Note: This takes place before Tricked.

Me, Varie and the Loud Kids were telling ghost stories around a campfire.

Luna: And the kids found the skeletons of dead rock stars in the closet!

But we weren't scared at all.

Me: That's not scary at all.

Varie: No it wasn't.

Lincoln: That's right.

Me: You want a scary story? I've got one. (I hold a flashlight under my face) It's the story of the Dark Stanley Carnage!


Laney: I don't think I'm gonna like this one.

Me: The Story takes place in Springfield, Oregon at Springfield Elementary School. Years ago Stanley Degroot was a chef that worked in the cafeteria.

Scene turns into the story.

Me: (Narrating) All the kids made fun of him because he never graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Kids: Stanley, Stanley no degree! 2 credits short at M.I.T.! (Taunting Laughter)

Me: It was really stupid and humiliating. But then one day he went HOMICIDAL! 

Stanley's eyes turned red with pure evil.

Me: He picked up a cleaver and put a new entree on the menu. He chased down the kids and cut their heads off! Then he served them in a delectable little dish called Kids Head Soup!

Dark Stanley: (Evil Laughter) (Tastes the soup) Needs more girl. (Laughs Maniacally)

Scene reverts back to the campfire.

The Kids and Varie screamed and surprisingly Mr. Grouse heard the story too and he screamed.

Mr. Grouse: That's a really scary tale J.D.

Me: I know Mr. Grouse. 

Lori: What happened to him?

Me: They executed him for Capital Murder and buried him in an unmarked grave. But the next day, the whole cemetary was gone! 

Everyone but Varie screamed in fear and ran back into the house.

Varie: That was a really scary story J.D.

Me: I know Varie. I learned that tale from this book. (I hold up a book called Evil Urban Legends) 

Varie: "Evil Urban Legends".

Me: Yep. Legends say that his deeds were so vile that not even the Netherworld would accept him and his evil ghost still haunts Springfield Elementary to this day.

Rita: That was a great story though J.D.

Me: Thanks Ms. Rita.

Mr. Grouse came.

Mr. Grouse: Good job telling that tale J.D. I was there when it happened. It was 50 years ago today. 


Mr. Grouse: I was working as a volunteer security guard at the school when I saw Stanley killing all those kids. He killed 75 people that day and me and him got into a terrible fight. He chopped me in the arm with his cleaver and I hit him in the head with a billy club and knocked him out. I got him arrested and sentenced him to death. He vowed to get revenge on me from beyond the grave. So I moved away from Springfield here to Royal Woods.


Me: Whoa! That's horrible Mr. Grouse.

Mr. Grouse: Yep. Here's the scar.

Mr. Grouse revealed a huge scar on his right arm that was 6 inches long.

Varie: That's a dousy.

Me: Jumping Candy Corns! That's a hefty scar. I'm sorry to reopen old wounds like that Mr. Grouse. Pun intended.

Mr. Grouse: It's all right J.D. You didn't know. 

Rita: Glad you're all right Mr. Grouse.

Mr. Grouse: Thanks Rita.

He went back home.

We then hit the hay.


Another Minisode complete. 

I got the idea for this one from The Simpsons episode Yokel Chords from Season 14 in 2007. The story of the Dark Stanley Murders was one of the craziest things I've ever heard in the series. But it was a cool one. Bart did a great job with telling that story. Let me know what you all think.

See you all next time.

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