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S1E01B Lori enters her room I gotta go.
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Freaky Louds part 1 - Leni makes Lisa's most recent invention go haywire, causing the whole family to swap bodies with one another, all of them except Lisa.

Part 2 - Lisa messes up on her next new invention due to a lack of sleep. Meanwhile, Lola is in pain while stuck in Luan's body.

Part 3 - Clyde sees the Loud family stuck in different bodies. Meanwhile, Lucy is struggling to get to places in the house by herself while stuck in Lily's body.

Part 4 - The Loud kids try to get their parents to get back together and make amends with each other.

Part 5 - Lori and Lynn go out for a day of workout, but Lori is forgetting something.

Part 6 - Although Lincoln is still stuck in Leni's body, Lori, Luan, Lynn, Lola, and Lily take Lincoln out to the mall; they also take Ronnie Anne with them.

Part 7 - Luna and Lana are the last two members of the family yet to switch back to their own bodies, but Lana is refusing to switch from Luna's body back to her own body.

Part 8 - With Lana having ran off while in Luna's body, it's up to the other Loud kids to find her and get her to switch bodies back with Luna.

The Loud and the Furious - Lincoln, his sisters, and Clyde compete in a cart race for the winning prize.

The Battle of Lily's Nightmare - A mysterious creature haunting Lily's dreams wants to claim her life.

Ray and Linc - 13-year-old Lincoln introduces his new friend and neighbor, Ray, to his family.

A.t.T.i.C. - (work in progress)

Trash Attack - (work in progress)

Two Lovely Shades of Green - (work in progress)

Literal Stress - (in queue)

The Loudest Camping Trip: Party of One-Hundred - (in queue)

Other Fanfictions to be revealed

1. Clyde x Haiku

2. Lucy x Rocky

3. Hugh x Ms. DiMartino

4. Luan x Benny

5. Lori x Bobby

Genderbent Version

There's more coming

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