It starts in Lori's room. I called a meeting.

Me: All right guys. I hereby call this meeting to order. Now I'm sure you're all wondering the reason why I called all of you here.

Lori: We are J.D. Normally this is my job.

Me: I know Lori. But let me explain. You see, ever since we all got our powers I've been thinking that we should form a team like The Justice League.

Everyone agreed and were murmuring with excitment.

Luna: That's a great idea dude. We need a team name to show our love for helping people.

Sam: I think that's a great idea too.

Me: Great. I've taken the liberty of forming our team name. We're gonna be called Team Loud Phoenix Storm. 

Everyone agreed with the name.

Lori: That is literally a great name J.D.

Luan: It sure is a fiery wonder! (Laughs to rimshot) Get it?

Most of us laugh while the rest of us sigh.

Me: (Laughs) That was funny Luan.

Varie: (Laughs) That was a good one Luan.

Me: Now here's our team Logo. 

I show a poster of our Logo. 
Team Loud Phoenix Storm Logo

Everyone was in awe.

Me: Me and Shanan drew it. 

Lynn: That logo is awesome!

Lucy: It's an amazing logo. I would've chosen a bat for it.

Me: I know Lucy. Now we also created shirts for all of you. Leni, Laney and Jessie made them.

Leni came out with a cart full of t-shirts of different colors with the logo on the front and back. There was a small version of the logo on the front and a big version of it on the back.

Me: Here they are. Leni sewed the shirts for us.

Laney: And the colors were my idea.

Jessie K: They're made of a material that stretches to fit us as we grow up.

Lincoln: That is so cool!

Linka: It sure is.

Lilly: This is amazing.

Me: Take your shirts guys.

They picked their shirts that were of their favorite colors. Mine was fire colors. They put them on.

Lori: Sky blue is my color. It looks great.

Leni: Mine is totes adorbs. Sea Foam Green for me. 

Luna: Purple for me dudes. 

Luan: Yellow for me. 

Lynn: Red for me.

Lucy: Black is for me.

Laney: Candy Apple Red for me.

Everyone had their respective colors on.

Varie: This is awesome honey. I look awesome in this. Thank you.

Me: You're welcome.

We kiss.

Rachel: I like my magenta shirt.

Talia: Brown is amazing for me beloved.

Me: You all look amazing.

Cody: Black is perfect for me. 

Zoe: Me too.

Ronnie Anne: Purple for me.

Me: Glad you all like your shirts.

I then sensed a disturbance.

Me: Uh-oh. I sense a disturbance in the Force.

Lori: What is it J.D.?

Me: It's coming from the city. Varie, Ed, Luan, Eddy, Double D, Numbuh 5, Tara, Terra, Aqua, Alexis, Jasmine, and Star, you guys come with me.

Jasmine: But I don't have powers like all of you do.

Me: Not to worry. I already can help with that.

I pull out my deck of cards and I chose a card. It was Maiden of The Moonlight. 

Me: Card fusion!

Maiden of the Moonlight fused with Jasmine and she had Maiden of The Moonlight's wings and her powers.

Jasmine: This is so cool! 

Jasmine formed a moon in her hands and she had incredible powers from the Moon.

Alexis: Jasmine this is awesome! I didn't know you can merge with Duel Monster cards.

Jasmine: Me neither. I look awesome.

Me: All right. Lets roll!

We set out for the city and we were running toward the sight of the disturbance when we heard a bang and saw a net fly toward us. I slash it in half with my sword.

Me: Who did that?

?: That would be me!

We saw a man come out and he had all black on and a skull was on his shirt. It was Frank Castle AKA The Punisher. 
Frank Castle - The Punisher

Me: Frank Castle - The Punisher!

The Punisher: That's right. It's an honor to meet you J.D. Knudson. I've heard about all of your achievements across the world. You even saved me the trouble of having to kill the Joker and Scarecrow.

Me: We get that all the time. I heard what happened to your wife and son and I'm sorry that they were taken from you in such a senseless and vile manner.

The Punisher: I know. But thanks for your concern. 

Me: Yeah. What Howard Saint did to them was absolutely and completely unforgivable. If that happened to me I would've hunted them down to the ends of the Earth and kill them myself as well. But vengeance goes against everything I believe in. But you killed him and got your revenge and now you've become one of the most incredible vigilantes ever known.

The Punisher: That's true. You have a really strong knack for pinpointing these things. 

Me: I get that alot. 

The Punisher: I know. (Gives me something) Here. For you to call me in case you need a man killed.

It was a special call watch with the Punisher Skull on it.

Me: Thanks Frank.

I put the watch on.

He left after that.

Varie: That was so cool to meet The Punisher.

Me: It sure was. Now to resume our mission.

We ran into the heart of the city and saw a reptilian man fighting Spiderman.

Luan: Whoa! What is that thing?

Me: That's Dr. Curtis Connors AKA The Lizard! 
Dr. Curtis Connors - The Lizard

Ed: Cool!

