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Hello, <insert name here>. My codename here is TheAwesomeGamerDude, and I purely freaking love The Loud House when I first saw it, despite some of the bad episodes that I have seen. I want to help this awesome wiki out and make some blogs about TLH. I sure hope you enjoy it here as much as I do.

Favorite TV shows to Watch:

  • Adventure Time
  • TAWOG (The Amazing World of Gumball)
  • Loud House (Obviously)
  • The Casagrandes
  • Star vs the Forces of Evil
  • Gravity Falls
  • Phineas and Ferb
  • Catscratch
  • Regular Show
  • Invader Zim
  • South Park
  • Family Guy (Mostly the Old Seasons)
  • Drake and Josh
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender, and The Legend of Kora
  • SpongeBob (Mostly the old seasons)
  • Steven Universe
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Danny Phantom
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot
  • DuckTales Reboot
  • Milo Murphy's Law
  • Harvey Beaks
  • Looney Toons

Favorite Sisters (from best to worst):

  1. Luna (She Loud-mazing)
  2. Leni (She a true cared sister)
  3. Lucy (For being emo, she awesome)
  4. Lana (The nicer of the two twins)
  5. Lily (She's adorable)
  6. Luan (I like some of her puns and pranks)
  7. Lori (Bossy, but still good)
  8. Lola (Bratty, but still filled with kindness)
  9. Lynn (Hotheaded, but active sister)
  10. Lisa (Boring, but have some funny moments of herself)

Why I like Loud House:

I like this show because not only this show saves the reputation of Nickelodeon, but this show have everything that you can imagine from how amazing the characters are, to how the story goes. I also wish Chris Savino, the creator of this show, takes some advice from this wiki to make The Loud House even more AWESOME than how it was. This show will be the NEW Number 1 show on Nickelodeon. *Depending on the episodes.

Nickelodeon The Loud House Logo

My Stuff (Based on Episodes):

-Project Loud House (Epilogue) Complete
Lincoln FanBox

[1]Undies Pressure (Rewritten Ending) Complete
The Loud House Lucy Nickelodeon
[2]A Fair To Remember (Epilogue/Extend Ending) Complete
The Loud House Leni Nickelodeon
The Loud House Lana Nickelodeon
The Loud House Luna Nickelodeon
The Loud House Lily Nickelodeon
The Loud House Lori Nickelodeon
S2E20B Darcy hugging Lisa|This user loves Lisa! |
The Loud House Luan Nickelodeon
The Loud House Lola 2
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