Me, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lincoln & Linka, Lucy, Laney, Lana & Lola, Lisa and Lily were in the Simulator.

Varie, Vince, Aylene, Woody, Carol, Gabrielle, Shannon, Penny, Starfire, Terra, Raven, Argent, Kole, Bumblebee, Volcana, Naruto and the girls were in the control room.

The Simulator activated and we found ourselves in front of the Loud House?

Me: It feels like we didn't go anywhere.

Linka: Yeah I know. We're back in my dimension.

Lori: It sure looks exactly the same as home.

Lincoln: It sure looks that way.

?: Linka?

We all see Clyde's female counterpart Claudia.

Linka: Claudia!

They both hugged and were reunited.

Claudia: I thought you were dead.

Linka: No I'm not Claudia and I'm all right.

Claudia: I heard what happened to you.

Linka: I know. I was thrown into a portal that lead to another dimension.

Me: That portal lead to our dimension.

Claudia saw us and she was shocked.

Claudia: Whoa! So you're all from the dimension Linka went to?

Me: That's right. I'm J.D. Knudson.

Lincoln: I'm Linka's male dimensional twin Lincoln and these are my 11 sisters.

Lori: It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Lori.

Leni: I'm Leni.

Luna: I'm Luna.

Luan: I'm Luan.

Lynn: I'm Lynn Jr.

Lucy: I'm Lucy.

Laney: I'm Laney.

Lana: I'm Lana.

Lola: I'm Lola.

Lisa: Greetings. I'm Lisa.

Lily: And I'm Lily.

Claudia: It's very nice to meet all of you. But Lily aren't you supposed to be a baby?

Lily: I get that alot. Biologically I'm 15 months old but due to me undergoing a powerful transformation I now look like I'm 10-years-old.

Claudia: That's cool. What kind of Transformation?

Me: Some of us got powers because of gods and goddesses from different myths from around the world.

Claudia: That is so cool!

Linka: Claudia we came back home to get payback on my so-called brothers except for Lars, Leif, Luke, Larry, Loni and Leon.

Claudia: Count me in!

?: And me too.

We all see Ronnie Anne's male counterpart Ronaldo Santiago.

Linka: Ronaldo!

They both hugged and kissed.


Lincoln: I'm so happy for you both.

Linka: Me too Lincoln.

Ronaldo: So you all are from a parallel dimension?

Me: That's right. 

Ronaldo: Oh wow!

Me: I can tell that your bond is so strong that not even the gap between dimensions can break it. We came to help out Linka. It's payback time!

Ronaldo: Count me in!

Me: Lets get them. (Cracks Knuckles)

Everyone else: Lets!

We go into the Loud House and we went in and saw that only Lynn Sr. and Rita's counterparts were at the table with Larry and Leon.

Me: Hello Mr. Lynn and Ms. Rita. We have some stuff to tell you.

Linka: Mom! Dad!

Linka ran to them.

Both Parents: Linka! You're all right!

She hugged them and cried hard and Larry and Leon hugged her too.

Larry: We all thought you were dead!

Leon: Winka!

Rita: Linka we're so glad your safe.

Linka: Thank my brother Lincoln, my best friends and my sisters here for looking out for me.

They saw us and they were shocked.

Me: Linka was thrown into our dimension from this one and she became part of our family very quickly.

Lori: Yeah. She is an amazing sister. By the way, we're her brothers female counterparts. I'm Lori and these are my sisters and brother Leni (Leni nods), Luna (Luna gives the Rock on Hand Sign), Luan (Luan nods), Lynn (Lynn makes the fistpump), Lucy (Lucy nods), Laney (Laney nods), Lana (Lana nods), Lola (Lola curtsies), Lisa (Lisa smiles), Lily (Lily nods) and Lincoln. (Lincoln nods)

Me: And my name is J.D. Knudson.

Rita: Thank you all so much for taking care of Linka.

