First of all, I want to say that I’m not slamming this person, I’m slamming the comment. I have nothing against this person, nor am I calling this person a “idiot” or something stupid like that. So please don’t harass or make bad comments at this person.

With that said, I’m reacting to a comment that said that one of the best ways that LH can improve is by trimming down the number of sisters to 5 or 6.

Now, I think this is kind of stupid. Why? Because that’s not writing. Let me explain....

Writing is about challenges. And one of the biggest challenges you can probably Face is having a big ensemble cast. But to simply trim that number would basically be cheating.

Now sometimes, cheating a little can be helpful for your writing. But to not face a challenge like a big cast, and just trimming them, to me, is cheating. It’s not challenging yourself as a writer.

And I also want to say that there’s plenty of examples of shows and movies with big casts. Stranger Things season one and Avengers are great examples of this. They had big casts, but also managed to juggle them very well. Not to mention all the ways you can handle this. Like splitting certain characters to small groups. Or just making sure each character gets their own time to shine.

Ok, that does that. Have any thing to say? Well go ahead and comment. And I do hope the creator of that comment can come and tell me what they have to say. Stay Loud and Stay Proud and goodbye

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