So, I know I'm late on this train, but I wanted to give my thoughts on the decision to produce a Loud House spinoff, Los Casagrandes. Also, I know this is my 3rd blog post today, so I'll promise I'll hang it up for awhile.

So, when I first heard the news of the new series, I was excited. If you guys saw my City Slickers review, you know I was pretty rough on it. And it turned out I was too nice. I mean, as I kept thinking about it, it got worse. How much worse? Well, remember on Tuesday when I said that if you guys wrote any "one year anniversary" posts, I would make my own worst TLH episodes list? Well, if you guys had bombarded the wiki with those posts, thus forcing me to make that list, it is a distinct possibility City Slickers would've TOPPED the list! I mean, the promotion was the definition of misleading, the moral was very clichéd, there was little to no indication that Ronnie Anne's new friends would care if she was from a small town, and everything felt oh so rushed! They were trying WAY TOO HARD to cram everything into 11 minutes! And I remember I gave it kudos for trying to have a subplot, which is something I hadn't seen too much of in the show before. Well how did I forget about Tricked!? That is my all-time favorite Loud House episode; I can't believe I forgot! And, again, two plots do not work within 11 minutes, so that's another way it was rushed. With all these problems, it surely would've at least made the top 2 on that list had I made it.

And it's not just what City Slickers was that was its problem; it also has a lot to do with what it could've been. The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos was a great episode, and the fact that it was a half-hour gave it much more opportunity to pace itself. So, I think Los Casagrandes will benefit from being a full series, so that it wouldn't constantly feel rushed. But one big problem, and I'm far from the first to point this out, is that it's being announced when TLH is less than 2 years old. What happens when Los Casagrandes finally premieres? Will TLH be popular anymore? Will anyone still tune in to see a spinoff? I mean, I'll definitely check it out (assuming TLH hasn't worn thin on me by then), but will the Loud House fandom carry itself over into Los Casagrandes? I feel like TLH will be one of those things I enjoy my during my teen years, but as an adult, I look back on it and wonder what I was thinking to have enjoyed it. But who knows? Maybe I'll still like it. I mean, I'm 15 now, and if I like TLH now, then I don't see it fading away too soon. But that's all I can say about it for right now; only time will tell.

So, am I looking forward to Los Casagrandes? Yes. I think it has tons of potential, and if the crew learns from the mistakes in City Slickers, I do think that they can make something good out of this new series. Well, that's all I got now. I'll see you later!

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