(Leni is on her phone looking on the internet until she comes across something.)

Leni: Oh my goodness, I would love to be a movie star! I would be so famous! I have to audition!

(Leni runs downstairs to tell her parents about this.)

Leni: Mom, dad, can I become a movie star and like star in a movie?

Rita: Why sweetie?

Leni: Because so that I can become rich and famous. Please???

Rita: Um, I suppose.

Leni: Yay! Thanks Mom and Dad, you guys are the best!

(Leni hugs them and tells her siblings about this)

Leni: Hey guys, you are not going to believe this, but I'm going to be a movie star!!!

Lincoln: Wow, that's awesome, Leni.

Luna: Yeah

Leni: Mom is auditioning me right now.

Lola: You might mess up though.

Leni: No I won't Lola, trust me.

Lola: I'm just sayin'

(Later that evening, Rita takes Leni to her auditions)

Man: Hello there, you must be Leni Loud. We are so happy to have you.

Leni: Nice to meet you.

Man: Ok, Leni. You will be starring in a movie called "Beauty Fashion".

Leni: Awesome!

Man: And your role is so awesome because you will play a main character!

Leni: (squeals)

Rita: Ok Leni, good luck at your auditions. I'll pick you up later.

Leni: Bye mom, Love you!

(Rita leaves)

Man: Ok Leni, here are the lines you are going to say. You must practice them and memorize them. Okay?

Leni: Ok!

(Leni spends about an hour practicing her lines.)

(Later that day, Rita picks Leni up from the auditions.)

Rita: Hey, Leni, how did it go?

Leni: Mom, I'm in the movie! It's official!

Rita: Well done, Leni. I'm so proud of you. (Kisses Leni's cheek)

Man: Yup, Leni did a great job.

Leni: I'm a movie star now!

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