Weast Weasel

  • I live in North America
  • My occupation is A weasel. I literally have a weasel face
  • I am a sympathetic but weaselly weasel who loves the guitar
Woohoo 2

My edited avatar.



I have autism. I'm not really a big fan of Loud House, but I like to watch it when there's nothing else on. I like that each Loud kid has a different 'color' to them, and the art style too. If I learn to draw, I might draw in that style. I'm here to upload plenty of episode screenshots that for some reason others forgot to upload.

I used to be socially awkward around here, but now it seems more easy to type things. Before I felt like I had to post something and that ended up in awkward messages... Like there is no point, if I didn't have interest, why go here in the first place? Now I have interest into this topic, and I now know that my comments aren't any awkward than any other person. I am weird.

 DIY Costumes

I like the DIY costumes a lot better than the show itself.

The Loud House Cartoon Creator

I made some new OCs in that game.

Fave Screenshots




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