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I am XxSkilletSaviorxX. You can call me Skillet for short. I've been watching the Loud House for a while and became a fan after watching a few epsiodes. What I really like about the show is the sibling bonding between Lincoln and his sisters. The themes of some episodes are (somewhat) similar to what I've gone through with my own older sibling. Like, fussing over money, getting the good spot in the car, making a family photo, chores, ect. But by the end of each episode, they all still love each other very much no matter what. My top 3 favorite characters are Lincoln, Luna and Lynn.

I am also part of DeviantArt and posted a picture of my own OC characters.

Keith, Brian, Dominic and Joanna. (Remastered by FirstDrellSpectre)

These are the four OC Characters I have come up with based on the show.

Keith and Luna having a guitar learning session. (Image made by FDS)

THE MUSICIAN - Keith Fong: An anglophile who often comes over to the Loud house to learn how to play guitar from Luna, always willing to help and also well-known for his bushy eyebrows. He owns two dogs; a male beagle named Ali and a female schnauzer named Roxy, and acts as a moral compass, but has an annoying habit of being a little nosy sometimes. Whenever he needs assistance, he will often call on his best friends for backup. Always knocks on doors using the "Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits" rhythm. Has a history of having a strained relationship with his own siblings and wishes to one day make amends with them. He is closest with Luna Loud and Dominic McCormick.

Interests: Music, video games, movies, dogs, playing acoustic guitar and learning how to play with Luna, helping others, England and British culture and soccer.

Dislikes: Bullies, getting teased for his bushy eyebrows, people intentionally riling up his dogs, cosmetics due to allergies, and watching the news.

Brian and Lisa discussing common interests. (Image made by FDS)

THE I.T. EXPERT - Brian Watts: Despite being confided in a wheelchair, he is an expert at all things involving computers. Using his knowledge in computers, he is able to look up any information his best friends need to know, likes to come up with fun and creative apps while finding ways to make lives easier and help his friends using technology inspired by sci-fi. But has an annoying habit of spending too much time on his computer. He is closest with Lisa Loud and Joanna Gilbert.

Interests: Computers, robotics, math, apps, sci-fi, video games, studying, reading, chess and basketball.

Dislikes: Heights, stereotypes, being interrupted from his work, wheelchair-related nicknames, being taken advantage of and cats.

THE CHEF - Dominic McCormick: A skilled chef and learned everything he knows about cooking from his mama. His goal in life is to one day open a restaurant of his own. When not cooking, he likes to spend his free time watching comedy sitcoms, 1980s themed films and shows and making art. He often speaks in 1980s slang. Has an annoying habit of being a bit of a germaphobe. He is closest with Luan Loud and Keith Fong.

Interests: Cooking, comedy sitcoms, 1980s movies and TV shows, painting, drawing, jokes, puns, pranks and tennis.

Dislikes: Germs, his food getting messed up, jokes going too far, wasting food and water, inappropriate humor and raccoons.

THE LEADER - Joanna Gilbert: She is a realist who is a member of her high school's student council. Makes the plans in what she and her best friends want to do before, during and after school while making sure everyone contributes in doing their part of the plans they make and the schoolwork they have to get done. She has an annoying habit of being too strict, but still cares for the well being of her best friends and others. One place where she is most relaxed is spending time in the great outdoors. She is closest with Lori Loud and Brian Watts.

Interests: Taking charge, being organized, boy bands, chess, exercising, camping, encouraging others and rafting.

Dislikes: Things not going as planned, being ignored, wasting time, insects and being called a control freak.

"With Friends like these..." by XxSkilletSaviorxX - Keith Fong purchases his very first guitar, but struggles in how to play it. After meeting Luna Loud, she offers to teach him everything she knows about playing guitar and invites him to the Loud house. "With Friends Like These... It's a Ratastrophe" by XxSkilletSaviorxX - Keith Fong makes another visit to the Loud House for more lessons in how to play the guitar with Luna Loud. However, a small unforeseen complication causes a huge problem in the Loud House.


"Siblings Day" by Crazygirl2030 -- Lincoln wants to ensure his sisters have the best Sibling's Day ever! Nothing will get in his way. Not even a stomach ache will stop him in his tracks. Besides it's not that serious...right?

"Burning Secret" by Samtastic 3.0 -- One seemingly normal day, Lincoln accidentally burns his school to the ground. Though he isn't caught and no one is hurt, Lincoln can't help but feel horribly guilty. In the following days, he becomes overwhelmed with guilt, especially since everyone apparently believes the fire to be arson. Things get even worse when Lincoln discovers someone knows it was him...

"Brawl in the Family Redo" by Samtastic 3.0 -- After the events of BitF, the sisters are avoiding Lincoln. Hurt by his stupid actions making his family mad at him, Lincoln is ecstatic when Lisa asks him to test out a new invention. However, this new invention may just be the key to fixing everything with his sisters.

"Brawl in the Family Redo Extended" by Samtastic 3.0 -- Instead of sending him back in time, the orb gives Lincoln a massive shock which leaves him unconscious, just as Lisa had thought. However, he doesn't wake up after a few hours, and is rushed to the hospital where he is placed in a coma. Now, the girls have to struggle with not having their brother around AT ALL. And how will Lisa deal with her guilt?

"Special Sibling Bond" by Metalbrony823 -- Lincoln feels a little unwanted in the Loud house, and feels like he is more like a parasite than a member of the family. Luna notices this and tries to make him feel better and start to spend time together.

"One Step Too Far" by Reddwalker314 -- A misunderstanding between Lincoln and Lynn results in an emotion filled sibling fight. The aftermath causes Lynn to wonder whether Lincoln is safe around her, or if they will ever go back to being loving siblings.

