Here we are.  The bottom of the barrel.  The worst episode of The Loud House I have ever seen.  Now, I am aware that a lot of people like this episode, and those who do have my utmost respect.  The fact that they can enjoy this atrocity is amazing.  I admit, I enjoy watching it, but I know it is a viciously awful episode.  Well, we've already beat around the bush enough.  Let's do it.  Keep in mind, all of this is just my opinion and how I see this episode.  Like I said, I respect you if you do like it.  Anyway, here we go.

I could riff on this one all day! Where do I start? I guess I'll tackle the first big warning sign I saw with this episode; the plotline of, "Oh, you better do this for me, or I'll tell Mom and Dad you did this," has been done since the dawn of T.V. I can forgive this if they add something new to the plot, but that's my problem here! It's just everything you've seen before in entertainment, a term I use very loosely here. Fortunately, this doesn't go on very long, so I could forgive it if the episode improves. Does it? No! It gets much worse! The ending was just sickening. Lola is clearly trying to play victim and act like it was her siblings' fault for not spending time with her. Just how she acted throughout the episode and how she tried to act like she was being unfairly treated when they threatened to tell on her spells it out for you plain and simple. She was clearly taking the blame just to join their club. Maybe this wasn't how it really was, maybe it's just how I see it. But how I see it is not good! Not even close to good! If the siblings had seen through her manipulation, I would've let this go. But that's another problem! They don't! They give in and let her join their club! Oh, wow! I totally wasn't expecting that! Yeah, I know we have episodes like Sleuth or Consequences, One of the Boys, Brawl in the Family, and yes, even No Such Luck, but THIS is still my pick for worst episode of The Loud House! By a light-year! Give it up for Sleuth or Consequences; Lincoln pretty much brought the ending on himself when he took the blame for Lucy's actions. Give it up for One of the Boys; at least the idea was one we were gonna get an episode of eventually. Give it up for No Such Luck, even; at least it tried to convey the message that even the pettiest lies can affect you the most negatively. I haven't seen Brawl in the Family, nor do I plan on it, so I can't speak for that one. But this episode has NO redeeming qualities! OK, maybe 1/2 of a redeeming quality; the scene where Lincoln was reading Lola's diary was pretty funny, but did nothing to move the story along.

Rating: F

Out of 10, I honestly, with everything in me, would probably give this episode a 0!  Like I said, there is, without a doubt, not even one redeeming quality about this episode!  Yeah, the diary scene might have been funny, but it did not move the plot along.  This would be fine if the jokes that DID move it along were funny, but they were no jokes, at least no funny ones!  This is easily one of the worst episodes of a good cartoon of all-time!  In fact, this may even be one of the top 100 worst cartoon episodes of the 2010s.  I'm not kidding!  If you have not seen this episode yet, please do not!  If you have and you liked it, again, great for you.  Again, this all is just my personal opinion, don't take it too seriously.

I plan on reviewing Snow Way Down next, but let me know what other episodes I should review.  In the meantime, here's a link to my previous review, and I'll see you later!

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