Hey guys. Alex here. So, I know I really shouldn't be coming on here to talk about this episode once again, seeing as how I hate it so much, but I feel like there's a few things about it I wanna get off my chest. So, if you guys saw my initial review for this episode, you know to say I was vicious is an understatement. Well, I gotta be honest with you guys, I cringe looking back on that review.

I admit, most of what I said and my angry tone was for comedic effect. Don't get me wrong, I still hate the episode a lot, but I do think I was a teeny-tiny bit harsh on it. My theory of Lola taking the blame for her siblings' actions just to join their club still stands, especially looking at her Listen Out Loud, where she went and spilled their secrets to the world. Plus, her saying, "It was the only way I could get you to hang out with me!", when trying to justify why she threatened to tattle on them was kind of infuriating. She knew what she was doing was wrong; there's just no way that her siblings simply getting back at her by threatening to tell on her if she tells on them was enough to convince her what she was doing was wrong. Now, there's always at least one person out there guilty of trying to justify their wrongful actions, but, for when I do that at least, it was not something I was intending on doing. I might have done something wrong by accident. Here, Lola knew what she did was wrong, and tried to justify it even though it was her fault her siblings weren't including her in their club. Also, her forcing her siblings to do certain things for her is just an overused TV cliché, and there was really nothing that the show could've done to make it interesting in any way.

Now, someone asked me a few weeks ago how I would make the episode better, and I said I didn't know, since the story pretty much put the episode on the fast-track for failure IMO. But now, looking back on it, I would say this. When Lola takes the blame, don't make it seem like she's trying to justify doing things she knows she shouldn't have been doing. Instead, have her admit that she was wrong. Granted, they do kind of do that, but they should've had that be the only thing she says to her siblings after she takes the blame. Also, don't have her spill her siblings' secrets in public in her Listen Out Loud episode, since that contradicts pretty much any character development so many people say she underwent in this episode.

So, after all that, do I still hate this episode? Yes. Is it still the worst for me? Not anymore. I've decided that there are, in fact, three worse episodes (I might make a list of the worst episodes sometime). Is it the most overrated episode of The Loud House? Absolutely. I don't think I've seen an episode that has been this universally acclaimed by the fanbase. I really do wish that this wasn't the Lola episode that people love so much. There are much better Lola episodes out there, such as Undie Pressure, Out of the Picture, Read Aloud, and No Place Like Homeschool. Lola plays a pretty likeable role in those episodes, and those episodes actually give her real development. So, in closing, if you do like A Tattler's Tale, great. If not, great. It's all just my opinion, you don't have to hate this episode just because I do. But I will encourage you to see the role Lola plays in those four episodes I mentioned, and compare it to this one. Either way, though, if you like this episode, I will absolutely not hold it against you. Take care!

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