Part 34: HAWAII

Vanzilla 2.0 was in Jet mode and we were flying to our next destination.

We were very excited for it.

Nicole: We're here guys. Welcome to the Hawaiian Islands. 
Hawaii Map

Me: Hawaii. 

Lincoln: This is where we were reunited after 221 years Lilly.

Lilly: It sure was.

Lori: That was literally the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

Leni: Totes. It sure was Linky.

Me: I love Hawaii. My mom and dad used to live here years ago. They lived on the island of Maui in Kapalua.

Varie: Oh wow. That's cool.

Lynn: I heard that Maui is home to some of the biggest waves that are perfect for surfing.

Lincoln: Surfing has always been something I've wanted to try. 

Me: That's what Hawaii is known for. Not only is it home to some of the most amazing conditions for surfing but it has some of the most famous volcanoes and the best food.

Nicole: Yep. We're going to look at all the Islands of Hawaii. Our first stop is the Big Island: Hawaii.

Map of hawaii---the-big-island

We were walking on the Big Island of Hawaii and we were wearing tropical Hawaiian shirts.

Me: The Big Island of Hawaii. It's just as beautiful as I remember it.

Varie: It sure is.

Luna: This is amazing dudes.

Sam: It sure is.

Janeen: It sure is. I've always wanted to come here to Hawaii.

Yuko: Me too. 

Eddy: It's magnificent. Last time we were here was when we went to the beach.

Luan: That's right Eddy.

Nicole: You guys will love our first stop here on the big island. 

We went to the most famous volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii: Kīlauea. 
Puu Oo looking up Kilauea - edit

Nicole: Here we are guys. This is Kīlauea. Hawaii's most active volcano.

Lola: So this is Kīlauea. It's beautiful but it looks scary.

Me: That's what volcanoes sometimes look like Lola.

Nicole: You haven't seen anything yet here.

We then saw Kīlauea Lava Lake and it was an amazing sight. 
Web1 VW-2017-10-19 Hmm 20160107 Orr USGS copy

Me: Kīlauea lava lake. This is unbelievable.

Naruto: It sure is.

Lola: This is what lava really should look like. Lengai's lava was unusual compared to this.

Me: It was but that's part of it.

Lana: It sure looks hot.

Nicole: The temperature here is 2,200 degrees fahrenheit. Let me show you something awesome.

On an area of Kīlauea we saw lava flows on the surface and it was bubbling and on fire. The lava was extremely hot and it was making some of us sweat like pigs.

Me: Whoo! That is hot!

Varie: It sure is. 

Lola: So this is how hot Lava is on Kīlauea. That is really hot stuff.

Me: You don't want to touch it either. It's hot enough to burn a limb off in seconds.

Lily: Ouch.

Lucy: That is really hot.

Laney: It sure is. 

Linka held her hand over it and instantly pulled it away when she felt the big heat.

Linka: YIKES! Wow! That is hot!

Me: It's 2,200 degrees Linka. It can deliver burns from 4 to 5 feet away.

Nicole pulled out a metal rod that had a metal spoon on it.

Nicole: This is the most dangerous part about being a volcanologist. When they get samples of molten hot lava with a long rod and spoon. Once it's taken you really feel the heat.

Nicole cut the lava and pulled out some lava and it was really hot. We were really sweating now.

Laney: Man! That is really hot! 

Shannon: No kidding! Whew! I'm sweating like a pig here.

Me: Whew! Boy you can get a wicked heat rash from that!

Lisa: Affirmative 2nd big brother. 

Varie: That is hot stuff. It must be 3,000 degrees fahrenheit.

Nicole: That's right mom.

Nicole scooped up the lava.

Lily: Let me cool it down Nicole.

Nicole: Okay,

Nicole held the lava over the rocks and Lily splashed it with water and the steam coming off it was amazing.

Lori: That is literally amazing.

Edd: The steam coming off of it is amazing.

Ed: It sure is Double D.

Linka: Yeah. 

Naruto: That is potent. I can't believe that Lava is that hot.

Rin: Me neither. It's amazing though.

Natsumi: It sure is. But look at that. The Lava in some spots has blue fire.

Me: That's methane. Methane gas burns blue when it's on fire.

Laney: That is weird.

Lisa: It's a very fascinating chemical reaction.

Sam: I didn't know about this.

Luna: Me neither dude.

Nicole took the lava sample and it was Pumice Rock and it was amazing.

Nicole: Pumice rock. 

Lynn: Cool. I heard that Pumice floats on water.

Nicole: That's right Lynn. Pumice has lots of air pockets in it that make it float in water.

Later we saw another awesome spectacle near the ocean. Streams of lava were flowing into the ocean and creating a huge wall of steam. 

Shannon: That is so cool!

Nicole: It sure is Shannon. This is the most famous part about Kīlauea volcano. Streams of lava pour into the ocean and create these huge curtains of steam. The Best way to see them from another angle is by helicopter. The lava from Kīlauea makes the island grow.

