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Kicked out of TLH
  • I live in Magnolia
  • My occupation is Mage
  • I am Male
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Redfox aka Los Gateaux Gato here and I'm a huge of this show. What I love about The Loud House is I love the character design 'cuz the style was so old-school type. The story plotline is getting interesting and I love the characters. This show is like or sort of based on my experience. No, I did not come from a large family, I come from an average family. And I'm the only boy of this family.

Favorite Loud characters

  • Leni - She has a loving, perky, unintelligent nature. That's why I like her.
  • Luan - Love, love her 'cuz she's the best jokester ever!!! Except her pranks, but I mostly love her jokes!
  • Lucy - She always sighs a lot, but not too often. I don't know why I like her because she was so spooky.
  • Lana - She is the exact opposite of Lola. She's less bratty, more filthy, and much friendlier. She also has pet reptiles and her pet frog! (Eww!) At least she is a dog lover too, except picking dog poo (hurl).
  • Lincoln - Cuz he's into reading comics than I did!

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