Me: Your welcome.

Lori: It was our pleasure.

Luna: We also came here to teach her brothers minus Larry, Lars, Luke, Loni, Leon and Leif a lesson they'll never forget.

Lynn Sr.: Well usually I'm against violence but we see what's about to happen. Boys! Come down here.

Loki, Loni, Luke, Lane, Lynn, Lars, Leif, Lexx, and Levi came down.

Loki: What's up dad?

They gasped and they saw us.

Lori: You must be Loki. Well I'm gonna turn you into a human pretzal for throwing fighting over such petty things! (Cracks Knuckles)

Lola: You must be Lexx! That Brother Fight Protocal ruined this family!

Lisa: Levi so at last we meet. It's time to show you the error of your ways with sheer brute force!

Luan: You must be Lane. I'm going to Punch Your Lights Out! [Rimshot] (Laughs) Get it? But seriously I'm going to pulverize you into a pulpy pancake for everything you did to Linka!

Me: (Laughs) Good one Luan! But seriously Save seconds for all of us!

Lynn (Female): We may share the same name but your time is up! (Cracks Knuckles)

Lucy: So you are Lars. The darkness has not been kind to you hasn't it?

Lars: No it has not. 

Leni: So you are Loni. Those clothes are totes adorbs on you.

Loni: Thank you.

Luna: Luke. You have a rockin' style!

Luke: Rock on!

Lana: So your Leif. Watch this. Here's mud in your eyes!

Lana throws mud at Lexx and it hits him in the face.

Lana: That makes you even more uglier.

The Loud Boys gasped.

Lexx became enraged and Lola punched him in the face and he crashed into a garbage can.

Lola: How's that for girl power?

Me: Lets take this outside.

Loki: Good thinking.

We all go outside.

Me: All right girls choose your counterpart.

Lori faced Loki. 

Lori: Lets dance Loki.

Loki: I couldn't agree more.

Lori spread her blue wings and fired a wind blast at him and it blew him into a pile of garbage.

Lori: That's wind power for you.

Luan faced Lane.

Luan: Get ready Lane.

Luan spread her wings and fired a blinding white light at Lane and he screamed.


Luan: You deserve it for everything you did to Linka.

Lynn (Female) was facing her male self.

Lynn (Female): Lets fight.

Lynn (Female) spread her wings and threw a lava bomb at her male self and it hit the ground and exploded. It burned his leg bad.

Me: That must've hurt.

Lola: You give all beauty pageant girls a bad name Lexx! 

Lola spread her fire wings and threw a fireball and it hit his car and it exploded and he landed in a pile of sludge built by Lana and Leif.

Lana: Nice work Leif.

Leif: Thanks Lana! (High fives)

Lisa: Your treatment towards Linka is completely unacceptable!

Lisa spread her metal wings and built a freeze ray with her technokinetic powers and froze him in ice.

Me: This is what you guys get for being mean brothers.

Lucy: I agree.

Lars: We should've never sent Linka into that dimension. We let our rage get the better of us.

Laney: It's not your fault Lars. It's that stupid protocal.

Lars: I agree with you Laney.

Me: I called the fight you all had DEFCON 0 or Jonestown Massacre.

Luke: What's Jonestown Massacre?

Luna: It was a nasty event from back in the 70's bro. 

Me: Yeah. It happened in Jonestown, French Guiana. 900 people died from suicide by Cyanide poisoning.

Leni: That is totes terrible.

Loni: Yeah.

Larry: By the way Laney do you have powers?

Laney: I sure do. I have plant powers. Watch.

Laney touched the ground and apple tree.

Larry: That is so cool!

Lars: That is wicked.

Lucy: I have dark powers. Watch.

Lucy fired a bolt of Black Lightning at Lexx.

Lucy: Let fear consume you.

Lexx saw everything completely covered in mud and garbage, filth and crud and he screamed like a little girl and ran inside.

