some butt monkey moments, he keeps his head high through out. However, I noticed how people around the wiki are oversensitive to Lincoln getting inconvenienced and making him a wimp so if you're reading this, please stop.
    1. Favorite episode starring Lincoln: "Project Loud House"
    2. Least favorite episode starring Lincoln: "The Green House" (aka the worst season 1 episode)
  5. Lucy: One of the most popular sisters, I think Lucy's a solid character. I like her relationship with Lincoln and she was also one of the saving graces from the otherwise bad "Sleuth or Consequences". However, I find her form of comedy, which involves her jumpscaring her siblings a bit weak.
    1. Favorite episode starring Lucy: "Back in Black"
    2. Least favorite episode starring Lucy: "Sleuth or Consequences"
  6. Luan: I like the "so unfunny its' funny' feel of her jokes because that just makes them funnier. I also like how she's a nice person whenever it isn't April Fools Day and just wants to make people laugh. The one thing keeping her from being in the top 2 is the episode April Fools Rules where she puts her family thorough her so called pranks (aka Jacka** stunts). Luckily Funny Business and Fool's Paradise make her a lot better. However, it seems like Luan's starting to lose steam since her two most recent episodes: No Laughing Matter and Fool Me Twice were pretty weak. Hope she can get another great episode to become a favorite again.
    1. Favorite episode starring Luan: "Fool's Paradise"
    2. Least favorite episode starring Luan: "April Fools Rules"
  7. Luna: Now before y'all start hating me for putting Luna this low, I don't hate Luna. I actually think Luna's a good character just not as much as the six above her. I also think her raspy voice can get grating at times but its' not horrible. I also like the reveal in L is for Love that she's bisexual.
    1. Favorite episode starring Luna: "For Bros About to Rock"
    2. Least favorite episode starring Luna: "House Music" (Its' still a good episode)
  8. Lori: I've grown to appreciate Lori more throughout the series with how she's gotten nicer post-Save the Date and more considerate toward her siblings. With that said, I still have some issues with her from the first fifteen episodes. I didn't like how mean and bossy she was in episodes (except No Guts, No Glori) such as Get The Message and Save the Date. Now she's gotten a lot better after the first fifteen episodes and I hope to see her improve even further.
    1. Favorite episode starring Lori: "Party Down"
    2. Least favorite episode starring Lori: "Save the Date"
  9. Lisa: She's pretty boring compared to the other characters but she ain't bad. I like that crazy smile she has when she lies and I find some of her creepy moments funny (though some are too creepy to be funny or entertaining). I've liked her in her focus episodes especially Friend or Faux, so she's a bit neutral bordering on okay.
    1. Favorite episode starring Lisa: "Friend or Faux"
    2. Least favorite episode starring Lisa: "Making the Grade" (still an okay episode)
  10. Lily: I find Lily an neutral character that has no definite personality. The only things that's she's most memorable for is just her ditching her diaper. I still think she's a cute baby though.
    1. Favorite episode starring Lily: "Potty Mouth"
    2. Least favorite episode starring Lily: "Two Boys and a Baby"
  11. Lynn: No surprise that Lynn is my least favorite character. Let give y'all a little history on my thoughts on Lynn. At first, I found her an okay character but by the end of season 1, I thought her character seemed lacking compared to Lori and Lola since she lack character development. By No Such Luck, I outright hated her. However, recent episodes like Lynner Takes All and Net Gains have given Lynn some hope of redemption though so I still have faith in her.
    1. Favorite episode starring Lynn: "Net Gains"
    2. Least favorite episode starring Lynn: "No Such Luck"


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