"Sportsmanship" by Reddwalker314 -- Three months after the events of "One Step Too Far", things seem to be back to normal. That is until Lynn meets a boy one day after school. The two quickly become friends. But after an altercation happens, things change drastically. Lynn begins to develop feelings she never knew she had, and try as she might to reject them, they present themselves anyway.

"Requiem For a Loud" by UnderratedHero -- The Loud family never imagined what was about to happen to them. Lincoln, the only boy in a family with ten girls, is diagnosed with a terminal disease. With nothing left to do, the doctors give him just a few weeks left, at best. How will an eleven years old boy react when he finds out he'll die soon? What's gonna happen when his sisters find out? Will the family hold on to their emotional core being taken from them, or will they fall apart? A story of pain, lost, family, and a boy that must face humanity's toughest test: accepting his mortality.

"Our Brother's a Werewolf!" by ed edd n eddy IN MINECRAFT -- After Lincoln gets attacked by a wolf on a camping trip, his sisters soon notices a changing personality happening with Lincoln, he's more athletic, he growls at them, and mysteriously disappears on the nights of the full moon. While at the same time mysterious and horrible murders begin to surface.

"Syngenesophobia" by That Engineer -- A general term for the fear of relatives, which can include siblings. Then a fight at the Loud House goes too far, the fragile bond the family has is shattered by its outcome. A different twist to 'Brawl in the Family'.

"What Is A Person Worth" by That Engineer -- Nothing hurts more than feeling like an outcast in your own family. As the Louds let their silly superstitious beliefs cloud their judgment, bonds become strained to their breaking point. Can they rely on their so-called 'luck' to fix this, or will the bonds they share become severed like a failed marriage?

"Take It In Stride" by That Engineer -- The road to healing is never an easy one, and Lynn would be the first to tell you that the past two years have been no easy picnic. Thankfully, she still has her brother and friends to guide her out of the biggest pitfall in her life. At the same time, Lincoln has to deal with the challenges of being hours away from that which he loves most. Sequel to What Is A Person Worth.

"Lil Roomie" by That Engineer -- Adjusting to a new roommate certainly has its challenges, especially if it's someone who's 10 years younger than you. But, Lincoln will soon learn that having a baby for a roommate is much more fun than having a room to yourself. With the added bonus as a good opportunity to make up for lost time.

"Two Reflections, One Mirror" by That Engineer -- Becoming Kings of the Con was no picnic for Lincoln and Clyde, especially after getting cast as pooper scoopers for the villainous Kitty. But what if things turned out different from what we've seen in canon? What about an aftermath? A mirror could be said to be a view into an alternate universe, but even reflections can have differing paths that eventually converge into one.

"Who Can I Turn To?" by Professor Pasta -- Luna Loud has been struggling for weeks now to tell her family something very important. But no matter how hard she tries, she just can't find the courage. So she finds herself seeking advice from the only two men she knows can help her.

"Luna is Strange" by JamesSunderlandsPillow -- Luna Loud discovers she has the power to go back in time. How will her choices affect her life and her relationships with the people she loves most, like Sam and her family? (Based on video game series, "Life is Strange")

"Part of the Gang" by SoI'llKillYou -- Lincoln started acting differently after coming home late one day, and soon his sisters are worried that he's falling in with a crowd of bad kids. They want to save their brother, but does Lincoln even want to be saved?

"Anger Management" by SoI'llKillYou -- When Lincoln gets grounded for fighting with Lynn, he plans to get released from grounding early by being on his best behavior. But this plan is made more difficult by Lynn who does her best to provoke him into a rematch.

"Selling Out" by MrAnimatedToon -- After Luna meets Lord Tetherby, he tells her that her music is amazing and tries to convince her to sign a contract with him, and she says she’ll think about it. However, Lincoln, Luan and Luna’s friends don’t think it's a good idea.

From The Loud House Wikia Community

"Responsibility Issues" by FirstDrellSpectre - Luna takes Lincoln to show him a different life style than video games. Unfortunately they get lost in a distant town with no money and try to get back home.

"Luna on a Motorcycle" by FirstDrellSpectre - Luna tries to get motorcycle driving license. Lincoln helps her because Luna is bad at studying.

"Bro in the Band" by FirstDrellSpectre - Luna with Lincoln and Tabby form a rock band.

"Lincoln's Birth" by FirstDrellSpectre - Memories of baby Lincoln.

"Trustworthy" by YoshiRocker13 - After Lincoln is badly humiliated by all of his sisters during an Ace Savvy convention, he decides to run away from home.

"Trustworthy Part 2" by YoshiRocker13 - After the events of Trustworthy, the sisters try everything they can do to make Lincoln forgive them.

"Follow Along" by YoshiRocker13 - Lincoln wants to sing a birthday song to Luna, so he meets up with Tabby to learn how to play music and sing better.

"Meet My Bro" by YoshiRocker13 - Due to an important event, Luna gets her new friends to spend the day with Lincoln.

"Mutual Encounters" by AndrewBrauer - Sophia, Maria and Zoe run into two boys their age named Keith and Brain, and learn about how much they have in common with their mutual friends the Loud family.

"Gamers and Siblings" by MrAnimatedToon - After losing a video game match to Lincoln, Lynn asks a nerdy girl to help her become better at video games to beat her brother.

These are credits that I have received from other fanfic writers. "Mutual Encounters" by AndrewBrauer (Co-writer) Re-written Episode - "The Green House" by YoshiRocker13 (Story assistance) "Bro in the Band" by FirstDrellSpectre (Story title and song suggestions)

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