This is a Joke Minisode. 


Me, Rachel and Lori were playing golf at the golf course.

Me: This is awesome.

Lori: It literally is. Golfing is a great way to have fun.

Rachel: It sure is.

I was teed up and had my driver on the par 4 12th hole. I hit the ball and drove it to the hole and I got a hole in one on a par 4.

We cheered wildly.


Lori: That was literally awesome J.D.!

Rachel: Way to go J.D.!

Me: Thanks girls.


Leni, me and Rachel are hitting a punching bag.

Me: (Grunting) So do you like this Leni?

Leni: Totes. It's perfect for relieving stress.

Rachel: It sure is and we're working up a sweat storm.

We were dripping sweat like no tomorrow.


Me, Luna, Sam and Rachel are jamming on electric guitars and shredding like no tomorrow.

Me: YEAH!!!! ROCK ON!!!!





It was another insidious April Fools Day and Prank War III has broken out at the Loud House. Me, Rachel, Lincoln and Paige were going all out against Luan on April Fools Day. We're hitting Luan with everything we've got at her. Banana cream pies, spring-loaded boxing gloves, all kinds of crazy shenanigans. We were firing pie bazookas, condiment squirt pistols and cannons that fire bags of flour and potatoes at Luan and Luan was firing pies and Spring-loaded boxings gloves at us.

Me: Never again Luan!

Luan: You'll never stop me. I am the Queen of April Fools! (Evil Laughter)

Rachel: Not for long.

Rachel pulled out a special grenade and pulls the pin.

Rachel: Fire in the hole!

​​​​​​We ducked and the grenade exploded and splattered hot sauce everywhere.



Me: Hit her with everything we got!

Lincoln: You've been asking for this for a long time Luan!

Paige: So say your prayers!

Lori and the rest of the sisters came and fired garbage, mud, dandelion spray, mousetraps, pies and, the works at Luan and she then was buried in a pile of filth. She waved the white flag of surrender and at long last, Luan Loud, the evil Queen of April Fools was defeated.

Me: It's over guys. We won. Great job guys.

We cheered wildly.

Laney: Maybe now Luan has officially learned her lesson about why her pranks are insanely deadly.

Rachel: One can hope Laney. One can hope.


Me: Lets play some sports guys.

Lynn: Cool! What are we gonna play?

Me: Basketball. 

Me and Lynn were at the park and at the basketball courts and we were neck and neck as the rest of the Loud kids were cheering for both of us. 

I did a daredevil move and did a slam dunk that won the game for me.

Lynn: Way to go J.D.!

Lori: J.D. That was literally awesome!

Lincoln: Yeah!

Me: Thanks guys.

Lucy, Me and Rachel were playing baseball.

Lucy: You have a good hit J.D. 

Me: Thanks Lucy. You play baseball really good just as you write poems.

Rachel: Throw one right down the middle Lucy.

Lucy did and I hit the ball out of the park.

Me: It's out of here.

Rachel: It sure is.

Out in Space an alien spacecraft was hit with the baseball through the window.

Alien: (Alien Language) Rotten Earth Kids! 


Me, Lola and Rachel were jump roping.

Lola: Great job guys. Keep it up.

Me: (Panting)

Rachel: This is awesome. 

We jumped alot.


Me, Lana and Rachel were mud wrestling.

Me: This is fun!


Rachel: Yeah!


Lana: I'll make mud pies out of you!


Lana had beaten us.

Lana: Yeah! That was great mud Wrestling. (Cracks her neck)


Me and Rachel were with Lisa in her lab mixing some chemicals.

Me: Steady. 

I was pouring into a beaker some potassium disulfide and Nitric Trihydrate. It didn't explode.

Lisa: Good job 2nd big brother. Nitric Trihydrate is a very dangerous chemical mixture.

Rachel: It sure looks like it.

Me: Yeah it is. When you use chemicals like this you're playing with fire.

Rachel: Yeah.

My chemicals exploded.


Me: Dang it.

​​​Lily, Me and Rachel were building a castle with her blocks.

Lily: Poo-poo.

Me: I know Lily. It's fun building with your blocks isn't it?

Lily nodded.


Lily then soiled her diaper.

Me: Uh oh. Time to change you little one.

Rachel put her on the diaper changing table and I take the dirty diaper off and put it in the diaper bin and change her with a new one.

Me: There you go Lily. 

Lily: Poo poo.

Rachel: You much better?

Lily nodded.

We resumed building.


Me, Rachel and Lincoln were playing video games.

Me: I've got you now!

Lincoln: You and what army?

Me: Me and my super deluxe combo!

Game announcer: Super Burger Flip!

I won with that move!

Game Announcer: J.D. Wins!

Me: Yes!

Lincoln: That was awesome J.D.!

Rachel: It sure was.

Me: Thanks guys.


Me, Rachel and Laney are painting landscapes in the backyard.

Me: What a beautiful day for painting a picture

Laney: It sure is.

Rachel: It's so serene.

Laney: It sure is.



Me, Rachel and Clyde were gardening at his house.

Clyde: I like gardening. It's my kind of sport.

Me: It's awesome Clyde. You have an awesome garden.

Rachel: It sure is.

Clyde: Thanks. My dads grow only the finest in fruit and vegetables.

Me: I believe it.

Rachel: Me too.


My first ever Joke Minisode complete.

Me and Bubblegumsurpr1 made a roleplay for sports with the Louds and friends. Credit goes to you for an awesome RP.

Let me know what you think.

See you all next time.

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