Edd: What happened to him?

Me: He's half man half reptile.

Alexis: How did this happen to him?

Me: He lost his right arm in an accident and he's one of the most renowned scientists in the city. He was experimenting with reptile DNA. He wanted to see if he can try to grow his arm back with it. He spliced his DNA with Reptile DNA and combined it with radiation and it gave him his arm back. But however there was a nasty side effect to it. It made him half man half reptile and turned him into The Lizard! In this state he can't control himself. 

Luan: He sure is a force of Scales. (Laughs) Get it?

Me: (Laughs) That was a good one Luan. But now's not the time for jokes. Lets go.

We rush in and I kick The Lizard in the face and sent him crashing into a building.

Spider Man: Thanks guys. You made it just in time.

Me: No problem Peter. 

Spidey: Alright, guys. The fight against Lizard might be dangerous. So let's get our mean faces on.

Ed (presses button on watch): You mean like this? (turns into Edzilla)

Me: Lets get him guys!

The Lizard got up.

The Lizard: The famous J.D. Knudson and friends. I've heard a lot about you all. Now you will become part of my new race of humanoid reptiles.

Me: Not my style but I use a new Snakeskin Wallet.

Me and Varie went Super Angel.

Mary Jane: (Offscreen) Thought you could all use some help.

Mary Jane the Ultimate Spider Woman arrived.

Me: Mary Jane you arrived just in time.

Mary Jane: Thanks J.D.

Me: Lets get him!

We charged at him and a huge fight began. I punch him in the snout and kick him in the stomach. Varie grabbed him by the tail and swung him around and Alexis fired a blast of Blue Ice Fire and froze him in a block of ice and his head was exposed.

Jasmine: Moonlight Chakram!

Jasmine fired an energy chakram in the shape of a crescent moon and it blew the Lizard into another building.


He broke out and Spiderman wrapped him in web. 

Me: I got this! (Chants an Incantation) Vestiga Piyona Serrisa!

I fired my light magic and it cured Dr. Connors and he was back to normal. The Reptile DNA was gone for good.

Dr. Connors got up.

Dr. Connors: What happened?

Me: I cured you of your condition Dr. Connors. I used my light magic to get rid of the reptile DNA in you and also give you a bonus. Look at your right arm.

Dr. Connors saw that his right arm was back.

Dr. Connors: (Shocked) I've been cured! I'm back to normal! Thank you so much J.D.

Me: You're welcome doc. You now have your full humanity back.

Dr. Connors: I can't believe that I would want to turn the city into a world of Humanoid Lizards.

Me: It's not your fault doc. It warped your mind to the point of zero reasoning. It wouldn't let you listen to reason.

Dr. Connors: That's right. But you cured me and gave me my arm back.

He hugs me.

Me: Glad I can help you doc.

Spiderman: Glad you're back to normal doc.

Dr. Connors: Thanks Spiderman. Thank you. All of you.

Me: You're welcome doc.

Later we were back at the house and we revealed everything. 

Lori: You guys literally met The Punisher!?

Me: We sure did. He's the most fierce vigilante in the world. The FBI and the CIA are after him for the disappearences for many crime figures across the country. By our counts he killed more criminals than we had brought to justice. But he gave me this special watch to call him. But I plan on using it call him for killing criminals that are beyond all form of rehabilitation.

Lincoln: Good thinking J.D. That's awesome that you met the Punisher. 

Rachel: It sure is. I've read about him and it's just awful what he went through. He lost his wife and son to a mob boss.

Me: Yeah. His name was Howard Saint and he was a mob boss. He killed Frank Castle's wife and son as an act of vengeance for killing his son. Frank Castle got his revenge and he killed Howard Saint and his entire family and sent them all off to Hell. The only one that didn't get sent off to Hell was his wife Livia. 

Lola: Well that deserved it for killing his family. 

Lana: You said it sis.

Lila: I agree.

Me: You'll get no argument from me you three. People like Howard Saint deserve to be forever damned.

The Punisher was standing on a building in Royal York.

The Punisher: Those who do evil to others; Killers, rapists, psychos, sadists, will come to know me well. Frank Castle is dead. Call me The Punisher.

The Screen transits into a split and reveals my face on one side and The Punisher's face on the other.

Me: Bad guys around the world beware, there's a new team of heroes in town. We are a bunch ordinary people that was given incredible power. We are now, Team Loud Phoenix Storm.

Me and The Punisher: (In Unison) Watch out evil. Justice has two new names.

Our eyes glowed red with righteous fury and fire burns ferociously in the background.


Another fanfiction complete. 

NicoChan11 gave me the idea for this chapter. Thanks man. As usual. The Punisher is one of my favorite anti-heroes. He went through so much and his life was consumed with hatred over bad guys when he lost his wife and son. Thomas Jane and John Travolta did a great job in the 2004 movie. It was awesome. I came up with the team name and the Logo. Let me know what you all think.

See you all next time.

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