It starts with Brittney and Haiku reading books on dark magic in the living room.

Brittney: Haiku, we are gonna ask Maggie to live with us. We have to tell her something.

Haiku: I know Brittney. I may be dark and emotionless but I love my sister and she is the world to me. I want my sister back.

Brittney: I know Haiku and we will.

The next day Brittney and Haiku were walking over to Haiku's old house. Haiku had a black umbrella open because she doesn't like sunlight.

Brittney: Are you ready for this Haiku?

Haiku: I am Brittney. 

They arrived at Haiku's old house.

Brittney: Nice place.

Haiku: It's no castle of Dracula but it was a nice house.

They saw Maggie sitting on the front porch.

Maggie: Haiku!

She rushed over to them and Maggie and Haiku hugged for the first time in a while.

Maggie: Haiku. I've missed you so much sis.

Haiku: Me too Maggie. I guess my former parents didn't tell you.

Maggie: Tell me what?

Brittney: It's been a while Maggie.

Maggie: It sure has Brittney. I heard you went on a huge global trip.

Brittney: We sure did. But there's a reason why Haiku is not in your household. Haiku was blessed by the Raven of Hdor - the God of Darkness in Norse Myth during the Sadie Hawkins dance last year and it gave her dark powers like my friend Lucy Loud and your mom and dad disowned her because if them. 

Maggie was shocked and horrified. She normally doesn't show any emotion but this is an exception to her.

Maggie: Why didn't they tell me?

Brittney: What did they say?

Maggie: They told me that Haiku ran away to get a better life.

Brittney: Apparently they lied about it because they didn't want you to find out the truth. Ever heard of that old saying The Truth Hurts?

Maggie: Yes. I know that saying Brittney and thank you for reuniting me with my sister. Now I know that those people are not my parents and they will never accept that Haiku was given a great gift of darkness.

Brittney: I agree.

Suddenly a fireball made of black fire shot towards Maggie from out of the sky and hit her and she was in a tornado of black fire. 

Brittney: Whoa! We got an elemental choosing in progress.

Haiku: We sure do. This is exactly how I got my powers.

Brittney: That's right.

When the tornado of black fire vanished, Maggie had black angel wings with feathers made of pure black fire.

Maggie got up.

Maggie: What happened? I feel really strange.

Brittney: A black fireball hit you and gave you powers like mine, Lucy and Haiku's and you have amazing black angel wings.

Maggie saw the wings and she saw that Brittney was right.

Maggie: Wow! These wings are amazing!

Brittney: They sure are. My dad has a book that can tell us how you got your powers.

Maggie: Thanks Brittney. I got to leave a note for my parents and pack my stuff. They're at work now. I'll be right back.

Haiku: Okay. We'll wait.

Maggie went into the house and packed her stuff and left a note.

30 Minutes Later Maggie came out of the house with a suitcase full of her clothes and her stuff.

Maggie: Okay. I'm ready. 

Brittney: Okay. Lets go.

Maggie: And from now on my name is now Maggie Loud.

Haiku: I'm glad to have you in my family sis.

They hugged.

They walked back home to the Knudson-Loud-Anderson-Weather estate.

Maggie later got settled in to Lucy's Room. As Haiku and Maggie were catching up on everything that's been happening everyone else came in.

Lori: Another great day at school.

Brittney: Hey guys.

Luna: Hey Brittney.

Luan: Maggie. What's going on?

Maggie: Hey Luan. I have some news to tell you all.

Brittney: Maggie was told everything that happened to Haiku and she severed her ties to her parents. Former parents rather. 

Maggie revealed everything to us and we gasped in shock.

Me: You did the right thing to get out of there Maggie.

Varie: You sure did.

Laney: Anybody that disowns a child of their own family because of getting powers is not human and doesn't deserve to be a parent.

Lisa: Affirmative Laney.

Maggie: I never want to see those two monsters again! (Crying) I can never forgive them for kicking my sister out of my life!

Luan comforted Maggie and Eddy was with her.

Luan: It's all right Maggie. You're right though. Your former parents don't even deserve to be called parents.

Luna: That's right dude.

Sam: Those people don't deserve to take care of you and Haiku.

Lincoln: That's right Maggie. 

Linka: Yeah.

Me: But let me see how you got your powers.

I pull out my Legends book and found an amazing discovery.

Me: Maggie you got dark powers because of the Black Fireball of Erebus, the God of Darkness in Greek Myth. Once every 400 years, Erebus sends a fireball of pure black fire to a worthy person who has righteous love and fury for any member of their family. They are given black angel wings with feathers made entirely out of black fire, dark fire powers, the ability to use dark magic, Cosmic Umbrakinesis, and dark lightning, immortality, invincibility, the ability to talk to birds, The Ability to see in the dark which can be turned on and off at will, super strength and super speed. They also have the amazing ability to summon and control the souls of the damned and they even have the power to resurrect the dead.

Maggie was shocked.

Maggie: This is amazing. I had no idea I could get so many powers from this.

Aylene: It's how most of us got our powers. 

Yuko: We were given our powers from Mythological Deities from all over the world.

Linka: That's right Maggie.

Jessie K: But what are we gonna do about Maggie and Haiku's parents?

A knock on the door was heard.

Me: That's them. I can sense it.

Maggie: Let me and Haiku face them. 

Haiku: It's payback time.

Maggie answered the door and it was her and Haiku's former parents.

Maggie: I knew you would come.

Maggie's mom: You will come home with us right now young lady.

Maggie: No! I'm through with you. I know the truth. You kicked out Haiku because of her powers. She is my sister! You lied to me and ruined her life. I was to always be there for her and you took her away from me! Now you are going to pay for it!

Maggie fired a blast of dark fire and sent them onto the street. They both faced them and were ready to fight.

Maggie: You guys used to enjoy using dark magic before me and Haiku existed!  And you used it for good and great works!  What changed!?  Haiku is my sister. And you had the nerve to throw out your own kid!?  Lie to me about it, and...(sighs) I made a promise.  I wish you had kept yours.  A true parent would not bail on their kids when a big change enters their lives.  I will not wish death on you, cause even I would never be that cold-hearted...but I hope you learn this lesson the hard way.

Haiku: We will never forgive you. 

Haiku and Maggie dashed and kicked them both in the face and knocked them out.

The police arrived and arrested Maggie's parents.

Later they were found guilty of Child Abandonment, neglected and Child Abuse. They were sentenced to 25 years in prison without parole, fined $500,000.00, ordered to pay Maggie and Haiku $10,000,000.00 and their parental rights were officially terminated. If they ever have anymore children they will be taken away and put up for adoption on the spot. 

Maggie: Guys thank you for helping me and my sister.

Brittney: No problem Maggie. 

Haiku: I'm glad to have my sister back. 

Maggie and Haiku hugged.

Maggie: Me too.

Cody: I have this strong feeling that your former parents won't last a day in jail.

Zoe: I have a feeling you're right Cody. People that abuse children are not liked at all among the prison population. They usually die in prison and don't survive passed the first week.

Hercules: Well they deserve it.

Vince: I agree. People like them give all parents everywhere a really bad name.

Aylene: That's right.

Me: Yep.

And they were right. 5 day later, Maggie and Haiku's former parents were beaten to death by fellow inmates. They were buried in unmarked graves and nobody attended their funerals. They are now burning in the darkness of the Netherworld forever. 

Maggie is now an official Loud.


I had this idea from an earlier chapter. GennaiArakidaXIV gave me the idea for Maggie's speech for when she fights her disgraced parents. Thanks for that man. Let me know what you all think. 

See you all next time.

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