• Arissa123

    (Leni is on her phone looking on the internet until she comes across something.)

    Leni: Oh my goodness, I would love to be a movie star! I would be so famous! I have to audition!

    (Leni runs downstairs to tell her parents about this.)

    Leni: Mom, dad, can I become a movie star and like star in a movie?

    Rita: Why sweetie?

    Leni: Because so that I can become rich and famous. Please???

    Rita: Um, I suppose.

    Leni: Yay! Thanks Mom and Dad, you guys are the best!

    (Leni hugs them and tells her siblings about this)

    Leni: Hey guys, you are not going to believe this, but I'm going to be a movie star!!!

    Lincoln: Wow, that's awesome, Leni.

    Luna: Yeah

    Leni: Mom is auditioning me right now.

    Lola: You might mess up though.

    Leni: No I won't Lola, trust me.

    Lola: I'm just say…

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  • Arissa123

    (It all starts with all the siblings sitting on the couch. Then, Rita and Lynn Sr. enter the room.)

    Rita: Pack your bags, everyone! We're going to Disney world!

    (All the siblings cheer and rush into their bedrooms to pack their stuff. We cut to Lincoln's room.)

    Lincoln: (to viewers) I love going to Disney World! I haven't been there since I was 6 years old. I cannot wait to visit again. Also, this is Lisa and Lily's first time.They weren't born yet. Anyways, I'm so hyped!

    (Then, Leni walks into Lincoln's room)

    Leni: Hi, Lincoln. How's the packing going? 

    Lincoln: It's going great, Leni! Can you sit by me on the airplane?

    Leni: Sure!

    Lincoln: (to viewers) Leni is an awesome older sister I have. She's one of the few who are actually kind and nicer t…

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  • Arissa123

    Ok so here's my opinion on the new Loud House episodes! I thought "Pasture Bedtime" was pretty good because Lincoln and his friends got to spend the night in a barn which I thought was pretty cool! I also loved Leni Loud's episode, "Shop Girl" I loved how she gave her stuff away to everyone at the end. "What Wood Lincoln Do?" was awesome as well. I enjoyed all the new ones and I can't wait for more episodes!

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