Me, Lincoln & Linka, Lucy, Pakura, Naruto, Sakura and Fu were in the Simulator.

Varie, Aylene, Lori, Carol, Leni, Luna, Ember, Luan, Eddy, Lynn, Shannon, Lana & Lola and Lisa were in the control room.

The Simulator activated and we found ourselves in the show Adventure Time.

Linka: Awesome! I love Adventure Time.

Lincoln: Me too.

Me: It's one of my favorite shows too.

Lucy: This show is always very interesting to me. It shows the adventures of the last human in a Post-Apocalyptic World.

Naruto: Whoa! What happened here?

Me: Nuclear Holocaust. It was 1,000 years before the start of the show. A terrifying event called the "Great Mushroom War" another name for the Nuclear Holocaust that destroyed the entire human race happened and it changed the inhabitants of Earth into different people. Finn is the only Human left. This is what the planet looks like. 

I show a holographic image of the Planet Earth in Adventure Time.

AT earth2

Lincoln: Whoa! The Earth has been changed forever!

Me: Yeah. About 15% of the planets structure has been blasted to space dust.

Lucy: That is really strange.

Pakura: No kidding. I don't think anyone could ever be alive after a cataclysmic event of that magnitude.

Sakura: That's horrible. But this whole world has now fully recovered and it looks like a Post-Apocalyptic Paradise. But without humans.

Naruto: This is too weird. So everything was destroyed by nuclear bombs and now the whole world is totally changed as a result?

Fu: That is very strange. But I can still sense some forms of life here.

Lincoln: Me too.

Me: Hey look over there.

I point to a strange kingdom made entirely out of candy and it was a breathtaking sight. 
P 027

Naruto: That kingdom is made of candy. Weird.

Sakura: And the landscape around it is made entirely out of candy too.

Me: Enough sugar to give the entire United States diabetes 100 times over.

Lincoln: That's weird. 

Linka: No kidding.

Me: Lets go check it out.

We walked over to the Candy Kingdom and we go in and saw lots of people made entirely out of candy and there were guards made of bananas.

Me: Wow! What a kingdom.

Lucy: It's all too pink. My most disgusting color. No offense Sakura.

Sakura: None taken Lucy.

Lincoln: We know Lucy.

We then see the leader of the kingdom Princess Bonabelle Bubblegum in a trance-like state and she was heading to the Ice Kingdom. 
Ice Kingdom

Lincoln: What's wrong with her?

Me: I don't know. But come on.

We follow her and she is with a woman named Patience St. Pim.

Me: I know that woman. That's an Ice Elemental named Patience St. Pim. She's insane and she wants to rule the world.

Fu: We got to stop her.

Me: Yeah. Come on.

We arrive at the Ice King's mountain and she had Flame Princess and Slime Princess with her. 

Lucy: Gasp! I know what she's trying to do. She's going to change the world with a ritual that will change it into an elemental dystopian nightmare.

Me: We got to stop her! Come on.

We fly in and I kick Patience in the back and send her crashing into a bookcase.

Ice King: Hey what's going on here?

Me: The world is in danger Ice King. I'm going to cure you. [Chants an incantation] Hepitonsa Nesstiga Moreus!

I fire a rainbow ray and it destroyed his crown and cured him and he reverted back to what he was 1000 years ago and he still has his powers and he can use them without losing his sanity.

Simon: I'm back to normal again. Thank you J.D.

Me: You're welcome Simon. Now we have to destroy this evil witch once and for all.

Naruto: Yeah. We won't let you destroy the world Patience!

I go Super Angel and fire an energy beam at her and it hit her in the leg and broke Princess Bubblegum, Flame Princess and Slime Princess out of her control.

Flame Princess: What happened?

Slime Princess: I don't know.

Princess Bubblegum: Patience St. Pim. She was controlling us and we've been set free.

Me: We won't let you get away with everything you've done Patience. [Fires an energy blast]

The blast hit her and exploded and blew her leg off.

Flame Princess: Payback time for using us to destroy the world! [Fires a blast of fire from her hands at Patience]

The fire burns her arms. Fiery explosions were destroying everything in the Ice Kingdom and setting everything on fire at an alarming rate.

Sakura: Take this.

Sakura fires a Ki blast and it hit Patience and blew her out of the mountain and she crashed into the ground.

Me: Let's see how you like this! [Flares up a red aura] KAIO-KEN * 3!

I go at her with blazing speed and deliver a powerful barrage of punches and kicks to her.

Naruto, Sakura, and Fu fired a barrage of Ki blasts at Patience and I got out of the way. Patience was totally pinned down and Lincoln, Linka and Lucy fired lightning blasts at her.

Princess Bubblegum fired a huge blast of jellybeans and Slime Princess fired a blast of slime at Patience. Patience was getting ripped apart and she wasn't even standing a chance against their awesome power.

We stopped and Patience was on the ground and was on her last legs.

Me: Now for the grand finale. It's time for you to pay for your crimes! [cups hands to the side] KA! ME! HA! ME! HAAAAAA!!!!

I fired a Kamehameha Wave at Patience.

Naruto formed a Rasengan that was surging with Wind Style Chakra and it had 4 blades on it.


He threw the Rasenshuriken.

Sakura formed a Rasengan on the tip of her index finger and channeled Earth Style Chakra into it.


She fired a powerful Rasengan that went at Patience with the speed of a laser.

Fu formed a Rasengan and it was made of Storm Chakra.


Fu threw the powerful Rasengan at Patience.

Lincoln formed a Rasengan and channeled Fire Style Chakra into it.


Lincoln threw the Fiery Rasengan at Patience and the techniques combined.

Me, Naruto, Sakura, Fu and Lincoln: ELEMENTAL RADIENCE KAMEHAMEHA!!!

