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    Lincoln didn’t seem too bothered by the prank Ronnie Anne pulled on him at the beginning. He was more bothered by the boys bothering him about it. So maybe this episode was the start of maybe Lincoln becoming a bit less annoyed by the pranks when they started to get a bit more affectionate. Of course this is just a theory....A Loud House Theory!

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    A Warning

    January 29, 2020 by ClassicHollywood

    This isn’t a review for Kings of the Con, this is a warning. The hate I’ve seen this episode has gotten has made me...angry to be honest. Angry that these people, MONTHS after the episode has come out, are still complaining about its existence. Well, here’s to those who are still angry, and still ranting about this episode... Stop. Not because I don’t agree with you. If you hate this episode, that’s fine. I wasn’t really a fan of it either. But not only do I think your probably taking it a bit too seriously, I think this anger is unhealthy. I’m no psychologist, but me, and actually lots of people no, that holding in your anger is not ok. Not only does it make you look like someone unwilling to move on, but it will make life bad for you and…

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    A. Ronnie Anne’s pranks have gone from being harmful pranks to her just messing with Lincoln. Helps too that Lincoln himself no longer minds it. Heck! He actually seemed excited about it in City Slickers. But a perfect example of this is in the end, where Lincoln and Ronnie Anne are looking at a photo of Ronnie Anne playfully pulling down his pants, and it’s in this moment, that we see that while one likes to mess with the other, it’s all in good fun and helps that Lincoln is able to join in on the fun. And no, Lincoln being a masochist is not why he is no longer that bothered by it. That theory is dumb, and needs to die with Lynn being trans.

    B. Lincoln and Ronnie Anne’s development to me is good. Not as detailed as I wish it was, but stil…

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    Pitch me you idea

    December 17, 2019 by ClassicHollywood

    Hello, I’m ClassicHollywood, you may know me from such classics as “Baby you’re crazy” and “My Mom is a werewolf”. And now here I am talking about a kids cartoon. And I’m here to ask you, yes you! To tell me what LH subject you’d like for me to tackle in a editorial. All you need to do is tell me so in the comments below. And whoever wins Will be credited in the editorial. But only one can win. Good luck.

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    (I don’t hate YoshiPlayer as a person, but I should be allowed to playfully make fun of him)

    YoshiPlayer: Ugh! This episode that’s clearly made for comedy is so mean spirited and hurtful! And Luna is being so out of character! And Lynn is a complete jerk! How dare this family act like a imperfect family!

    How can I describe my complete and utter anger at this awful episode! I know! I’ll rant about it online, and make a fanfic about it.

    (And now, a YoshiPlayer fanfic)

    Lincoln: Waaah! My sisters hate me!

    Luna and Leni: We don’t hate you Linky!

    Lincoln’s Mary Sue Angels: Neither do we!

    Lori: Raaah! I’m Lori! And I’m a big old meanie!

    Luna: Hey you dude....stop!

    Lori: Ok

    Everyone: Hugs! Love! Bonding! Yay!

    Lincoln: This is great!

    Lori: It sure is! And now …

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