• AlexKawa

    What's up, everyone? It's Alex here, and I just wanted to come on here to take the new quiz posted on the Nickelodeon YouTube channel: Which CASAGRANDES Character Are You? 🏠 Personality Quiz! | Nick So, I'll just be giving you my answers as I go through the video, and we'll see who I get.

    Alright, let's get it on!

    Question #1: What sounds like fun?

    A) Piñata Racing

    B) Setting Prices

    C) Arm Wrestling

    D) Animal Noises

    E) Sword Fighting

    As Carlota would say, "Um, not applicable, I guess?" Yeah, I don't regularly do any of these things. But, I guess based on what I do the most and what sounds the most fun by default, I'll go with: C) Arm Wrestling.

    Question #2: What's your least favorite food?

    A) Warm Tuna Salad

    B) Raw Onions

    C) Watermelon

    D) Robot Panc…

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  • AlexKawa

    So, this is something I've been thinking about for awhile. It always seems like whenever there's a bad episode, it gets constantly trashed on by the fandom for months, maybe even a year, on end. So, why is it that we never seem to let go of these bad episodes? I'm here today to give some reasons as to why that might be, and also to maybe give some ideas to keep in mind when you want to talk about a bad episode.

    First off, I want to clarify that I don't think every episode I'm about to talk about is bad. I'm just saying that these episodes are generally not liked by the fandom. Anyway, the first reason as to why I think people constantly talk about bad episodes is that they get sucked into the hype surrounding such a despised episode am…

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  • AlexKawa

    Leaving The Loud House?

    October 19, 2019 by AlexKawa

    No, I'm not leaving The Loud House yet. But I probably will after the end of season 4.

    So, why am I likely to leave? Well, it's not that I've lost interest in the show. The answer is actually kind of comical when you think about it. The main reason is because last month, my family got rid of cable, so now I watch live TV using Hulu, which doesn't carry Nickelodeon. Because of that, I feel like my best (and probably only) option is to download the episodes on iTunes when they're released (yeah, I still use iTunes, ha-ha). But I really don't feel like downloading every episode just to watch it once or twice. So, when I went to go watch the new episodes this morning, and discovered I didn't get Nickelodeon with Hulu, I figured I'd just …

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  • AlexKawa

    What's up, everybody? It's Alex, and I'm here today with the first episode of my brand new series, "The Loudest Reviews," where the Louds review reviews of episodes, as well as lists. And since today is my second anniversary with The Loud House Wiki, I figured I'd start this series with my very first blog post, where I ranked the Loud sisters from my favorite to least favorite (technically, I didn't post this until over a month after I joined, but it is still my first one, and I figured there was some riffing material). Now, I'm warning you, this is going to be very, VERY cringey! My opinions on a lot of these rankings have changed, so take comfort in that, at least. Without any further ado, let's get right into the Louds' review of m…

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  • AlexKawa

    So, in case you guys haven't seen, the premiere episode of The Casagrandes, "Going Overboard," was just uploaded to the Nickelodeon YouTube channel last week. And because this is the first episode, I figured I'd come on here to give my thoughts on it. I promise I won't come on here for every episode of the spinoff, but I figured it'd be appropriate to do it just for this first one. Without any further ado, what are my thoughts on it?

    (Warning: spoilers lie ahead)

    This episode was really good. It was entertaining, it was heartfelt, and it gave a great backstory to Carlos and Frida's relationship. The scenes with Carlos teaching Ronnie Anne his tricks were cool, and their attempts to hide his broken leg were pretty funny. The ending was als…

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