S1E01B Stay out of my bedroom! There's only one rule in this house: stay out of my bedroom!
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Hi there, <insert name here>! You have reached ThatWikiUser's page here on The Loud House Encyclopedia.

My origins

You see, <insert name here>, my start here on Wikia was on Tomodachi Life Wiki. I then moved to Logopedia and The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki before finding myself here on The Loud House Encyclopedia. I use this wiki more often than any other wiki on Wikia.

My favorite pages

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My Favorite Episodes

Season 1:

S1E01A Luan is glowing
S1E08A Leni with a chicken
S1E08B Leni crying like a baby
S1E11A So THAT&#039;S the worse thing that could happen
S1E13A Trio on stage
S1E13B Searching the kitchen
S1E14B Loud siblings at Aunt Ruth&#039;s house
S1E15B So, how about that math test?
S1E16A giving Linc&#039;s sideburns a little trim
S1E16B girls say YAY!
S1E17B Lincoln pretends to be Steve Irwin
S1E18A Siblings scared of Luan
S1E18B Must. Get. Zombie Bran!
S1E19A We can sell bird houses
S1E19B Victory Dance pause
S1E21A Peanuts reference
S1E22B the four meet up
S1E23B Holy Shamoley!
S1E25A after the movie
S1E25B Survivors act like zombies
S1E26B Loud Siblings in the basement

Season 2:

S2E01 Lincoln caught in Lana&#039;s reindeer trap
S2E02A Cup facing at Linc
S2E03A I&#039;m sorry you got such a bad ouchie
S2E03B Lana tells Lincoln to barf in a bucket
S2E04A Okay, gang
S2E05A The sticky table
S2E07A Lola on look out
S2E07B Lincoln and Clyde recreating Lincoln&#039;s birthday
S2E08A Lincoln&#039;s calendar
S2E08B Lana kissing Hops on the cheek
S2E09B Sophisticated, Leni
S2E10A What a mess!
S2E12A Bleep
S2E12B It&#039;s addressed to L. Loud
S2E14A We can always use some more bodies
S2E14B I got the results!
S2E15A Clyde think Linc has PBB
S2E16B Siblings with tracking chips
S2E17A Linc and Clyde going home
S2E18A Oh, Leni!
S2E19A Unhappy siblings
S2E19B Lynn&#039;s 300th consecutive win
S2E20A Lincoln holding a SMOOCH poster
S2E20B Darcy hugs Lisa
S2E21A Luan with her props
S2E21B Lincoln the Model
S2E22A Lincoln and Lynn Sr. as Orange Iguanas
S2E23A Emilio, I&#039;m gonna need backup
S2E23B Blank birth story page
S2E24 You got tricked
S2E25A Lily dancing with the toy
S2E25B Lori&#039;s awkward stage
S2E26A The ramp collapsing
S2E26B Loud kids shivering

Season 3:

S3E01 Family about to dive down
S3E02A Rabbit sisters
S3E04A Go Lori
S3E05B Louds with Stunt doubles
S3E06B Parents enjoying completed bathroom
S3E07A Why is he literally so dreamy
S3E07B Rita and squirrel eating ice cream
S3E08A Under the Parachute
S3E08B Lucy&#039;s hugging someone! Get the camera!
S3E09A Peanut butter and jelly mess
S3E09B Dark Side of the Spoon
S3E10A Big fish attacking
S3E10B This is literally out of control
S3E11A Boys exposed
S3E11B Swimsuit celebration
S03 E12B That&#039;s not what I want to hear
S3E13A Family discovers termites
S3E13B I really got to bring his birdhouse home from school
S3E14B Lincoln and Clyde peeking
S3E14A Mud monster
S3E15A Lincoln and Clyde scraping barnacles off
S3E15B Stella arrives
S3E16A Fox quints laugh at Lynn
S3E16B Casagrandes and rats see Ronnie Anne
S03E17 Louds headbanging
S3E18A Lisa watching her feeds
S3E18B Imagine the Snap! broken
S3E19B Lynn got teased for owning up to farting one time
S3E19A Leni&#039;s friends unamused
S03E20A Surrounded by zombies
S03E20B Lola burying Rosie
S3E22A Floating heads
S3E22B Fairway University
S03E23A 11 dinners

My Fanboxes

Here are some fanboxes that I have on this page.

S1E01B Clyde still bleeding
The Loud House Clyde McBride Nickelodeon
S1E09A You bet
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Liam FanBox
Yates FanBox
Darcy FanBox
Sam FanBox
Wilbur FanBox
Bobby FanBox
The Loud House Lori Nickelodeon
The Loud House Lana Nickelodeon
The Loud House Lisa Nickelodeon
Carol FanBox
Agnes Johnson FanBox
Hugh FanBox
Girl Jordan FanBox
Stella FanBox

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S1E03A That&#039;s your plan?
S1E06A Izzy on Lana&#039;s head
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