Patience saw the attack coming.

Patience: This can't be happening to me! This world is mine!

The blast hit her head on and exploded with unbelievable power.


The explosion was so powerful and so devastating that it completely obliterated the entire Ice Kingdom. All that was left of it was a huge smoldering crater.

Out on the ocean, Finn and Jake saw the massive explosion from a few miles away and Jake grew to a huge size and he had Finn on his head and they walked onto the continent. They saw the destruction of the Ice Kingdom and it was completed destroyed.

Jake: My grod! What do you think caused all this?

Finn: Glob! I don't know Jake.

Me: That would be us.

Finn and Jake saw us and were amazed.

Jake: You guys did all this!? Holy Grod!

Finn: What power!

Me: You must be Finn, the Last human of Ooo.

Finn: That's right. 

Me: [to Jake] And you must be Jake the Dog.

Jake: That's right bud!

Me: It's a pleasure. I'm J.D. Knudson.

Lincoln: I'm Lincoln Loud.

Linka: I'm Linka Loud. Lincoln's dimensional twin sister.

Lucy: I'm Lucy Loud. Lincoln and Linka's Little Sister.

Naruto: I'm Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. J.D.'s adopted little brother.

Sakura: I'm Sakura Haruno.

Pakura: I'm Pakura.

Fu: I'm Fu. I don't have a last name.

Finn: It's a pleasure to meet you all. Princess Bubblegum, F.P. and S.P are you all okay?

Princess Bubblegum: Yes Finn we are all okay.

Flame Princess: Patience St. Pim tried to destroy our world. She was controlling us and she was gonna make us do a ritual that will change the world.

Slime Princess: She was gonna change it into a totally corrupted world and make everyone into people they're not.

Finn: That is horrible!

Simon: Yes. It was.

Finn: Simon, you're back to normal again.

Simon: Yes. Thanks to J.D. here. He destroyed the Ice King's crown and restored me. I can now use the Ice King's powers without losing my sanity.

Finn: That's awesome! So the Ice King is gone for good?

Simon: Yes. No more Ice King.

Lucy: Thank goodness.

?: Guys!

Flying over to us was Marceline the Vampire Queen.

Finn: Marceline!

Marceline: Finn, Jake, you're back! I'm glad you're okay.

Finn: Me too.

Marceline: I saw a massive explosion destroy the entire Ice Kingdom.

Me: No one is hurt Marceline. We were fighting Patience St. Pim, A crazy Ice Elemental that wanted to change all of Ooo in her own image.

Lucy: Exactly. She was going to change all of Ooo into this. 

Lucy drew a picture of Ooo from an alternate time and showed us an image of what would've happened to the Land of Ooo had we not stopped Patience St. Pim. 
The Land of OOO 4 Elemental Zones (2)

We see the image and it was weird.

All: Whoa. 

Me: So that's what would've happened. I'm guessing each zone represents a different element.

Lucy: That's right. Candy, Slime, Fire and Ice. Also the zones represent the four primary personality traits.

Me: The 4 Personality Traits in Proto-Psychology? Mega freaky.


Laney: I've read about this. It's the four primary personality traits that are said to make each of us what we are. They are Choleric, Phlegmatic, Melacholic and Sanguine. They also represent the four elemental forces of Nature: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Luna: That's amazing Lanes. I had no idea such a thing even existed.

Ember: No kidding. 

Lola: What does each personality represent?

Laney: Choleric entails rage, irritability, aggressiveness, irascibility, and dominance and it embodies the Element of Fire. Phlegmatic entails being relaxed, peaceful and quiet and it embodies the Element of Water. Melacholic entails Sadness, depression, pessimism, and negativity and embodies the Element of Earth. Lastly Sanguine entails Happiness, Joy, Enthusiasm, and Positivity and embodies the Element of Air. 

Lana: That is very strange. I didn't know all about this.

Luan: Yeah. That is weird. How truly Psychological! [Rimshot] [Laughs] Get it?

Varie, Carol, Aylene, Eddy, Ember and Shannon laughed and the others sighed.

Varie: [Laughs] Good one Luan.

Eddy: [Laughs] That was funny.

Carol: That was funny.


Lucy explained what would've happened and it was not pretty.

Me: Jeez Lucy. That's horrible.

Lincoln: No kidding.

Linka: It's times like these that I'm glad we stopped Patience St. Pim.

Naruto: Me too.

Finn: Yeah.

Princess Bubblegum: I agree. Thank you for saving all of us from having to endure a fate worse than death.

Me: You're welcome Princess Bubblegum.

Later we walked all over the Land of Ooo and found some unusual stuff. We went to the Fire Kingdom, Wildberry Kingdom, Breakfast Kingdom, Marceline's House, and more.

We found all sorts of traces of Mankind from all over and beamed them all over to the house. We found numerous old arcade games and more in an old building. We beamed those over to the house as well. Naruto and Flame Princess developed feelings for eachother and Flame Princess was made part of his family. We also found Simon's fiance Betty Grof and she was so happy to see him back to normal. Finn and Jake went home and we went home too. Lisa got all the Arcade games working again and installed them in our rec room and in Lincoln and Linka's room. Flame Princess now lives in the Leaf with Naruto.


Another Fanfiction Complete.

Adventure Time was a strange and very interesting show but I like it. I found it very shocking that a Nuclear Holocaust destroyed all the Humans and Finn is the only Human left. It must be really scary being the only Human left on the planet after a massive Cataclymic event like that. My favorite episodes are well alot of them. But I loved the one where Finn fights the Lich, Ooo's Ultimate Evil. Ron Perlman voiced him an he did a tremendously great job voicing bad guys over the years like Slade Wilson in Teen Titans 2003 to 2006 and the Lich in Adventure Time. Let me know what you all think.

See you all next time.

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