"The Quest of the Brave 12 Begins"

Me, Varie, Vince, Naruto, Sakura, Fu, Jessie, Laney, Lincoln, Lisa and Lily were in the Simulator. This is gonna be a long exercise and we had seals on our bodies that prevent us from aging.

The Simulator activated and we found ourselves in the world of Samurai Jack.

Me: Awesome! We're in the world of Samurai Jack. 

Vince: This show was awesome.

Lincoln: I agree. Jack was flung into the future by Aku and he's now trying to find a way back to the past.

Lisa: What happened to this whole city?

Me: From what I remember Aku changed the planet forever and the landscape has been radically altered.

Varie: No kidding. The whole world has been completely changed as a result.

Laney: These cities are unlike anything any human have ever seen before.

Fu: Why would this Aku do all of this?

Vince: He's the ultimate Evil. Aku is pure evil and he's immortal and invincible and there’s only thing that can destroy him forever and that's the sword that Samurai Jack possesses. 

Sakura: Wow. That sword must be really powerful.

Me: It is.

A whoosh was heard.

Naruto: [Points to the sky] Look up there guys!

We saw a time wormhole open up and out of it came Samurai Jack himself.

Naruto: It's Jack! I got this!

Naruto spread his wings and flew up and caught him.

Naruto: Are you all right?

Jack: Yes. Thanks to you.

Naruto and Jack landed.

Me: Good save bro.

Naruto: Thanks J.D.

Me: We should introduce ourselves Jack. I'm J.D. Knudson.

Vince: I'm Vince Pusateri.

Varie: I'm Varie Knudson, J.D.'s fiance.

Naruto: I'm Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

Sakura: I'm Sakura Haruno.

Fu: I'm Fu. I don't have a last name.

Jessie: I'm Jessie Bannon.

Lincoln: I'm Lincoln Loud and these are my little sisters Laney, Lisa and Lily.

Laney: It's a pleasure to meet you Jack.

Lisa: Greetings. 

Lily: It's a pleasure.

Jack: It's a pleasure to meet all of you. Where am I?

Me: You're actually in a city in a radically altered landscape because of Aku.

Jack: Aku?

Vince: Yeah. Aku casted a spell that catapulted you into the distant future.

Lincoln: It allowed Aku's evil to fester and take over the planet.

Jack: I see. So the question is not where I am but when I am.

Laney: Exactly.

Lily: We're gonna help you get back home.

Jack: I would greatly appreciate that.

Me: All right guys we're gonna be known as the Brave 12 and our mission is to help Jack get back to his time in the past.

Jack: Thank you all. I must return to my own time so that I might undo Aku's evil reign before it envelopes the Earth. This ageless demon must be stopped.

Me: And we all will work together to stop him.

Jack: This is all very confusing for me.

Me: I know. Lets go get a drink.

We walked up to a door and I knock on it. 3 sliding windows open up.

Bouncer: What do you want?

Me: We would like to come in for a drink please.

Bouncer: A drink? Of course. Come on in.

The windows closed and the door slide up and there was techno rock music playing.

Me: Wow! That is hardcore rock music.

We went in and saw that the bar was full of alien creatures unlike anything we've ever seen before. Most of them were humanoid.

Varie: These guys are weird.

Vince: No kidding.

Jessie: I must admit. This is really awesome.

Lincoln: I agree.

Naruto: Look at that guy.

Naruto pointed at a creature that looked like a slug commando.

Creature: And what you lookin at!?

He jumped over the table and I punched him in the face as he was about to attack and I sent him crashing into a table.

POW!!!! CRASH!!!!

Me: Don't even think about it slugface!

The creature got up.

Creature: Humans you got some nerve!

Vince: We have not yet begun to fight.

The creature pulled out a weapon and it was a weird sword.

I unsheath my sword and slash the creatures arm off.

It alerted more of his kind and they attacked. They fired missiles and we deflected them all back at them and destroyed they.

In a booth 3 dogs that could talk saw us fight and they approached us.

?: (British Accent) Pardon me fine sir.

I kneel down.

Me: Yes?

?: My friends and I would like to offer the chance to join us.

Me: Certainly. Lets go to a booth and talk.

At a booth we were looking at them with curious expressions. A waitress came.

Waitress: Your refreshments are here.

?: Splended.

She gave us our drinks.

?: My friends I do apologize how rude of us. We haven't introduced ourselves. [Introduces the yellow dog] This is Sir Dreyfus Alexander - Chief of Excavation. Um Dreyfus old boy. You're drooling again.

Dreyfus: Huh, oh! Sorry.

He blubbered and got his drool everywhere but our auras were protecting us.

?: (Scottish Accent) You blasted idiot you're getting everybody wet!

?: And this fine gentleman is Angus McDuffey - Artifact Aficionado. And I am Sir Colon Bartholemew Montgomery Rothchild III or Rothy for short. (Chuckles)

Me: It's a pleasure to meet you all. I'm James Dean Knudson. But my friends call me J.D.

Varie: I'm Varie Knudson, J.D.'s fiance.

Vince: I'm Vince Pusateri.

Jessie: I'm Jessica Bannon. But everyone calls me Jessie.

Naruto: I'm Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

Sakura: I'm Sakura Haruno.

Fu: I'm Fu. I don't have a last name.