Lincoln: That's right. Because it's on a hot spot here in the middle of the Pacific Plate.

Terra: It's all amazing. 

Raven: It sure is.

Sam: Wait. I remember that I got my powers because of the Phoenix of Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire. I would like to see if I can try to speak to her.

Me: All right Sam.

We went to the Lava lake in Kīlauea and Sam kneeled and prayed to Pele.

Sam: Lady Pele my name is Sam Sharp Loud and I was chosen by you when I got my powers of fire. I need some help in learning more about my abilities. I need to know. What else can I do with my powers?

Suddenly the ground rumbled and then a massive fountain of lava and fire exploded out of the lava lake. A big glob of lava landed by Sam and exploded and began to take form. It became a beautiful woman with black hair and Hawaiian clothes and she had fire in her hands and wings made of pure fire. 
Pele, Goddess of Fire

Sam: Lady Pele. It's an honor to meet you.

Pele: Yes Sam. It's a pleasure to meet you too. I gave you my powers for a reason. I chose you to help the people you most care about and to help bring justice to those that have threatened the balance of the world and the universe.

Sam: I am honored Lady Pele. I had no idea that we all were chosen for that purpose.

Pele: Yes. I will grant you the knowledge needed to learn more about what powers you have.

Pele threw a ball of fire and it hit Sam on the forehead and a flame appeared on her forehead. It took Sam 20 minutes to digest the info Pele gave her.

Sam: Thank you Lady Pele. I now know everything about what I can do.

Pele: If you ever need any advice just ask and I will speak to you through that flame on your forehead.

Sam: Thank you.

Pele left and Sam felt like a whole new person.

We went to the next volcano on the big Island: Mauna Kea. 
Mauna Kea

Me: Mauna Kea Volcano. 

Nicole: That's right dad. This volcano is the tallest volcano in Hawaii.

Jessie K: Yeah. Here's a strange fact. If all the oceans on Earth dried up, this volcano would be the tallest mountain in the world at 33,500 feet high.

Everyone: Wow!

Me: I remember reading about that. That is a strange fact but it's really cool.

Lori: It literally is.

Leni: Totes.

Sam: That's amazing. I had no idea that Mauna Kea would be taller than Mount Everest.

Nicole: Yeah but the fish wouldn't like it. Without water there's no life or anything.

Me: That's right.

Vince: It's hard for anything to survive without water or oxygen.

Me: That's right partner.

Cody: Yeah.

Lisa: That's correct. Life can't flourish on any planet if there's no h2o.

Aylene: Yeah.

Later we were at a famous restaurant widely known throughout all of Hawaii: Bubba Gumps Shrimp Company. 
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co logo

Lori: The shrimp here is literally delicious.

Me: It sure is Lori. Bubba Gump came from the movie Forrest Gump in 1994. It's very popular in various spots all over the Pacific Ocean and parts of England and Spain.

Naruto: It's delicious. 

Sakura: It sure is. 

Fu: Mm. It's really good.

Hinata: It sure is.

Jessie K: I could eat everything here. It's really good stuff.

Mary: It sure is.

Anna: I love the shrimp.

Leni: Totes. It's really good.

Later we went on a Catamaran and went whale watching. We saw lots of humpback whales and dolphins.


We later went to the next island: Maui. 

Me: The island of Maui. My mom and dad used to live here for a while. They lived on the Kapalua golf course.

Lincoln: J.D. that's really cool.

Lilly: It sure is.

Me: I'll show you.

We went to Kapalua Golf Course and it had a tremendously beautiful view of the ocean. 
Kapalua Golf Course

Me: Here we are guys. Kapalua Plantation Course.

Lori: It's literally perfect and it would make a great spot for the High School Varsity Golf Team to play.

Me: It sure would Lori. This course is also home to where the PGA Hawaiian Open plays.

Linka: That's so cool.

Me: Yeah. My dad golfs alot and he is a great golfer.

Lynn Sr.: That's amazing J.D. I play golf alot and it's a great sport.

Me: That's cool Mr. Lynn.

Lynn: That's awesome dad. I started getting into golf and I'm getting good at it.

Me: That's great Lynn. I'm glad those golf lessons me and Lori gave you are paying off.

Lynn: Thanks J.D.

Later at a beach we were there to witness the start of the famous Big Kahuna of Hawaii Surfing Contest.

Lincoln: Whoa! Everyone has surfboards ready.

Me: This spot on Maui is home to the legendary Big Kahuna of Hawaii Surfing Contest. 

Lynn: Cool! 

Jessie K: The first one to ever win it was the founder of Hawaii: King Kamehameha I. 

Naruto: That's amazing Jessie.

Rin: How do you win it?

Me: It's not easy. You have to really impress the judges by performing the best surfing moves on waves as big as houses.

