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Let’s be honest here, Luan Loud sucks hard. She should have never have been a loud and, April fools

I am just kidding I love luan, she is one of my favorites. But, because she goes insane on April fools she is automatically a “mean sister” and a psychopath.

It is time for 5 reasons why luan is not a psychopath

5. She cares for her siblings A psychopath is notorious for being sadistic all the time. Do you see luan hurting people on purpose, for the sake of everything that is perfect reasons

4. She is a normal prankster If the parents did not want her to go insane on April fools, then they would have just, oh I don’t know, be flipping parents they should have shown some backbone.

3. Luan likes to help kids A psycho POV: make them pay

Luan’s POV: make them laugh

A psycho would make them split open, not spilt their sides. Luan is a girl who wants to give joy to the world, not pain.

2. She has a NP ship (NP: No Proof)

If the fandom was that determined to make luan a killer then they wouldn’t have shipped her with Maggie, they have no proof to back it up, but, hey, it is fine.

1. She is a vitem to the clown stereotype Let me set the record straight, clowns are fine, the only reason they are feared today is because a sadistic horror writer invented the scary clown trope in order to feed off of the people with the phobia. Luan is subjected to this because she is a clown, so a that means she must be a killer. This is total BS and it needs to stop.

So that is it, if you liked this then comment below, everything counts

This is Blackace27, dealing out

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