Lincoln: I'm Lincoln Loud and these are my little sisters Laney, Lisa and Lily.

Laney: It's a pleasure.

Lisa: Greetings my friends.

Lily: Charmed.

Jack: And my name is Jack. 

Rothy: It's a pleasure to meet all of you.

Jack: This is all very confusing to me.

Rothy: No, no, no, no, no quite all right. Quite all right. Since the beginning of history the immortal Aku has ruthlessly ruled the Earth. Plundering its resources as he sees fit. But it was still not enough. He opened his ports to the galaxy so that he might take the riches of other worlds as well. Since then his otherworldly business affairs have drawn scaths of vicious criminals, mindless stooges, and questionable mercenaries to our pitiable planet. Making the Earth topsy-turvy if I do say so myself.

Me: We believe it. Aku has radically altered the landscape in such a way. 

Jack: There are other worlds across the stars?

Me: That's correct Jack. One of humanities biggest mysteries was Are we Alone in the Universe? and the answer is No we are not. We all come from Earth.

Jack: Yes. This world is different from the world that I remember. Even the grandest cities were not as overwhelming as this one. Chariets did not fly and dogs did not speak in human tongue.

Varie: He's right. We mean no insult to you guys. The dogs we have are wonderful companions and they only barked.

Lincoln: Yeah.

Dreyfus gasped.

Rothy: You see the ancient myths are true!

Angus: Impossible! If what you're saying is true, they'd have to be thousands of years old.

Rothy checked Jack and it gave a reading.

Rothy: (Gasp) Astounding! The age-ometer dates your particles all the way back to 25 B.A. 25 Years before Aku enslaved the Earth. You Jack my friend are a living fossil.

Jack: You were right J.D.

Me: Mm-hmm. We are from the year 2017. What year are you from Jack?

Rothy: If I may I believe he would be from the year 200 B.C.

Naruto: That's over 2,000 years ago from our time.

Angus: Right.

Me: What is the year now?

Rothy: It would be in the year 10,533 A.D.

Sakura: We're way in the future.

Fu: No kidding.

Me: We are known as the Brave 12 and our mission is to not only help Jack get back to the past but also destroy Aku.

Lily: Isn't anyone going to hear us in here?

Me: No. I put up a sound barrier that prevents sound from escaping and no one can hear us.

Naruto: Good thinking.

Rothy: Oh I'm so glad we agree on that point. Which actually brings us back to our proposal. You see we are archaeologists trying to dig up the remains of our ancestors to find out more about our past. It was only a few years ago that we had discovered that our ancestors walked upon their legs and their arms.

Dreyfus: Then one day, during our excavation we actually stumbled upon rare jewels.

Angus: Aye. These jewels ended up being a key source of power for Aku.

Rothy: So he enslaved us to forever dig up his jewels thus stiffling our excavation of our glorious past. Which is why we need you.

Me: You called the right people and we will gladly help you.

Rothy: Splended. Well we're off then.

Jack and the dogs took a ship and we flew. Naruto was carrying Jessie. We flew over the landscape and saw that it was altered much worse than what we first thought.

We arrived at the Dogs camp and it was an amazing sight. Lots of old relics from the past were dug up as well as numerous clusters of crystals.

Rothy: Welcome to our camp. As you can see our archaeological dig had unearthed many astounding discoveries concerning the history of canine kind. But unfortunately Aku has shall we say redirected our efforts purely toward the excavation of his precious gems and if Aku's unreasonable quottas are not fully met, I'm afraid terrible punishments are exacted.

We saw lots of dogs crucified to horned structures.

Rothy: My peoples spirits are broken. We simply cannot live like this any longer!

Aku was making the dogs work tirelessly without a break and they were suffering.

Jack: I have seen Aku implement these atrocities before but no more. Even dogs should not be forced to live like dogs.

Me: I agree. No offense Rothy.

Rothy: None taken.

Me: All right. Lets get to work.

Naruto: Right.

Naruto rallied up the dogs together and told them everything about Aku's evil oppression and more. They abandoned their work. The dogs were forever indebted to us. I put up a special barrier that prevents Aku from seeing the dogs not working.

Rothy: Of course J.D. It was truely a noble deed you all have done today and a historic record most worthy of our logs. You have saved all of our pack from the tyranny of Aku. We are forever indebted to you. 

Me: Think nothing of it. But it's our mission to oppose the minions of Aku and free everyone under his oppression and our mission to help Jack get back to the past and destroy Aku himself.

Rothy: Thank you so much. Now that we are free we shall take our leave of these forsaken mines. Our pack shall once again continue to unearth new discoveries to our puzzling history.

Jack: I wish you the best.

Jack and Rothy shook hands.

Rothy: We certainly invite you to join us.

Me: I wish we could Rothy but we can't. Aku's wrongs must be righted.

Jack: Yes. Surely there is a way to reverse his spell.

Varie: We will help Jack find a way back to his own time and help him finish what he started centuries ago and defeat Aku's evil before it was ever unleashed.

Vince: And Aku will pay for everything hes done to our planet.

Naruto: Yeah. 

Jessie: That's right. We won't let him get away with this.

Me: The Brave 12's Quest has begun.

Samurai Jack Theme Song Plays.

Continues in Part 2.

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