Varie: Yeah. If you get a great score you win a trophy and a lei on the statue of King Kamehameha.

Lincoln: That is so cool!

Lynn Sr.: I can teach you how to surf son. After all I was the Big Kahuna Surfer 20 years ago.

Me: I didn't know that Mr. Lynn.

Luna: That is rocking pop star!

Rita: Oh honey that's amazing.

We walked up to a registration booth and signed Lincoln and Lynn up. The contest was not for 3 more hours so Lynn Sr. taught Lincoln how to surf and Lincoln absorbed everything he learned from Lynn Sr. like a sponge. Later it was time for the contest.

Announcer: And welcome to the annual Big Kahuna Surfing Contest and we have an awesome treat for you all today.

After the rules were explained it began and they got on their surfboards and saw a huge wave coming. It was 50 feet high and Lincoln and Lynn were demonstrating some awesome surfing moves. Lincoln and Lynn pulled off a successful pipe wave surf. All the other surfers wiped out until it was only Lynn and Lincoln.

I was looking through binoculars and watching the whole thing.

Me: Wow! Lincoln and Lynn are evenly matched. 

Varie: They sure are.

Lincoln: We're too matched. But there is one move that can make sure that I win.


Lynn Sr.: Now Lincoln there's one move that no surfer has ever dared to attempt: The Reverse 720 degree Topside surf. It's so dangerous that no one has ever even dared to attempt it. They wipe out with ease because of it. So don't do it.

Lincoln: I won't dad.

Flashback Ends.

Lincoln: I have no other choice.

Lincoln surfed along the walls of the wave and went into the air as the wave crested and spun counter-clockwise twice.

Me: Oh no! He didn't!

Lynn Sr.: Not the forbidden move!

But Lincoln managed to defy the absolute impossible and he successfully did the move without any problems as he landed on the top of the wave. We were all shocked and ecstatic as we cheered wildly.

Me: He did it!

Lynn Sr.: (Shocked Beyond all Words) I can't believe it! (Faints)


Lynn: So that's how you want to play it.

Lynn attempted to do the same thing but she wiped out and Lincoln had won.

Announcer: LINCOLN LOUD WINS!!!!

We all cheered wildly for him as he came on shore and Lynn was on the shore.

Me: Lincoln you were awesome buddy!

Lilly: Oh Linky!

Lincoln and Lilly kissed.

Lynn: Lincoln you were awesome!

Lincoln: Thanks Lynn. But thank you dad for teaching me.

Lynn Sr.: You're welcome son. (Crying with joy) I'm so proud of you!

Announcer: Lets see the scores.

The judges gave Lincoln a perfect score. All 10's down the line.

We cheered wildly for him and Lincoln was awarded a gold trophy that had a surfboard on it and he was given a Lei to put on the statue and it was awesome. Lincoln also became the first ever surfer to pull off one of the most dangerous moves in all of surfing.

Later we were on our way to the next island.


We went to the next island: Oahu. 

Me: The island of Oahu. One of my favorite islands and it has lots of history behind it.

Varie: It sure does.

Me: There's also a famous event here that is widely known throughout all of the USA. Let me show you all.

We went to the coast line and we were at the famous Pearl Harbor. 
Pearl Harbor

Nicole: Oh man. Pearl Harbor.

Jessie K: I know this sight all too well. On December 7th, 1941 Japanese Bomber Planes flew over this place and ambushed harbor. They dropped powerful bombs and destroyed most of our battleships here. Resulting in the deaths of 2,403 people. Most of them were United States Soldiers. It was one of the worst tragedies to ever befall us in the middle of the 20th century and because of that The United States went into World War II.

Lincoln: That's horrible.

Lana: It sure is. The Japanese planes are amazing and so are the ships of the Navy.

Me: They sure are. 

Rita: That's my favorite plane right there. [Points to a plane] The Mitsubishi A6M Zero. 
Japanese Zero Plane

Me: That's a Japanese Plane. 

Rita: I used to fly planes a long time ago.

Lincoln: Mom that is so cool!

Me: I didn't know you can do that Ms. Rita.

Rita: Yep. Pop-pop taught me. He flew planes in the military.

Me: Oh This I got to see.

Lana: Me too.

Rita and Lynn Sr. got into the plane.

Me: Still in good shape even after 76 years had passed.

Lori: It sure is.

Leni: Totes.

Rita fired up the plane and it took off.

We spread our wings and flew beside the plane.

Me: This is awesome!

Lincoln: It sure is! I didn't know mom could fly a plane!

Varie: It's like we're all one with the sky!

Janeen: It sure is.

We landed 2 hours later and it was awesome.

Me: Ms. Rita you were awesome!

Vince: You sure were.

Rita: Thanks boys. But this is nothing. You should see how I do wheelies in a tank baby.

Laney: We believe it.

Naruto: But that was amazing.

Later we went to the rest of the Hawaiian Islands and we set out for our next destination.

Continues in Part 35.

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