Lars: Wicked. What did you do to Lexx?

Lucy: I cursed him so that when he steps outside everything he sees will be only garbage and filth.

Lars: Gasp! That is wicked.

Leon: Wily.

Lily: Yes Leon my name is Lily. I became like this because of my powers.

Leon: Powa?

Lily: Yes. I have glowing water powers.

Lily forms a fountain of glowing blue water in the middle of the driveway.

Leon: Ooohh!

Lily: I know.

Claudia: I didn't know that some of the Loud Siblings you know now have powers Linka.

Linka: We have lots of unique abilities. Me and Lincoln have Lightning Powers. 

Lincoln: Yep. Watch.

Lincoln and Linka spread their wings and fired a bolt of lightning at Lane and he got electrocuted.

Lane was a smoking mess.

Lane: (In pain) Ouch.

Claudia: Wow! That was awesome!

Lincoln: That was cool huh?

Claudia: Does my male self have powers?

Lincoln: He sure does. He has time powers.

Claudia: Time powers!? That is so cool!

Linka: It is.

Ronaldo: Does my female self have powers?

Me: She sure does. She has Firework Powers.

Ronaldo: That is so cool!

Lincoln: I know.

Leif: Lana you sure know how to live. 

Lana: I know. I also have Ice powers. Watch.

Lana spread her ice wings and fired ice lightning at Loki and encapsulated him in a block of ice.

Leif: That is cold and awesome!

Lana: I know.

Luke: Luna do you have powers too?

Luna: I sure do dude. Watch.

Luna fired a ball of singing water and it landed by Levi and Lexx and entranced by the enchanted singing and Lola and Lisa kicked them into the sludge pile.

Lincoln: Nice shot Luna. Want to help me with this one.

Luna: You got it bro.

Lincoln and Luna stood ready.

Lincoln and Luna: IT'S RIPPING TIME!!!

They held their R rings up and a portal opened up and out came the Ripping Friends.

Crag: Luna and Lincoln. It's been a while.

Luna: That is has Crag.

Chunk: So what's the problem guys.

Lincoln: We're pulverizing Linka's brothers to get payback on them for sending her to our dimension because of bad silblings.

Rip: I see. 

Crag: You called us at the right time. Come on fellas!

Crag, Rip, Slab, Chunk, Lincoln and Luna: IT'S RIPPING TIME!!!!!

They pulverized Loki, Lane, Lynn (Male), Lexx and Levi into pulpy pancakes and left them seeing pretty cartoon birds, stars and flowers orbit around their heads.

Loki: (Stupidly Dazed) Mommy can you please read me a bedtime story?

Slab: We sure beat them up good!

Luna: You said it Slab.

Linka: That was too funny.

Later after the beating was done, Loki, Lane, Lynn (Male), Lexx and Levi were in full body casts in their rooms.

Linka: Guys I'm sorry I can't stay and it's gonna take me quite some time for me to trust Loki, Lane, Lynn, Lexx and Levi and forgive them. 

Rita: We understand sweetie. 

Lynn Sr.: But just remember that no matter where you are you will always be our little girl.

Linka: I know dad. I love you guys.

Linka hugged her family.

Me: I have something for you Mr. Lynn. 

I gave him a special watch that Lisa made.

Me: This special watch can open a door from this dimension to ours. So you can visit Linka anytime you want. 

Mr. Lynn: Thank you J.D.

Me: You're welcome.

Lori: Ready to go Linka?

Linka: You bet Lori.

We all enter a vortex and head home. Linka had gotten justice for the treatment at the hands of her mean brothers.


Another Fanfiction Complete.

I wanted to do a special chapter where Linka gets justice for what her mean brothers put her through. This time they include the girls and show the boys no mercy. I wouldn't call this revenge. I would call it Retributive Justice. Let me know what you all think. I had to tell each of Lynn's counterparts apart because they share the same name and are both sexes.

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