Haven't done one of these in a while. Here's an alternate ending for "One Flu Over the Loud House", an episode I find pretty mediocre. Credit goes to Eweiss53 for the idea and for the nice artwork you'll see at the end. As always, I hope you enjoy.

Luna sneezes at Leni. Lincoln tries to shove her out of the way. He and Leni fall on the floor.

Lincoln: "Leni, are you okay?"

Lincoln notices that Leni has snot on her face.

Leni: (weakly) "Linky... help me."

Just then, Leni turns into a "zombie". Lincoln jumps off her.

Lincoln: "NOOO!!!"

Lincoln runs to the door.

Lincoln: "It's just me now."

Just when Lincoln opens the door, he notices his sick sisters laying on the floor, groaning, looking weak and helpless. Lincoln remebers some of the things Leni said earlier.

Leni (In Lincoln's head): "Lincoln, where is your heart?" "Our Family may be turning into gross snotty sickies, but you are turning into a monster!"

Lincoln begins to feel awful about how he acted today. He brings out his walkie-talkie.

Lincoln: "Clyde, are you there?"

Clyde: "Lincoln, did you make out yet?"

Lincoln: "Listen, I'm the only one not infected."

Clyde: "What?!"

Lincoln: "But... I'm gonna stay and looks after them. I can't just leave them. They're my family. Leni was right, I was being stupid."

Clyde: "That's... really good of you, Lincoln. I'll come over and help you."

Lincoln: "Thanks, Clyde. Get here as soon as you can."

Clyde: "I'm on my way. Clyde, out."

Lincoln notices Leni's masks on the floor, he picks one up and puts it on his face. Then he walks towards his sick sisters, who are still laying on the floor.

Lincoln: "Don't worry girls, I'm here for you."

The girls give weak smiles. Later, we see Clyde and Lincoln wearing hazmat suits, serving the family along with the pets soup in the living room, with the Santa Fe eggrolls on the side. Lincoln and Clyde watch as everone eats their food calmly. Just then, Rita turns her attntion to Lincoln with a small smile.

Rita: (weakly) "Thank you... sweetie."

Lynn Sr.: (weakly) "Yeah boys *cough* we appreciate this."

The sisters talk weakly at the same time, but Lincoln and Clyde can tell that they are thanking them. Leni looks at Lincoln with a smile.

Leni: (weakly) "I'm *cough* proud of you, Linky."

Lincoln smiles at what Leni said.

Lincoln: (to the viewers) "I learned something today. Just because my family is sick, doesn't mean they are not human. And you know what... I'm happy to look after them while they recover.

Clyde: "Me too, buddy."

One Flu Over The Loud House - Alternate Ending.jpg

The End

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